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I need advice

am short and going bald at a young age

usually I look pretty angry because my life sucks and I'm blind but don't like wearing glasses so I squint all the time

I have fatty cash tho, dress me /fa/
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sorry mate youre shit out of luck
might aswell just go full autismo, no one will tell the difference
How short?
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· Date short girls.
· Start working out a bit (bald men are generally seen as macho, and especially so with some muscle, so you'll automatically be alpha if you buff up a bit. Also, short people look bigger faster which means less work because you should only go for the healthy strong look, not the roid look).
· Don't overcompensate with flashy clothing. Keep it somewhat lowkey. Simplicity is a good look to go with. Pic very much related. Shows you are not overcompensating, and is neither too effeminate nor too masculine (short bald guys dressing overly masculine always look way too aggressive for some reason).
· Get a pair of glasses with thin rims.
· Keep some scruff on your face, never shave your face completely.

Personally I started balding when I was 20, so I started getting really short buzzcuts. Now I am 26, and I've started shaving my head completely.

It might feel like a big deal in the beginning, but it's really not. You'll probably miss being able to try out cool haircuts, and you might feel a bit naked without a hat, cap or glasses, but that's basically it. I've never had problems with girls because of it, and it has not limited my wardrobe in any way shape or form. In short: don't worry about it.

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what core is this?
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"Look! Watch-out!"-core
i buy edgy clothes that no one is going to see because ill be wearing them while playing LoL-core

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Style rate thread

Last one is dead
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this is really bad
this is okay if your azn
this is meh

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Post a better parfum.
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I like the black orchid better. Just saying
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t b h
That's the king for autumn/winter, but not so advisable for a hot day.

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What does /fa think of mid-sixties Bob Dylan look?
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he ded

Are beards still in ?
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Depends on you. Your face, frame... Stop following trends and find yourself what looks good on you.
Short beards like Joel are ok.
Big hipster beard beanie tattoo are more euuuuuuuu
Nigga they is fuckin beards. It doesn't matter if they're "in" or not.

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/sci/ here

i bought this tie to wear to my award reception. i was nominated for best undergrad research paper etc in the chemistry dept at uni.

anyway, wtf do i wear with this? i just have grey wool slacks, black slacks, blue and white shirts, black shoes, and a navy blue dress sweater in terms of dress stuff

ive never been here
pls halp /fa/

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Black pants, black shoes, white shirt, blue sweater if its cold. Well fitting and iron your shit.
silly question (i rarely dress formal, or wear a tie, and no, my mom doesnt live with me sadly, and i dont have a gf at the moment):

if i wear the sweater the tie has to go underneath right

would a vest look stupid?
You shouldn't wear tacky ties like that, man

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Need advice for new haircut. Currently im rocking long hair tied back most of the time. Want something short and/or makes me look older? I'm 21.
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IMO long hair makes you look older, or at least the beard + long hair makes me look like I'm 21 and I'm 19
work on those acne and grow a full stubble or remove mustache

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How do you feel about replicas?

Where's a good place you can buy them?
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Aliexpress. Decide for your own how you feel about them though.
Hey there anon, my name actually is Brandon Smith and I live in Plainville, Connecticut, United States of America, and I just wanted to say that you are an absolute cock-inhaling faggot of a human being who should go and shitfuck himself up the dickhole for having such genuinely retarded opinions. It literally seems to me that you may actually legitimately be a mentally handicapped person whose handler has accidentally allowed to access a computer. My recommendation is that you go out to your nearest freeway at your earliest convenience and insert yourself into the traffic such that motorists are forced to either swerve or splatter your being upon the hoods and windshields of their cars, traumatizing all those within them as you do, so that these sorts of inane and stupid shit thoughts that seem to just spew out of your anus of a mouth will never be seen on this board again. Alternatively, go to your resident barbecue and turn the grill on to its highest heat, then place your hands into the flames until they are roasted into unrecognizable stumpy, blackened appendages that will require years of treatment and therapy to heal into scarred lumps which will require a lifetime of medication to relieve the constant and permanent pain from nerve damage, in order to prevent yourself from ever typing such a dumb sentence ever again.


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Is Zara /fa/?
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No. Buy basics at Uniqlo.
Not OP but there's no uniqlo in my country.
Why not? How is it any worse than H&M?

How do I grow/maintain my beard without looking like a hipster?
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behave normal otherwise
Don't do the other hundreds of stereotypical things that will make people think you're a hipster
Have a normal haircut and don't dress like a tablecloth.

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What are some white people alternatives to Sosa's hair?
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i saw a black male and the word alternative and i got excited for a second
also can you elaborate
Probably the closest thing is long straight hair
Just something with the same intentionally messy vibe.

Buyer's remorse thread?

Just bought some Vibergs and they're by far the least comfortable shoes I've ever worn.
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is this your first time buying any kind of substantial leather product
I bought a pair of chelsea boots, I like them but I kinda regret it because I don't have clothing to wear with those boots.
No but please tell me why I didn't just waste $700.

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i fucking hate dark lipstick like that. shits ugly. she looks stupid as fuck.
rich famous people have stylists 100% of the time and pretty much make up fashion trends so.... yes? doesn't mean that outfit doesn't look stupid
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Vogue ruined her hair, but she'll bounce back.

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hey /fa/ never been here before cause i never really needed advice on clothes

>dont have much money atm
>starting a new job on money
>want to go out clubbing
>have a neck tattoo that needs to be covered up

i know dress shirts can cover up my neck tattoo if they're buttoned up all the way but idk what to wear with a dress shirt.

considering its a dress shirt i wanna know what else i can wear to look more "rich" or high class.

>inb4 high class with neck tattoo

yeah i know faggots
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rick owens turtleneck
op here

was thinking about chinos and a leather belt but idk what shoes.

if i should run some good sneakers or get a pair of dress shoes

bruh i aint gay

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