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Newfriend here (new to this board anyways)

I am sort of your typical ''neckbeard'' who has never cared for his looks and have a terrible selfesteem (aka your average 4chaner)

I am planing to make a life change, starting by working out and dressing properly.

Is this the right place to ask for the later? i really dont mind my clothes, hair cuts and stuff so i will follow instuctions if they feel right... or am i just going to be memed to death?

I want a complete make over like one of those shitty tv shows. would gladly take any advice and links on clothes i should buy.
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full rick
Go to /mfa on reddit. On here you will be recommended a bunch of brands that will break your wallet and you will look like a walking meme. Or you can just wear full Rick Owens :^)
not a joke: go to reddit's /r/malefashionadvice

mfa is kind of a meme here but they are much more tailored to giving advice to complete newcomers, you'll find success there. /fa/ is garbage and please tell all your other non-fashion friends not to come here.

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Which tux would you choose? What, if anything, would you change? My local tuxedo rental places aren't great and I'm not planning to buy one.

>also, prom questions/advice/inspo general
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More like cringe general
>Get a jacket at H&M
>Get it fitted
>Get some proper fitting pants
>Fucking clean your leather shoes
>fix ur hair
>dont be a pizza face
then ull get laid kiddo
have fun
>wearing a H&M jacket to a prom

wew lad

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If so, can it be pulled off by a male ?
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this has been a thing for literally nearly 10 years now.
it can be pulled off by a gay male bottom.
>it can be pulled off by a gay male bottom.

fuck me in the ass core

How to diy patches? My swans shirt shrunk in the wash and I am going to shamelessly steal this idea
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Just cut and sew with black thread bro
On the other hand, do these Filth tshirts ever go on sale?
i don't think so
oh cool. i'm gonna do this with an old hole t-shirt

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Let's look at boots, kiddos

Hey so I believe these are Red Wing Blacksmiths. Does anyone know of any cheaper shoes that look like this or would go with this look? (skinny jeans, simple shirts, lanky boy)
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That look is shit though. This is like boring-but-thinks-otherwise normie circa 2013 with a slightly better shoe choice. And so you going cheaper on that would thus make it complete shite.

It's alright though, I was in high school once too.
sounds like you're still in high school to me
>le "I've been out of high school for a whole year, I'm miles better than those idiotic conformists, I can read them like a book" face

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Fuck you /fa/ you said buzzcut was the new hot thing
Now I look like a fucking clown

I can hear them giggling behind me when im out walking

It will take 2 years before it grows back to the way it was
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don't listen to them anon, you're effay
kek you fucking retard

Go join the army
Time to get a meme-dad-cap.

Since I am not in school and don't want to look like a student, backpacks are out of the question. I find this style of bag both aesthetically pleasing and functional.
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here is some bag inspo
lol. This only works because the bag's fucking empty. Try carrying your laptop and other necessities in there.

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Okay so guys about a 2 and a half years ago I saw a picture of these on here. I was just getting into fashion and I saw these and decided I wanted them. A few years down the road I can afford them, and I know I want them, even if I'm wearing them just to show off. I want the picture for emotional purposes and etc. It was a fit pic, taken from the right side IIRC, person was outside walking, I believe either chelseas or geos/dunks. Can someone provide the image I'm talking about?

I don't have much to give for your effort, but I can give the first poster some nudes of my GF or maybe a dollar or 2 over PayPal? Thanks guys!!

Pic related
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1432530242442 copy.png
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Those zippers are going to hurt your knees when you're on them sucking dick, OP. Are you sure you want to hurt your main source of income like that? How would your mother feel knowing that you're fucking up the family business?

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Post tumblrs, also recommend 1-3 that you follow.
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carol christian poell ss2004.jpg
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what are you even sayin tho?

drop your tumblr below, check out other people's tumblrs, standard tumblr thread

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Architecture, Artsy, Fashion, Teenage Angst shit
aesthetics,pink,occult culture just things ¨Δ

pretty shit, fashion, cozy architecture, nice colours, etc

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Anyone else not wear underwear?

>shows off body better without shirt
>less restriction in pants
>outlines my big dick better in pants
>less hot in summer

Are there any cons? Noo
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No way I would get fart juice on my pants. Plus it's really impractical in situations requiring you to take off your pants.
It's unhygenic dude, you smear your dick and ass all over your pants all day
Why the fuck do you think people wear fresh underwear every day?
I too enjoy rubbing my sweaty dick + balls + sweat asshole all over the inside of my jeans in the summer.

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Has anybody bought any of these hats? They are super cheap but look cool. Are they worth it? How is the quality? I know you can't expect much but is it worth it since I'll be paying 15$ of shipping.
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They look cringe
really cringeworthy, almost on par with anime shirts
horrible quality + cringe,
i ordered few hats like two years ago

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What core is this
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Wayne's core
Youtube vlogger core

At what age did you grow out of Chucks?
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chucks are timeless

i bet you're 19 years old and SOOOOO mature

you fucking faggot
not OP here but i'm 19yo and chucks are fucking disgusting and impractical as hell

kill yourself if you wear them,you look like a rock band member from early 2000s faggot
>still checking everyday for a restock of the cdg play chucks

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>tfw you realize you're too old and hetero for skinny jeans
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No such thing as too old, only too fat
File: 2015-01-09-russellbrandlowres.jpg (603KB, 2631x4011px)Image search: [Google]
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nah, there's a moment you realize you're too masculine to keep looking like a fag
never too old

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