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Are clear/crystal frames still cool? or played out?
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at least they're easy to match with anything. it's about the shape anyways not the color
It's weird, where I live I have seen essentially no one wearing these kind of frames, but I just went on holiday to SF and saw loads of people wearing them. So I guess it depends where you live
I'm from the east coast and I travel to the west coast often. clear frames are played out in most major cities.

Im thinking of putting one of these pictures on a brown/khaki/beige jacket and looking for /fa/s opinion

Is this even a good idea?

If you know of any brands with jackets that would be good for this type of thing feel free to tell.
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will drop a few random inspo pics in the meantime
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literally reddiț
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literally better than anything i've seen on this board lmao
literally a shitpost
w2c jeans? what are they called when there is a black layer behind the distressed part?

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Will long hair look good on me? Also, is it possible to predict whether it'll turn out wavy?
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show face
How the fuck should we know without see your face you inbred downy
long hair makes you look like a girl mate

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Are suicokes worth it, which model is best and w2c in Europe?
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I have had the KISEE-V in grey for almost a full year now, it was my go to shoe last summer. I think they're worth the price granted I paid a lot cheaper in Korea so assuming the retail is still around the $150 range, I'd cop. They aren't very comfortable though
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150$ for sandals

KISEE-V model is actually in the $180-190 range now... Disgusting

I paid $130 a year ago in Gangnam lmao

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Can someone help me ID the shoes in pic related?
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The shoes MIKE ROSS is wearing

Everytime I wear shorts like this I get the most major swamp ass sweat marks on my ass. I try fixing this with baby powder and wearing 2 pairs of boxer briefs, but it only minimizes it to a certain extent. If I wear 1 pair of underwear it's much worse, so the added layer doesn't make it worse. If I shave my ass do you think it would help? I don't want to be stuck wearing tennis shorts or basketball shorts all summer.
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those kinda shorts look really bad anyways
Lose fat, exercise. This is the only way to reduce sweating.
I'm not overweight by any means, I just sweat a lot in the ass crack area. It happens when I sit down. If I stood all day it wouldn't be a problem, but when I sit down, i guess it just makes me sweat a lot.

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wtc cheap pants like this
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Fuck off with the bait faggot
WTC this jacket?

Hint: UK artist

I tried looking everywhere
Who wears a Hermès belt with Levi's

What do you think about long tees outside of layering? They look shit on short people but if you're over 6'0" the length looks sick.
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Because adopting a predisposed identity/aesthetic is corny as fuck.
because im gtb shield gang
This is not tumblr, I'm not 14 and I'm not a meme, that's why.

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w2c this studded jacket help me out
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I only know, it comes with a noose.
yeah yeah i know i'm a faggot, just help me out here
Gay cunts R us.

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Are Air Force 1's back in fashion now? Or are they still considered to be gay meme shoes?

I've had pic related pair sitting in my closet for about three years now and i'm thinking of wearing them again. They have just the right amount of scuff marks and dirt to look quite aesthetic.

How do people wear them nowadays? I've seen a few people wearing the all white ones with fashionable clothing and they look great (i.e. not sneaker head autism tier pants).
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air force 1 is a classic shoe
refer to chief keef for inspo and not white nu males with cuffed pants
those are hell nice dude, you can wear them in a basic ass fit, blue jeans and a sweater and you'll look fine
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or alternatively something like this

Should men EVER wear nail polish?
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no you stupid dumb bitch

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Searching for inspo, show me what you got
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gosha rubchinsky aw15
File: Gosha_Rubchinskiy_15_1366.jpg (149KB, 900x1349px)Image search: [Google]
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Are shawl collared cardigans dadcore if worn by someone 25>?
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avoid this entire board
What's wrong with shawl collar cardigans? They look good on men with really masculine features.
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