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So do we all agree that twin peaks is the most /fa/ show out there?
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fargo is pretty good too
Definitely the new season

It really does feel like the 70's down to even the subtle color choices
Yep. Btw in case you didn't know, third season is coming in 2016.
God bless David Lynch.

i posted this thread >>10425874 about two months ago asking for input on features for a website to replace the shithole that is grailed

while i've implemented a lot of (sensible) features that were talked about in the previous thread -

- unlimited saved feeds - daily email notifications when new items match your saved feeds
- user profiles w/ profile picture and links(instagram, tumblr, blog etc)
- currency conversion
- a fully functional search system that you can sort on and doesn't return bullshit unrelated to what you just typed in
- a full text designer search so you don't have to fucking ctrl f to find a designer
- more specific categories - i went beyond this and created a two tier category system, each item has a parent and sub category
- a color filter
- a more sensible transaction system that includes inputs for a tracking number and information about tracking, and offering seller feedback upon delivery (using certain carriers)

i'm still not really sure there's enough here to attract a significant user base to start the site and keep it going. i guess at this point i'm wondering if anybody thinks this is enough or if there's anything else that would be good to include to improve on grailed. if i keep going I hope to have the site up or at least a beta going by the end of the year.

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awful design

nice bootstrap kek
Open source it
>- user profiles w/ profile picture and links(instagram, tumblr, blog etc)
Fucking awful idea
The one thing I actually like about grailed is it's all business all the time, no social media bullshit or anything such tomfoolery, also registering is simple and easy.
Focus on actually fucking buying and selling clothing, that is the point of the site man.

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everything that goes with bodmod (but mostly piercings) some tipps and inspiration
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please don't do this

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effay headphones for >$50? Something with good quality (for the price) for walking around campus.
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lurk head-fi my man
Honestly, buying cheap headphones will always be more expensive than buying a good brand that gives you warranty on them.

Bought a pair of bose headphones like 5 fucking years ago for 130, and with the cheap extended warrenty i can return them without hassle every time.


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Best color of SFB's to combo with black jeans, or just generally dark/black fits? I was thinking British Khaki, but Sage looks alright too.
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IMO khaki would stand out too much with black jeans.
nah black actually works really well with black pants. sage looks good too though
Are the black SFB's made of a different material? They look a little different.
Winter is coming and I wear a Carhartt Clash parka in Asphalt and black jeans all the time so my outfits are also very dark but I can't decide whether I want these in Sage or Black.

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>no fashion sense
>holiday business party coming up
>Get nervous because im a faggot
>End up at h&m bc poor
>Decide to be colorful
...how bad did i fuck up color scheme wise? Stay with same green pants or do brown/blue ? What about tie?
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Take it back desu family

green pants fsho, not bad for a noob (remember the word noob?)
Blue/navy pants and tie (preferably knit with polka dots). Light blue gingham check shirt.

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mfw benedict cumberbatch is playing rick.
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holy shit its real
will we be seeing any cool rick owens fits?

that looks more like alexander wang imo

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Where can I buy a body bikini/top like this?
Doesn't have to be the exact same, I just want something that shows off the ass.
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This is going to look very underwhelming on you unless you have a bodacious booty.
Whatever, just assume that I do.

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Hello darlin, nice to see you, its been a long time!

Bringin my grandads jacket back out of retirement for one last job.

Had a good day so I thought Id wear it.

With those shoes to the right, how do ya tjink I did?
Is the black a bit much? Would blue be more appropriate?
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I really like it!
Oh why thank you
lookin good as usual big goym

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I need some short hair inspo
>pic related
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I'll contribute
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it always shocks me that people use to dress so well back in the day, i just dont think of people actually being concious of style back then. I was also born in 92 so ive literally only witnessed terrible fashion until just recently

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Its cold wear can I get good beanies and scarves. No acrylic please
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really into highland 2000 at the moment, check them out. have that perfect long beanie 'condom tip' fit, obviously if you hate that then you won't want them, but it looks good in lots of map comfycore. check out @re_1em_rue_de_ambience on IG for good pics of em.
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Just purchased the Acne Canada meme scarf for 130€. I'm such an idiot.

The thing's lovely though.
nah not a waste, I've heard they're really nice. plus if this is the same one, this guy looks real good in it.

which of these hip hop shirts should i cop? i tried asking in a few other threads and didnt get a good answer





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is this lyric abit over done?
im thinking this one
But whatever you like, graphic tees are basic imo

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card case.jpg
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Wallet/card case thread

What do you have?

Also, which card case should I get?
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Cardholder on the back of the iPhone-masterrace
That's horrible.
have fun becoming an insta-bum when you lose it

The most effay wolf species according to you ?
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Enjoy your memeochrome faggot
Maned wolf. Others are doglets.

Be honest:

Does anyone here NOT have one of these?
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Doc said I wasn't on the spectrum and had to give it back
Not everyone is beta you faggot.

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