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How many responses did you think this thread would get?
>look good
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>Daniel wellington
>different straps and styles

Anything Daniel wellington welcome pleas keep general watch discussion in the watch General
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get the fuck out of here
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What is the beat Daniel wellington strap?
Found the poor fag, can't afford 250 for the best watch on the market, Daniel wellington super thin clean
I like nato very utilitarian

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Grailed thread?

Post links to your grails and shit
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Nike Oreo Flyknit Racers $140


someone please by this jacket from me

Take my rafs someone

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Let's go
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Those all look pristine
Just bought Yeezy and Stan Smith,Tubular are fairly new and i wash Roshe all the time
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not including hockey shoes

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Is Marseilles /fa/?

also /fa/ cities thread (in the sense that the city is aesthetic, not the people/stores)
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Kowloon was pretty /fa/
NYC is the most effay city
>Devoid of any soul or hospitality
>Full of hipsters and fuccbois

inb4 edgy
Florenz, palermo

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should i model?
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youre ugly as shit
go on post a photo of yourself then, if i'm so ugly and I can judge you :)
how does someone else being ugly change the fact that you're ugly?

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Old one 404'd.

Let's try and post some inspo.
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Try this one next time
why does this pic remind me of those old army men computer games from the late 90s and early 2000s
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das it whiteboy

in dem prretty little shoes

unf uhhh

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>6ft tall 18yo pale white boy
>go to school
>wearing an apc shirt (pic related) a lightwash denim jacket, a thin gold chain, and some faded slim black jeans.
>Immediately start getting roasted, my one friends yelled "YOU LOOK LIKE A GERMAN EXCHANGE STUDENT WHO LOVES A$AP ROCKY"
>Girls don't care about how dope your fit is, maybe you'll get an occasional compliment

What's even the point? Why not just give up and wear nike's and sweatpants everyday like evryone else?
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Actual german reporting in.
Change your friends, not clothes.
Then kys.
You dress because you like the way you look. If you just try to be "fashionable" with internet memes you'll be forever a fag

fuck normies' opinions; find your style and stick to it

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just make a new general instead of 10 separate 'hair advice' threads, you idiots

post you're hairs
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IMG_20160515_012523667 (1).jpg
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Any thoughts on what I should with my hair? I never usually grow it out that long

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red bob.jpg
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What kind of haircut would you like your gf to have?
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full rick
yung leo

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How do I into techwear lads?

Also /techwear/ general JUST edition.
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> be asian
> spend thousands
Fuck off with that shit. We're never going to have a proper thread now
>be le aryan masterrace
>look like shit on acr

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who is that popular girl that used to be on this board and is pretty famous?

shes a model or actress or personality and has a badass attitude

i think she's british

i think reeeeee used to post her too
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allison harvard
She's my gf now and she said she quit browsing /fa/
ree <3

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another day in ireland.jpg
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Old one is spartans
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georgian troops in abkhazia
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This isn't a /pol/ raid
I just happen to like this brand beside the connotation
>Lyle and Scot

Isn't casual culture just a front for far right recruitment

Was Bruce Lee the only living example of human perfection? Also, are his shoes /fa/?
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yeah if u r a ninja and doesn´t matter to feel a lot of pressure on your footplant
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>not the fit, nordic, 6'3 feet tall, millionaire, civil engineer and MIT-student Dolph Lundgren

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"You have the biggest dick I've seen, on a man!"

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