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Haven't seen one of those in a while. Post your fashion related starter packs
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>tfw no gf
Wheres the guilty pleasure edit? I forgot to save it.
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rot eens op man
>in fa
Nederlanders hebben geen smaak desu
kanker jooden optiefen

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im not even joking i can´t find these fucking skinny jeans in my city
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in the trash fuccboi
you're joking right
do you live in the fucking woods or something
no for real, i can only find ripped superskinny black jeans

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Thread title says it, exceptional white skin aesthetic people and inspo

Post your whitefu too if you want.
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Can someone explain why some find tan ppl attractive, and when I mean tan I mean they've been on vacation for 2 weeks.
I'm slightly pale and my family really wants to see me tanner.
Maybe it's just me but is it a cultural thing? My dad is caucasian and wants me tanner while my mum is asian and she dosen't really mind.
>my mum is asian and doesnt really mind

your mum white dick worshipper

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adidas is shook. this is lifestyle perfection at its best. beating adidas at their own game

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Thanks Nike, a runner silhouette with an extended sock liner and leather condom around it is exactly what I want to portray my lifestyle with!

You guys are really killing it this year with all these good looking, innovative shoes!
t. adidas shill
lmao wtf is this

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You know how this works.
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>I don't use the vaporizer in public
Do you not realise how retarded you look when you wear headphones in public?
people wear shitty dre beats pretty often where i live. that might be because plebs think theyre "le cool rapper headset xD" though

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>he takes pictures of other people into barbers and tells them to cut his hair in the same style
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>Tfw went to a barber with a picture of Adolf Hitler and asked him to cut my hair in the same way
>Tfw asked to leave
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>tfw tried this and got laughed out

fuck you faggots i'm never going to that place again
>he doesn't take pictures of other people into barbers and tells them to cut his hair in the same style and walkes out of the store with a haircut he doesn't like at all and has to wait literally months for it to grow out

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what could I wear with these?
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nothing, they ugly as fuck desu
either get the lightweight tactical rothcos (that look like SFBs) or shell out and get SFBs

those could work but are harder to pull off IMO

idk just look what kanye and shia wear
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>spending 100 dollars on rothcos

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Bomb Saddam.jpg
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Hey guys, poorfag here about to cop this killion bomber in navy for a little bit above retail price. Wondering if there is a better alternative because I know it is top tier quality and fit for the money, but I do honestly think some cheaper bombers have better silhouettes and slightly more versatile colors, such as:
I really like this silhouette, it is also slightly lighter material so more seasonally versatile and not as satin-y which I know some people don't like. It also has a very nice navy color whereas the killion is just royal blue.


this one is just cheap as all fuck and has good color and I like the ribbing around the bottom hem more than the fat cotton ribbing like on ma-1's.


and then there is the classic asos knockoff of the ma-1 which I also get 10% off on all 3 of these.

Honestly I don't care about quality because I'm a fucking noob and know this shit is played out already but the fact that the killion is comparable quality to 150+ bombers makes spending double worth it.

Kind of just asking about opinions on fits, colors, and shit. Like which one is most visually appealing and versatile only considering looks and design, not materials and price. Cause desu I like the first Jack and Jones one the most but I will probably never have a chance to pick up a killion bomber again, so....

thanks in advance.
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Damn this board is a snail... I got like 30 mins to decide guys... cop killion or not? the lining is also a super effay blue pinstripe..
Not worth it, get the Asos or J&J. As you said these are close to dying might as well save $$$
Damn... the killion has resale tho since its such a limited release, the others don't and would probably disintegrate after a year... and that fucking liner. plus I live in the pnw and just realize I actually need a warm ass jacket for the winters. its only retail + shipping for the killion so like 80$.

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very vanilla and over used on the internet but its not bad if youre just starting out and you just wanna dress "better" not effay tho
they make me look like a clown because I'm short

they make tall people look "classy" which means everyone who has money can see you pretend to have money, but aren't stupid.
I'm pulling this outta my ass, mostly.

Best advice, unless you have facial hair, don't buy these.
nothing wrong with them, nothing special about them. I had a pair for a while in suede that I absolutely trashed. They're nice as beaters, but kind of uncomfortable. I probably wouldn't get them again unless I needed a pair of shoes to trash and forget about.

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Is this 11yo fa?

srsly, i am an grown ass adult and i feel like a retarded nigger listening to him talk, reason and whatnot.

Please tell me he is just an actor reading lines written for him?

Where does a child get all this life experience, depth he displays, maturity, knowledge of culture, of life?
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What were you like when YOU were 11 years old?

This fucking child makes me wanna suicide worse then ususal

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sad frog limp old.jpg
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I'm pretty sure she has growth disorder or soe shit. I heard Pyro mentioned it in a private DM with LTCorbis.

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Hey, any cosmetics fag? I want good Pompadour but i cant decide which pomade to use. Uppercut Deluxe or Uppercut Monster Hold? I shampoo my hair everyday so it wont be a problem with Monster but im just afraid it will be too strong. I like my hair just like i style it and i hate when it messes up
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you need to leave
The Rockabilly lifestyle is generally what happens when punk scene veterans suffer some sort of trauma in their late twenties. As a result, they start believing they are the stars of a 1950's period piece, where they can idealize aspects of a simpler time. The Rockabilly kids can be seen attending retro car shows, drive-in movies and burlesque clubs.
The Rockabilly male generally works a blue collar job, nine times out of ten at an auto body shop restoring old cars. He longs for a '59 Cadillac but is seen shamefully driving his '91 Honda Civic. Other potential jobs include sailor tattoo artist, stand up bass player, or the role of Danny Zuko in the local theater production of Grease. The majority of his paycheck goes towards industrial strength Pomade as he spends hours crafting his magnificent pompadour and mutton chop sideburns.
The Rockabilly female is a bizarre hybrid of Betty Crocker and Bettie Page, trying to be part 50's housewife and part pinup model. Much like her significant other, she swears she was born in the wrong era but the classy Varga girls never covered their torsos with meaningless tattoos. She'll take pole dancing classes in an attempt to get in better shape for her burlesque troupe, but more often than not falls into a “temporary” career as a stripper. June Cleaver would not approve.
The Rockabilly couple are a clear example of what happens when aging punks embrace Johnny Cash rather than Ed Hardy. If at any time a Rockabilly individual adds coffins or zombies to their repertoire, they can instantly morph into a Psychobilly.

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Last Thread: >>11906574

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

Model Diet Manual:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"
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helo fwamile daly remindar to stey hidhratted luv u soooo muhch tanks bye
thank u frof <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
>tfw binged on 1500 calories of granola bars

A-at least I'm still not over my tdee, r-right?

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i cant believe it
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>average height

Maybe in The Shire
>artist no one in this board should care about

really makes you think

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Why do women over 35 struggle to remain fashionable?
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Why do men?
But yeah, i don't envy girls. Their good period is pretty shirt.
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It's why bitches should be forgiven for all their bullshit. The poor things have only until 20-25yo to enjoy their relevance thanks to the freshness of youth. Then they turn into hags. Even hot cougars are still pitiful.

Men only get better with age.

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