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Last Thread: >>11911398

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

Model Diet Manual:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"
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I've just been dumping it in the toilet. Why would i ever need it?
>still pooping regularly
You're eating way too much

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ITT: /fa/ confessions

>I actually like LV's monogram pattern
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I'm like men as much as I like women, but I would never have someone put their penis in my pooper
You're not trying to help people in WAYWT
you're trying to get everyone to look like the same Mac demarco meets tumblr ass knock off
Rick Owens makes everyone look autistic

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Looks hella tight imo senpai
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Kill yourself you fucking poseur
Do you even live in Texas you fucking city slicker
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>when people wear westernwear in places other than the rural midwest or southwest excluding california

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fat faggot tries not to cry.jpg
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I fucking hate being fat. I don't look good in anything. How do you look good in clothes when you're fat?
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you know you can just

lose weight right
Lose weight you useless fuck
I've been trying, but it's happening slowly

I just want to look better right now before I lose the weight and have to buy new clothes

Hey /fa/,
I went to casting for my city's fashion week today on a whim and I got recruited to an agency with offices in Miami and NY. I just turned 18 last week. Anything I should know before I give them a call?
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where was this?

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Screenshot 2016-10-30 23.03.08.png
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Looking to replace my old worn out Jansports that I've used for about a decade now. What are your favorite designer backpacks, /fa/?
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Got any pics of their stuff?
foreign Chinese student af don't do it

Been looking for a leather jacket but alot of them are big.

Anyone know brands that have a more modern/slim fit?
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Lucky Brand and Wilson leather have some alright, lower prices leathers; former may have lower quality overall but definitely fit the "modern vibe" and Wilson is a bit more durable as long as you're not talking about cafe style jackets.

What kind do you want? What do you normally wear sans jacket?
I tried wilsons leather but most of them is to big.

Style im looking for is pretty much what the picture is showing or the one shown now. Would love to have a jacket like this or similar cause this one is ralph and it costs 1300.00
Problem I got with finding a leather jacket is that I care about the material.

I refuse to wear some shitty designer couch leather. I want some real leather.

Problem is all the second hand shops in my area (and outside my area) are all dressy leather, elderly citizen leather, and trench coats.

Best 90s Inspo tumblr blog or instagram
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pants and hat arent really that 90s
File: 1455503498850.jpg (159KB, 634x634px)Image search: [Google]
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heres some more of my 90s shit
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What kind of haircut should I get?
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that kid is a cuck
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Grow pic related
>it triggers normies
>works if with confidence
I have one and I like it

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Hey /fa/ what do you think about the "No poo" ? it's dangerous or healthy to the hair?; I want to let grow out my hair (it's wavy) and I've been thinking starting to do it, give me some advices please
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Yeah I would say it's dangerous to not defecate for days on end

bump for interest actually though
I haven't pooped for 4 days now, and have been eating a bowl of spaghetti every day.
Gotta load up on Parmesan if you want those extra no-poo gains.

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Anyone seen those H&M "premium quality" chelseas? Are they any good?

Also, what about teh ALDO chelseas? They look noice on the website...
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cop or not?
they are real leather
$76 shipped

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I epilate err week

anything else is unacceptable.
a trimmed-short landing strip is okay.
oh, and at least 1-2 times a month

On /fit/ theres mire threads so I thought effay could use one
I got one story from a while back
>Walking through soho at night
>Wearing a super simple meme fit that this board would bash
>Issue label coach jacket
>Plain white tee underneath
>Black super skinny Levi's 511 with blown out knees
>Doc martens 1460s black
>Maroon carhartt beanie
>qt blonde girl about 5'5 also walking in opposite direction in front of me
>Was wearing a basic bitch outfit uggs olive green fishtail leggings etc.
>Think she even had a Starbucks cup
>Even had the basic bitch Dutch braid and the heavy Kylie Jenner type makeup that makes me diamonds especially with those overdone lips
>also had a fat ass
>As we pass she smiles at me
>Think nothing of it, just normies being happy good for them
>She turns around and walks backwards while facing me
>Super loud and obnoxious but in a cute way yells "I love your style!" and winks and smiles before going back on her way

At the time I was kind of upset because people with shit taste liking my fits meant they were bad
>Pic related she kind of looked like that
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is that what you want us to say? No one cares lol go brag somewhere else
File: 1428683938574.jpg (22KB, 298x299px)Image search: [Google]
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Why would I brag somewhere else this is the perfect place to do it
No actually OP is a faggot for not getting her number right then and there and complimenting her back in an obviously flirtatious way.

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What hair products do I use to get this kind of hair texture?
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Another pic
here it looks like he hasn't showered in 2 weeks
Peculiar mixed race slav-oriental facial feature/10

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They're all laughing at me and my sherpa
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Fuck the cap, fuck the shirt under the jacket, fuck the shoes, fuck your facial hair.

Do all of these things and you're good.
this looks ok without your face and the hat
this looks shit buddy thats why they make fun of you. terrible shoes lose some fat and maybe try tucking the shirt in but aagain u might be too fat to pull this off

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