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When is this shit brand going to die? Does anyone actually wear this non-ironically?
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hating on vetements is so boring

just fuck off
my dad
Butthurt Vetements fan detected

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So yeah, obviously many of you spend money on grails and shit, but what do you not actually drop money for? Underwear? Socks? Bags? Shirts? And where do you get these? Why do you not pay good money for them?
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Why the fuck wouldn't you drop money on shirts?
Depends. Some people have a budget and spend it on Uniqlo, others just feel that depending on what it is, it's not worth it. Who knows?

Do people actually spend large amounts of money on underwear and socks, though? Like, is anyone ACTUALLY buying fucking Versace underwear for $120 a pop? It seems ridiculous.

I spend £8 per pair of boxer short which could seem a lot considering you could get 10 pairs for a fiver.

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I have a great jawline, fit body, and no direction in life so I thought it might be a good idea to apply to be a male model. Any tops? Whats the best companies to apply to? Live in the US Pic unrelated
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post a pic
no point in giving you advice about contacting agencies if in reality you're deluded and look like a downie
>no direction in life so I thought it might be a good idea to apply to be a male model

This is your motivation? Personally, I think it is a bad idea. I did some modelling back in the day just to make extra cash but you really need to understand that you can't be a model for a long time and it's not a stable source of income in most cases.

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What types of pants would go best with this?

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Probably some jncos, along with some walking shoes, a fedora and a death note atchel bag with one of those umbrellas with the katana handles
Anything skinny
Try wearing a long T-shirt under it so u can have syc layering
Any meme low top sneakers are fine
Tbh if this was a lighter color it would be great
for palewave
I recommend I love ugly zespy pants in a solid color and size up a white tee
It's pretty fucking awful but if u try u can impress fuccboi and normies

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Ok guys, I am hereby summoning the tailors (and preppy boys) among us to give me some valuable advice.

I wanted to get a little dressy linen shirt for a long time. And now, since summer is gonna be here soon, I've decided to make one myself as I couldn't find any suitable and affordable online.

It's gonna be plain white, occasionally worn under a sports jacket. I've finished the pattern today and I would love to hear your opinions on following:
1- Contrast (probbaly wooden) or white buttons
2- Classic cut or make it a popover (basically a polo shirt with long, cuffed sleeves)
3- Collar type - I was thinking either club, hidden button-down or classic english. Do you think it'd look good without a collar?
4- Edges endings - just a double fold, or the most sophisticated one most dress shirts have?

I am aware that most of these come down to personal preferences, but I kept overthinking it and now I'd value some other pints of view.
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No love for Luxire?

Anyway, here are my recommendations:
1 - Mother of pearl buttons if you want it to be a dressy linen shirt. Wooden buttons are best suited to short sleeve or more casual detail shirts.
2 - If you make it a popover, please attach the sleeves straight out to the sides (instead of angled downwards like most OTR shirts) so you can actually have full range of motion and can put it on more easily.
3 - Collarless is not a good idea. Good club collars are hard to find (especially in linen) so if you're the kind of person who would wear club collars absolutely go for that.
4 - Are you talking about the placket? I prefer a French/sport placket that's simply folded over underneath and stitched. I prefer the stitching close to the edges because that gives cleaner lines.
how to get into making my own clothing?


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What hairstyle is this /fa/? I'm wanting to go to the hairdressers and ask for this style but I'm not sure what I should say. Picture would be nice too
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just ask for the pussy destroyer
the barber will know

>tfw curly hair so I can't do Anime inspired hair
the retard

Are high-waisted pants "in" now?

Specifically, faded dye jeans with high waist and no "whiskers?"
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this is now a toni apperciation thread
Idk but I really neee some black/charcoal high waisted woolen trousers. Anyone know w2c

Thom Yorke wearing full tricky ricky in new Radiohead video directed by Paul Thomas Anderson:

r8 his fit
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holy shit lmao
saw the fit and i knew that it would be /fa/ frontpage already
never fucking change
he looks good, too
>this awful manlet silhouette

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Just bought babby's first suit for a wedding tomorrow. How do I pack my dress shirt so that it remains as creaseless and wrinkle-free as possible? Looking around on the internet, I find that people either roll them or fold them, but both methods seemingly produce creases and wrinkles regardless. Another option that my friend told me about was letting it hang on a coathanger and transport it in a tall bag.

I've never ironed a shirt in my life, so that won't do.

I appreciate every tip.
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By the way, the shirt is freshly ironed, but I had my girlfriend help me out with that. Can't do it in the hotel.
Shameless self-bump
Accept the fact it would have a lot of wrinkles no matter what you do.

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Take a seat and show me your worst !
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This is still better than what most normies wear
File: TK-2011-03-06-009-001-Harajuku.jpg (264KB, 853x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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It really isn't

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/fa/, which one should i cop? Which one are the most comfortable?
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Ultra in black or cream and zg prime in black or green
I'd say wait for the nmds in tripble black, but other than that, get the ultra boost in cream.

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how many years until im completely bald /fa/

finasterides great but im not sure ill hold out forever
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w2c top
nause poorjects
you're not even balding

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>everyone says they run one size larger
>have to buy +1 size because otherwise my toes get squished

Fucking idiot women and your narrow fucking feet.
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Shut up you flat foot mongrel dog

Go chew on a fucking steak or something
they fit 1/2 size larger

also don't be a cheap poor fag and buy the 1970's; they are wider and x4 more comfortable

i own a pair, they are better in every way

File: apc_11_1.jpg (37KB, 500x859px)Image search: [Google]
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Post fits that are both professional and effay
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File: 1460712738806.png (440KB, 550x418px)Image search: [Google]
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it don't work that way kiddo

it's simply not possible to be creative with suits in the same way you can with a less conservative style, just make sure you get the cut on your suit right.
the reason you don't see any suits on this board is because no one is old enough or has the money to own one or more.

suits are the highest possible tier of men's fashion if you can get the perfect fit and some nice colour combinations.

the fact that you know shit shows you have advanced beyond this shitty board.
Thing is, most people from fa dont have a need to wear a suit because they don't work somewhere with a requirement. Suits are fucking autistic for casual.

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dear /fa/ i am not a guy wich is into fashion at all... but i will see my girlfriends father today for the first time... i am unsure as of how my current outfit is good enough.
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help me please

You're an embarrassment to both your girlfriend and her father. Kys.

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