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How can buying these be justifyable when I know 99.9% of the world's population would wish death upon me and my family for spending so much on shoes?
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the world is meaningless. everything is meaningless. you spending $300-500 on shoes is meaningless. children starving is meaningless.

enjoy it man. the meaningless of life means you can do anything you desire.
>you can do anything you desire.
sure thing, famiglia
this statement alone has changed my life forever. to be meaningless is to truely be /fa/. godspeed, anoĊ„

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toe gay mustard.png
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Am I effay?
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w2c car
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John mufuggin stamos.jpg
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1986 Corolla GTS, AE86.

On my off days, I get clothes that look like Uncle Jesse's, I have the build for it.
Car is nice

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post /fa/ problems
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aaaaaaaaaaa sorry for this xD
Speak english you fucking peasant
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post what you have
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>go on amazon to buy clothes
>look at comments
>it's full of women who bought it for their husband

Do husbands really let their wives dress them? That sounds awful.
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>shopping for clothes on amazon
what the fuck do you expect?

anyway why just look at other sites that carry the comments
Don't usually shop on Amazon for clothes but have an Amazon GC and decided to put it towards some Levi's.
Its okay guy you don't need to defend yourself for the approval of an anonymous stranger

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Polos are the most unattractive top a guy can wear. In fact I declare them strictly for white boys who have names like 'Skylar' or 'Chase'. Polos are an offence this summer do not cop.
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wut u doin wyte boi? u postin on dis 4um 4 rill niggaz? we gon blast yo ass bitch ass wyte boi
>i cant afford a nice polo shirt and my taste is limited to big pony polos from PRL

k y s
cargo shorts with basketball high top shoes


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philly collins.jpg
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Post em
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Dylan frost
Cant be arsed gettin a pic
Oh and yung lean

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Why are you interested in fashion?

Honestly, i like hearing about fashion philosophies. Also, i realize that fa isnt a hive mind, so hear me out on my generalizations.

Given the ways arguments here tend to go (youll never get pussy wearing THAT, faggot) and threads are structured (can i wear this/should i buy this/how do i pull this off), i wonder where the appeal is in clothing here.

There are some typical comments that lead me to believe that most people on /fa/ arent genuinely dressing for themselves. Stuff like "no one wears that sort of thing irl" and "how do i wear this"

Anyway, when it comes down to it, what do you think about when you buy an article of clothing or when you step in your closet? No need to defend yourself on anything. If you honestly just do it for sex, fair.
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Literally to impress people, anyone who says otherwise is a lying sack of shit
i like the idea that someone could potentially know all they need to know about me just by looking at me. a manicured outfit and wardrobe says a lot about a person, and i enjoy fashion because i get to outwardly express myself in that way. i dont like to talk so i let my appearance do it for me, i suppose.
pretty much happened freshman year of HS

I have always been art inclined but I got into fashion particularly because I liked this girl who I thought dressed really well and she liked a guy that dressed well too.

I tried to up my clothing game by looking at some of the fashion forums and trying to copy them. I dressed pretty much carbon copy of the /fa/ minimalist uniform. white ocbd black sweater black jeans white shoes bomber jacket when it was cold. I browsed tumblr/sufu/fa/ a lot and would say I was pretty knowledgeable about fashion trends at the time(this sounds super cringey to me even while typing but at the time its what I thought). I started to experiment with the different meme styles about the same time(palewave,lunarcore,gothninja(wtf was I doing),marc demaco, etc)

In the end I never got the girl, I am still shy and awkward as fuck,but I found something that I enjoyed doing(I got voted best dressed in HS. I was surprised people even knew my name desu).

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since its now 2016 we can all agree that
>thrift core
>listens to Mac demarco once core

is all shit right?
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It always was
sorry for thumbnail pic :^)
agreed. but why is it still so prevalent on college campuses?
Only if its intentional. If you genuinely don't care about the way you dress, you are the most effay anyone could ever be.

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does anybody here remember Knochensack?
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Yes, everybody.
No, nobody
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i remember following his posts and diagrams on how he cut his hair a few years back. i bought this WWII canteen at an antique store and it reminded me of him.

What does /fa/ eat?
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i eat big stinky turds for breakfast, lunch and dinner, big ol stinky poop sausages in my mouth yum yum in my tum tum, one more please mummy
I skip breakfast every morning for a daily 16 hour fast. Instead I take a cold shower

I break my fast with raw egg dropped into a fresh bowl of rice with natto and soy sauce. Very nutritious, very quick to prepare. It may be a little too difficult for some normals but I try to stay on the avant-garde

I eat dates, kimchi and sauerkraut for snacks. A few dates will give you energy to last the whole day. Fermented foods (natto included) are probiotic and packed with nutrients. Raw foods in general are good for you

I have soylent. It may be a little too difficult for some normals but I try to stay on the avant-garde
veganism is the only /fa/ diet

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Post your inspo, discussion, links, and fits for techwear this season.

Starting it off with a fire fit from supertechwear. So much ACRNM /drool
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that is utterly fucking atrocious
>Don't get laid but potentially get arrested or/and beat up -wear
t. jealous kids wearing dad's hand me downs and h&m sale rack clothes

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What is /fa/'s opinion on raw/selvedge denim? I have not seen it discussed very much
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Raw is the best way to buy jeans. If you want them faded, do it yourself.
/fa/ hates it because reddit likes (or at least) liked it. Personally I prefer pre washed denim.
where are you getting yours and what fit? I wear raws but I also don't really dress like you guys, and feel like they're a little too "americana" for this board

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how fucked are you ?
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very fucked :(
>tfw babyface
Forever labelled cute.
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u tell me

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Early bake
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Ive been drinking coffee in clear rebellion of the white Im wearing
Not bad but I'd prefer it with a long sleeve shirt
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