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I'm slowly starting to fall more and more in love with the wyatt boot.

The way SLP does the harness finishes it perfectly off but I cant afford it at this moment.

Are there any look alikes to this boot or anything thats similar, i dont mind a goodlooking chelsea
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I'm also looking for nice black leather sidezips, preferably with a slim shaft.

Try everydayhero.se and story et fall btw, but no harness
Margiela size zips. Similar silhouette but without the heel.

Dont get the h&m shitty collab

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Be back soon!
Lovevyou bubye
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awww everybody's in chritmas spirit already. :D

Yeah, my family knows Im not one to decorate much.
My aunt and uncle in particular love to pick me up a little something to hang up.
This time they got a little santa door knob thingy.
I like it, makes this place a bit more homely
Your pants and shoes are essential /Fatkidsinhighschoolwhowouldplayyugiohatthelunchtable/ core.

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There was a thread about adderall
Now taking about Ritalin, is it Fa ? how do you take it ? how to take it to be productive and how to take it in a recreational /fa/ way ?
got 100x10 Ritalin Methylphenidat 10mg and 20x20mg Ritalin SR

Also got Temesta Expidet: can benzos be /fa/ as well ?

Took a few this morning and cigarettes are tasting amazing as well as deephouse and house sounds very good.
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Photo on 17-11-2015 at 16.27.jpg
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Bumping with what I got.
Don't have the box of one of the Ritalin

Do you like my shirt ?
stims are trash tier, only opies are /fa/ faggot
I think I'm too much of a fag to take opiates desu so maybe you're right.
As you seem having knowledge about this kind of stuff, any advice to make stims any fa ?

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Hey /fa/. My sister just attempted suicide. Im tryna improve her life a little. What are some cute clothes. Mone'ys not really an object here, but I doubt she'd wear balmain.
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>My sister just attempted suicide.
>Im tryna improve her life a little.
>What are some cute clothes.
sorry to hear this, OP but I'm sure you know better than to think this alone will help her. Spend time with her, talk with her but primarily listen. Fortunately you can do this while clothes shopping with her.

A very close friend of mine killed himself last month and I hope you never have to experience this
Maybe try talking to her instead of buying her material possessions.

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Sup /fa/

What ever happened to slater? I remember he used to dress pretty alpha / all american hero cool boy. now i find this pic and he seems to of gotten into shy boy core / chink core, pretty comfy imo..

any ideas how i can into japanese kek core? pretty dope my dude pretty fucking dope!
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>come back to /fa/ after years without
>slater thread

good lad

I think he's doing his own things now - he was frequent on battle cam (youtube it theyre hilarious: honkytonk battlecam) and I can only assume he migrated to /int/
slater is such a beautiful man desu
jesus fucking christ carebare, still?

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fuck this music vid is basically porn for a fuccboi
those fits :0

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nah... this is way more advanced chavcore

these fits will be considered cringe in the near future like how fits from the early 2000s are to use now
get out of here with this tumblr trash

also, does seriously every fucking british rap track have a subbass in the background?

cav empt thread?
pic related my latest pickup
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ayy david

also someone sell me a c.e long sleeve in white
why'd you buy a hoodie with holes in it

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Some of the people on grailed are fucking retarded. That includes some of you reading this, thinking your not the problem but bitch you might be. When you list an item on grailed and you list it for a price well above what the going price is, expect low balls mother fucker. Either you are too dumb to price your item correctly or you are just trying to be patient. It's not an issue if you are just waiting for the right buyer but you can't get mad at people when they offer you low balls, because they are trying to get the same thing you are, a good deal. I heard some dude say a low ball is disrespectful to the clothing. Bitch shut the fuck up. We all know this shit is over priced anyways, and you don't give a fuck about the artistic value, your just trying to get some money, so cut the pretentious bull shit. Now you low balling mother fuckers, why the fuck are you making offers and then when they get accepted you back out. Fuck off with that fake shit. You are wasting your time and my time by pretending you can afford this shit. Now when you get turned away with your low ass offer I know you salty as fuck, but why are you getting so mad. The other day some dude offered me half of what I was asking for an item. I said no thanks. He responds back that I'm priced too high and I'm not going to get a better offer and is just an overall cunt. Bitch I already got higher offers. I'm also the only one selling this item right now so if you want it you can pay for it, or you can wait til someone else posts the item in the same size. And now you pissed me off so I'm not selling to you unless you offer me double so suck my dick. So if your a salty ass low balling bitch or a whiny spoiled brat thinking your going to get retail for your hype less designer clothes, quit getting so mad when someone doesn't accept your offer or low balls you.
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>first part of argument directly conflicts second part of argument
No it doesn't. It's only one point. stop getting mad at prices and offers, people can set prices at whatever they want I don't care, but don't get mad when you get low offers. In the same sentiment, offer whatever you want but don't get upset when someone says no thanks to your low ball.

>Working out is modern couture. No outfit is going to make you look or feel as good as having a fit body. Buy less clothing and go to the gym instead.

So what's your workout routine, /fa/?
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Train all three sections of the Shoulder (nice), shoulder press, lateral raises. Also train abs.

But what about:
Ruins silhouettes of T shirts/ shirts/ looks like you have tits.

Bodyweight /light squats every so often to keep "toned" look, don't overdo it, if you aren't fitting into skinny jeans then you're doing it wrong fatty.

Same as chest, ruins shirt fittings

Will increase hip/waist size hence ruining V taper

Training Shoulders will indirectly work arms, but not to an obnoxious point.

Will ruin V taper by making your shoulder stand out less.

Look at swimmer / male model bodies, they are similar and overall percieved the most aethestic consisting of strong shoulders/ core.

Do this while not eating shit and you will be on your way to male model body mode.
>uses the word tone
>lat work will RUIN V taper

No one listen to this jackass.
Is this legit?

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Are there some brands/shoes that look like these but don't cost a small fortune?

Post links.
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Superga senpai
this gets asked everyday you autist
not that much cheaper but they're literally made in the same factory:


had a pair for 3 years and the quality is amazing

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Hey, I'm a 20 y/o girl traying to change my style and look, I'm in need of some ideas, please post everything you like here and tell me why
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You know the rules.

Post em' and maybe we'll help you out. Make sure to timestamp.
Gonna need to see pics. Boobs and ass all of it. Not just because it'd be hot but because we need to know your body type and what you're working with before we can actually recommend anything.
Hi, I'm a 23 year old guy who'd like to say: get a Pinterest or tumblr account and reblog things you like. If you don't have any taste we can't make you become a fastidious consumer. You've gone through the first step of identifying that you don't like your style but you won't gain any self esteem if you're dressed by some anonymous horny guys

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What music does /fa/ listen?
What artist/band do you think is the most effay? And what genre?
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most of the stuff that /bleep/ listens to
Arca good stuff.
Dub/minimal techno is most fashionable genre.
A lot of Noisey, Lofi Techno

I like arca and that style too

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do people on /fa/ really watch anime?

or is a medium people us to appropriate on shirts and make use of their worthless GD degree

anime clothing thread
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theres a thread here:

If you're attractive you can pull anything off
I've never watched anime in my life. It's literally children's cartoons. Watching them is a sign of a mentally and emotionally undeveloped person. Prove me wrong.

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What kind of hangars do you guys use?

Im curious because I use wooden hangars and I was wondering if they stretch your cloth.
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People really call clothe hooks like that?
Unstained wooden hangars for all but my suits, which I end up using my stained hangars only because (1) I have a small number I can trust and (2) they have nicer pants holders.
Not everyone is British

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