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thoughts on this?
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Someday this is going to be part of some kinda post-ironic-core and some burnt out normie designer is gonna use it, I called it
I could picture Jeremy Scott doing a collection of fucking slipknot hoodies and wolf t shirts

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Why dont you wear dunagrees??
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I do. For work purposes
Because I'm not a hillbilly and they serve no practical purpose in my life
You don't wear jeans?

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ripped black skinny jeans.jpg
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When will this meme die?
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when your mom finally hops off my dick
Are you talking about ripped trousers or pinroll?
hahaha good one bro.rekt him

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can someone please recommend me some jeans similar to pic related aside from levi 501s because i don't think they would fit me anywhere near as well as a slimmer fit would
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Find a nice tailor, get jeans tailored. N
you gotta get a heavy denim and get them tailored

get some old 501's from a thrift store
is this really the only option? I'm not against doing it but it seems strangely difficult to find stonewashed jeans like that with an adequate fit.

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anyone got any fit pics of the SS16 ozweegos? much appreciated
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File: FB_IMG_1462167890975.jpg (100KB, 960x892px)Image search: [Google]
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This looks bad.
haha nice meme anon-kun

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She should try working out in fashion.
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There are heaps of fat people that do more for fashion in one day than you will ever do in your life

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What's this sort of low-cut dress which exposes a shirt at the front almost to the waist called?

A girl whom we've recently interviewed at my job wore this sort of thing to the interview, pic related. The dress was from a sort-of velvety material which looked soft and had a sheen. It looked pretty good tbqh, although I wasn't sure if it was appropriate for the occasion.

I wonder what she's going to wear to work since she got the offer and accepted it.
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I don't know shit about female fashion.
Like a classic tunic without the front?
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Give her a follow up call with the w2c

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Should I buy CP's? the only shoes i currently wear are my all black vans and my adidas gazelles, and I've been wanting something new.

are CP's worth it? i'm referring to mainly the Achillies low. or will i be a walking meme? also thinking about GATs.

also, i've never seen a pair of these in person, so no one local will have any fucking clue what they are.
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It depends on what you pair them with.

Post pics of your usual clothing.
inb4 cuckoldry-related comment/pun
i wear the tightest jeans imaginable with a t shirt.

File: NO.FUTURE.jpg (75KB, 672x328px)Image search: [Google]
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Post some punk inspo

>inb4 13 year olds who unironically call blink 'punk'
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>being elitist about punk when you post sex pistols in the OP
oh the ironing
File: asapp.jpg (84KB, 599x600px)Image search: [Google]
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punk new-wave
its all about emo punk now, pham
moose blood, sorority noise and all that jazz

I wanna make a lot of shekels off of liberals and SJWs. I notice they wear some shitty cheap looking clothing that just says #BLM or Bernie Support or something shit like that.

I wanna change that and think there's a market for this. A lot of liberal people dress terrible and should become /fa/.

I'm going to make tshirts (pic related) like raf, undercover, midnight studio stuff that focuses on supporting these movements

Movements so far:
>Gender Equality
>youth empowerment

I would make x amount of proceeds be donated to that cause and keep the rest. Is this a viable idea? I'm looking for designs and shit if anyone wants to be a millionaire with me

One design I have in mind is putting generic pictures of that movement like raf does then put something below it like "empowered" or some shit. Is there any reason this wouldn't work if we marketed it correctly?? Do I have competition? Idk the name for it yet
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Tell me you're joking.
I actually applaud OP making money off retards is guaranteed dosh
honestly could work, nowadays even zara and h&m are making fake raf, MS paint drag-n-drop pictures with floating white helvetica quasi-cryptic text all over the place

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Why are socks and sandals hated again? I could see them coming back into fashion after the recent eurotrash trends.
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File: 1461385772785.jpg (307KB, 947x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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They're not hated.
File: socks and sandles.png (468KB, 1082x944px)Image search: [Google]
socks and sandles.png
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cause theyre disgusting and look trashy as fuck
Holt shit at all those tabs

File: Skepta - Konnichiwa-cover.jpg (35KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
Skepta - Konnichiwa-cover.jpg
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Most /fa/ album in 2016 so far
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i likeyou
I'm proud of you

File: tumblr_o5qzh36uo41vr1t7io1_500.png (281KB, 500x409px)Image search: [Google]
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post some effayphoto positions
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>tumblr filename
I know its probably bait but please fuck off you 12 year old.
>you know who it is,
>video just came out a few weeks ago
>calling someone else 12.

your maturity level is probobly at about 15 m8, innit?
my nigga that is one of the most effay poses there is.

H3H3 takin over.

what does fa thinks?
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nice fit, it's maximalist in a way that's forgettable and only slightly offensive at best

maybe you should fix your hair and makeup before you go putting attention-directing doodads near it, when actually you should probably be wearing a paper bag

unless your goal is to actually cause people to vomit and lose bodily fluids, in which case you should try to be even fatter

called the cops
Harajuku Weabitch
technically what your saying makes sence, but your personal application of the word "maximalist" doesnt follow the actual deffinition. what you were trying to do was criticize her rejection of the memeinalist fashoin trend. good job, but you could have just said to tone down the accessories. maximalist makes us all sound stupid imo

File: aobr.jpg (167KB, 948x548px)Image search: [Google]
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A or B guys?

Thank you
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File: fedora.jpg (230KB, 640x960px)Image search: [Google]
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Neither, I suggest a razor. If I had to choose one though, B.
b for god sake...

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