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I've read in several places that literally anything will look good on a slender frame -- so, when we appreciate a good fit, is it because the clothes are objectively nice and well coordinated, or is it because they are being worn by someone thin?

Is "fatshion" a thing?
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That's only marginally true. A shitty outfit will look better on an attractive, fit/thin person than on an unattractive, overweight person, but it'll still be a shitty outfit.
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her legs are on backwards, wtf
Clothes are designed for thin people, I think you can design clothes that look good on fat people but I think that's more difficult, thin people have similar proportions but fat people are fat in different ways so if a fat person wants to look decent in clothes they have to make clothes specifically for them

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What does /fa/ think about this aesthetic?
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briddy gud
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What are you wearing today
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a-a-and now? a or b
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this is fire. sick fit

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Hey /fa/, I need your help.

I want to cop a pair of New Balance sneakers but I dont know which ones to get. I was thinking of getting the 420s. What do you think? What is the /fa/-est New Balance sneaker?

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9 9 6


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>copping these meme shoes in 2k16

it's like you're not even trying

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What tunes do you guys listen to while you're copping fits and/or rolling?

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Drake or James Blake
Clutch, Kansas, The Doors, Foreigner
Asia sometimes
Sufjan stevens

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About to drop my first mixtape and need a new artist name so looking for inspo. Im not black by the way
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yung nu male
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K Killy Fist
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Young nigga

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ITT: Fashion sins you commit or/think are cool
>socks and sandals
>cuffed pants
>long socks with low shoes (only with pants, not shorts)
>tucked in sweaters/shirts
>popped collars
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>high waist jeans/chinos on men
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Cuffed pants and tucked in sweaters aint a sin
I just came over from the thread where we discussed whether or not white socks were acceptable or not. As the OP of that thread I can personally say there's literally nothing wrong with that.

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How to pull off leather trousers?
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Take them by the waist and pull down tobyour ankles then over your feet
Try baby oil if they're tight and you're having difficulty
I would wear them with simpler fits. Theyre kind of a statement piece imo
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Goose inspo

What brand has the best hoodies?

I like the way the givenchy ones fit bit i only want to spend about 100 euros
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I'm bumping this because I want to know about the best modest-priced basic pullovers.
love reigning champ hoodies, p sure they're around 100 euros too

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rate me, /fa/
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fixed you
What changed?

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manlet here, how do i avoid looking like the manlet in the middle here? i want to look taller and cool. help me learn
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Nothing you wear will make you tall
Accept it and move on
(not true, by the way)
yes pls

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uughhh I'm so depressed ughh im wearing all black cus I'm so cold and emotional see this cig yeah that's my fix I ride solo ugh so depressed
see this thrasher shirt? it's ironic I don't actually skate lol see this cap it's also ironic its called a dad cap haha have you heard of it

What was pre-2013, and what is next?
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Pre 2013 was oxford shirts and brogue shoes. The worst era. It was like only faggots trying to dress proper.
Gotta agree on that, but that's just because /fa/ wasn't as popular. Was "#menswear" really popular on other fashion forums as well? MFA doesn't count, they're still into that stuff.
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Are Toms effay??
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just get some espadrilles

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what the fuck is this trash lmao
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You can get the shirts cheaper on this website with the provided coupon code.
lean garments lmao no thanks i'm on a bulk
yung lean trolling 4chan again

what with this guy? anyone know lol...


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Who makes the comfiest socks?

Who makes the comfiest undies?

Help me /fa/, I want to swathe my loins in fabrics of the highest quality and design
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Socks: Pantherella, particularly the cashmere

Undies: The real expensive undies I've owned were more like male lingerie and not comfy at all. I can only recommend Ex Officio microfiber boxers.
Weirdly enough one of the comfiest pairs of undies I bought was an older model Evolve brief (2xist target brand lol) They don't stock it anymore unfortunately otherwise I'd buy a bunch
Dunno about socks, I just wear black Hanes most of the time since they're comfy. Most /fa/ socks are too thin to walk around a lot in.

For underwear I really like uniqlo's boxer briefs.

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