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>pics of Lukas ///
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give me what you've got
boy why u walkin around lookin like a pissed off 8th grader lmao
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lukas 3.jpg
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Inspo edition.
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white only
achilles low
google cuck core
fuck off
>cuck shoes
these r good since they won't show Tyrone's cum

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Hello /fa/

I live in a smaller town and there aren't many people in business suits etc here

But I want a "business fashionable" style for myself, to be taken more seriously

I don't know where to start though... I don't want to look like a hippy anymore

What's a good way to overcome my fear of ... sudden change?

What do you recommend? I know I should get a watch and some good shirts, a suit, and shoes.
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Solid advice incoming:
Put all the clothes that are part of your hippy look away in a chest for a year. At the end of the year look in the chest and take out the things that you felt you really missed in the past 6 months and donate the rest.

Start with a suit from SuitSupply - go for something with a softer look. Don't go ultrafashionble right off the bat, start with conservative shit they'd recommend you on Styleforum or MFA. Linen and cotton shirts, conservative ties from thrift stores, and some slacks. Leave the watch until you're ready to invest, or until your granddad passes and leaves you a really cool one.
>seriously recommending for someone to wear a suit all the time
You can still look "business fashionable" without needing a suit. Look at smart casual, i.e. collared shirts, well-fitted pants, nice shoes (loafers, derbies, Chelsea boots), sweaters if need be + coats or jackets.
I live in a small town also, and nobody really wears buisinesswear

I would give strong words of caution, learn from my mistakes
1. don't wear buisiness wear if you arn't working a high paying job; it's a social faux pas and will lead to you being scofed at

2. fashion is as much as fitting in as it is standing out, there is a diferance between "outdressing" and "overdressing"
it would be inappropriate to wear buisinesswear in many situations because it's considered to be formal

start by getting some casual pants in neutral colours, black, mid grey, grey blue
then get some shoes that match, if you want to spend the money get leather, you generally get what you pay for

then get some shirts that fit, I had to go online for this

then with a nice jumper you will look mature
or with a suit jacket you will look striking when you have occasion to

try to steer clear of ties in general, they are really only for the office

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Panzer wrap edition

Post any military inspiration in this thread. Photos, items, fits, anything will do.
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image 18.jpg
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Just thought this would be a fun thread idea for people who might not know how to wear certain articles of clothing, or accessories.

Possibly how to wear something a certain way without looking dumb.

inb4 >"impossible to wear"

I'll start off. How do you wear bracelets and rings and "hand-accessories" without looking like a tool?
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Confidence is the key to wearing anything out-of-the-ordinary or "impossible", as you say.

I know it's passe to /thread your own post, but I believe this is a true /thread, as there is no greater answer than confidence.
I forsee 3/4 of the replies being something to the effect of "you don't," but I appreciate the effort.

To answer your question, I think it depends on the bracelet and the outfit. Some bracelets are just silly/too flashy for certain types of dress. Think about materials and shape. General design. Same goes with rings.
How did chukkas make it in streetwear.

They look too mature for them.

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what the fuck

ITT: Kys tier shoes
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The top part of the shoe looks like one of those winter jackets that are big. Plus that white horizontal logo(?), whatever that's suppose to be makes the shoe disgusting.
>not knowing what a down jacket is called
>being this retarded

I like Vans but wearing those if you're not a genuine skater is absolutely cancer tier

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yo /fa/ I'm in a dilemma

My girlfriend's body is a 10, with very little body fat, almost nonexistent on her stomach etc.

However, she doesn't own any shorts, she doesn't own any shirts that aren't baggy, she doesn't own any revealing/sexy clothing....

...How can I get my girl to wear sexier clothes in public?
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What are the best stores for chicks? So I can check them out for her
Why do you want other people to ogle your GF in public? You see her naked already, that's good enough.
got any more pics of your tittymonster huh? i need to see the front before i can give you a good brand that will drape nicely over the knockers

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Just got my Gosha Rubchinskiy fake from aliexpress. Quality of the material and print is a solid 10/10, it shouldn't be much different from the original.
A bargain for just 13€.

Post your 1:1 fakes.
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Jesus brother. Go to bed.
link? also does anyone have the original so they can compare
Its not exactly 1:1, if you look the top hole in the "B" is a box and it should be angled.

>can't date girls if they don't care about style and do it well, even if they're nice, cute, sexually indulgent, supportive, emotionally mature, and intelligent
>feel like a shallow scumbag, but can't get past it
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As someone with an un-effay gf, there's nothing wrong with having standards if that's what you're into. Sometimes her style bothers me but I'm sure it would bother other guys more.
>tfw ugly
It seems like such a dumb thing to care about, and I wish I didn't. The girl I'm with now is a great person, but she won't wear makeup unless I ask her to, and even then its usually just poorly applied eyeliner. Bothers the fuck outta me. Someone help.

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Where can i find a pants that fit like this ? Actually, if you know the brand of this pants, that's even better
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buy any pair of cheap chinos in a size that clearly doesn't fit your skeleton legs
pair with fuccboi attire and voila

i hate how black people started dressing like white people

its literally a trend among blacks right now to dress like a white male ironically. and they all have a token white best friend accessory to complete the look

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Is your job /fa/?
Does it provide you enough money to buy sick fits?
>assistant to a talent agent in Hollywood
>no to both
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I make glasses it's tiiiiiiiiiight

I can't really dress effay
Make me some sikk frames brah.

I'm a server for a contemporary art hotel's restaurant. Despite the company being cool my job is shite.
Wageslave retail, but it's in an upscale "fashion park" with stores like Saks, Coach, BCBG, Brooks Brothers, Tiffany's, etc. Good money to buy nicer dadcore fits. Probably the most effay place within a 50 mile radius.

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/pol/ack here
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Hello, fellow /pol/ack. Couldn't help but notice you have a pair of steel toed boots and an extra pair as an accessory.
Just noticed, used the wrong image for pants. Those should be gray, not olive.

whats the poorfag alternative to levi's? need them for work
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uniqlo sale
im wearing mine right now and they're nice
I thought Levis were the poorfag's Levis.
levi's is the poor man's choice
poorer than levi's is target and walmart

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Can you be /fa/ without a good pen?

What do you have? What do you like? What do you drool over?
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Parker all day long.

Even the cheap Jotter models look dank as hell.
Attractive and functional af. Hard to disagree and the give you great bang for your buck. Only criticism is I've found the jotter a bit thin for comfort but that's personal preference.
File: jinhao-142G-E.jpg (18KB, 600x450px)Image search: [Google]
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Ordered my first "real" fountain pen
Jinhao x450 for $3 shipped from China

Depending on how much I like it I might also pick up one of these:

Any suggestions on which one? Also what ink should I get? I'm mostly looking for a cheap ink, looking at some of the Diamine stuff.

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