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Rate, and post the most common fashion or style in your country.

>White Converse
>Polo Ralph Lauren
>Stan Smiths
>Zara / Pull and Bear

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¿Stan Smiths? Nadie usa eso en mexico, siempre son superstars, converse o calzado peor. Lo peor de mexico es que usan los jeans muy abajo y muy apretados.
>stan smith
nigga I am from the US and I know they don't wear stans
he must be talking about the higher classes. Fresitas. Maybe in the DF but I haven't seen them anywhere, ever. mexican fashion is shit. Its like US but poorer, 5 years or more behind and way more basic.

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Rank the top 5 most /fa/ cities in the US
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New York
north carolina
new mexico
let me get this out of the way

cuck tier states
>new york
god tier states

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What complaints do you have about fashion/clothes? About yourself, or others?
Let's see/hear what you've got to say.

I'll go first:
>tfw manlet
>tfw generally muscular/builtfat
>even if I lose weight I generally still have muscle
>so shirt length is correct with size S
>shirt width is correct with size M
>sleeves/shoulders are correct with size L
>can never buy a shirt that fits properly, it's either always too large or too small in some way
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>that pic

Rick didn't know he was gonna do that and when he got off stage Rick reportedly punched him lmao
>tfw lost weight
>tfw chesticles will not budge and I'm stuck looking like some sort of retarded anime bimbo, thus making all fits look frumpy and shit unless I dress like a slut.

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Is representing your political party effay?
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The "tips fedora snake" is not effay bro. Even commies are more fa.
not in those colors
having an allegiance to a political party, or even to an ideology, is not effay.

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W2c a decent pair of everyday shoes? Getting sick of my vans and adidas.

I've considered old skools but idk, and I've considered CPs but they're too expensive.

W2c some good effay shoes to wear with pretty much any fit? Preferably white or black.
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Not too popular, aren't the usual Stan Smiths or Superstars. Relatively comfortable. Can get them in all black too.
royal republiq spartacus is a good alternative to CPs, 140€

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General threads for boots and shoes in general too I suppose

So I typically try to steer clear of Doc Martens but these actually look quite nice. Am I a moron for believing that? Could these be pulled off with a good old pair of black skinny jeans?

[spoiler] if I'm a 10.5 what should I order from them... [/spoiler]
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just buy leather boots anon, and don't get docs.
I don't like the mix of materials on that boot, it makes them look cluttered and too busy.
Any relatively cheap (<$200) boots without ridiculously round tips you'd recommend? I typically wear earthy tones of shirts and jackets btw, along with black skinny jeans

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PC aesthetics?
Is this case effay?
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Also post aesthetic cases/builds
Awful, plain black no lights with a window is most effay
nzxt s340 best looking case
op is disgusting

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Can we dedicate a thread to /fa/ candid photos from history?
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this tbqh
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>effortless /fa/
>all these pieces of shit care about is how they look
Read the fucking title next time asshole

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Thanks in advance.

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Sorry for the long wait; enjoy, guys
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What are the most effay knives?

is this effay?
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Inexpensive, sharp, and have a classic look to them that keeps normies from freaking out when you get your knife out. It looks like the knife some prince would use to peel an apple.
looks like shit
rats are fucking dope

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summer inspo for girls, please!
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Lana is the new queen of /fa/
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Old thread is dead
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wNjEjyQ (1).jpg
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I guess i'll start
File: IMG_20160504_140933.jpg (2MB, 2042x2042px)Image search: [Google]
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Foto 2016-04-30 14 43 17.jpg
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Repost worn with ramones.
Really dont like the shawl neck of the cardigan. Rest is alright.
Just looks normie.

old one hit 300
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trousers I mean
iise, $375

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last one died
need some help effay, last school dance is around the corner and I've had this current for a few years know and I think it's time for something a lot shorter
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Cut it off. It looks like shit.
yeah that's why I'm posting
We need to see your face shape retard

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