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/r/ sent me here. I'd really appreciate any advice or feedback you guys have.
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shave for starters
Some girls have told me to keep it, because my jawline isn't very well defined (I think)
no they're right. shave

How do I go about obtaining such defined cheekbones??
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Like Oliver as well
he sucks his cheeks in the hardest he can 24/7 because he wishes he was a model
>tfw defined cheekbones but ugly anyway

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So summer is coming on my country and i'm still in the journey of losing weight which may take a lil while. Do you guys have any idea on how can i look damn good without having to wear too many layers of clothing ? Stats are 5 ft 4 (163 cm) and 143 lbs (65 kg) btw~
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>being fat
>looking damn good
Pick one.
Girl either you're uncomfortable in your style or you have to layer

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How do you compliment someone on their fit? I just passed some dude on the street that looked like he put a lot of effort into his clothes so I thought I would be nice and acknowledge that so you know what I fucking said when I passed him? "nice shoes".

He's probably crying at the bus stop right now, I shouldn't have said anything.

>kind of looked like this guy not really
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ok wasn't quite like this guy at all, more like gothninja with some makeup and shit.
"i really like your outfit, good sir"

>84 lbs
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are you ten?
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6'2 175 lbs

let's do it.
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You fuckwit, you cannot start a thread by posting a thumbnail and yelling bumpario
If you want to see cool patches post cool patches

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i dont get it
"Select all images with wheelchairs"
wow thats hilarious faggot ass op
>vegan leather

i thought people were joking when they said he used the same factories as zara

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Why do twinks liek V-necks and bermuda shorts so much?

is it because hypermasculine fratboydudebros made it popular and "not gay" and now fags think they can get away with it?
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>Why do twinks liek V-necks and bermuda shorts so much?

w-we do? shit did i miss the memo?

you're gonna post this troll thread in winter? come back in 6 months

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I know I'm fat, but how terrible is it? Like I have really broad shoulders which I think makes me look worse. Give me what u think famalam. Also the pants are my pj's so don't worry about them.
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Lose weight. Wear shirts and jeans.
Thank you. I've been trying to and I'm currently at the 170ish range with 150 being my goal.
Same problem when i was 195 pounds but now im 150 and 5' 11 and my facial features got a lot better and i feel better about myself even though my friends call me anorexic :/

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A week or so ago.

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I want to thin out the hair on my chest/stomach or wax it down to a smaller area (but not completely get rid of it).

What's a fairly cheap way to get rid of body hair without using something crazy like duct tape?
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1. put superglue on sticky side of duct tape

2. apply to hairy parts of body

3. get friends to rip them for you

Godamn, I hate this place.

Honestly the only effective way of thinning out body hair is laser removal. In about 5-6 treatments your hair should be significantly thinned out.

Do you research and find a well reviewed place to get it done. It may be more expensive than other places, but you're paying for them to do it right the first time.

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My style can best be described as "slutcore". I dress like a high class hooker. I have the body go pull it off so I don't give no shits.

What brands/styles would you recommend for looking tastefully promiscuous without looking "high school attention whore"?

Pic is not of me but gives an idea of what I am looking for
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is this a joke?
no it's not
Clever layering. That pic related is gross , please love yourself

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Last month my wife and I got a baby, now I'm a 5'7 manlet, but I've managed to get a tall (5'8) wife, but I want to make sure my baby grows as tall as possible. I was bullied for being short when I was a kid, and it stuck with me. Now does anyone here know how to 'optimize' my kids growth? Like with sleep (is more better?), excersise (does weights stunt growth?) and nutrition(is milk important, and is overeating bad?) and other factors. I appreciate any response
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spike milk with semen and hgh

you should of traded with someone when you first got it. You only get like 24 hours after receiving to trade with someone else.

not only is your baby gonna be retarded but a retarded manlet.

seriously why the fuck does it matter?
what kind of dad asks /fa/ this kind of shit

don't you have to visit a doctor frequently anyway, why not ask there you clown

i hope you're not this clueless and helpless in real life senpai

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Old one is pretty ded.
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Starting us off with repost bc (almost) no responses last time.

€1k, I got it for 350, thoughts?
>pretty dead
>100 posts only
>on second page
Sprry fäm, new to this shit, nothing seemed to be happening there.

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Can moustaches be /fa/?
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I mean, even that guy would look like he's doing it ironically even though he looks pretty good. SO i guess no.
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There was a time though. It might come back.
Don't many fahion trends start ironically?
imo facial hair is unpleasant.

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