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sup faggots
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I love the cardigan

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>7/10 in mirrors
>4/10 in pictures
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We all experience that passport photos are the best for it
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the cry man.jpg
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>8/10 in photos
>5/10 in mirrors
who /badskin/ here?
nice trips

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>tfw dandruff
How do you guys deal with it?
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shampoo/conditioner designed to help with dry scalp, famalamadingdong
apple cider vinegar did the trick

shave your hair off and start anew OP
Head & Shoulders almost every day.

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Blank Face Chart.png
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Take the face chart and highlight the areas you think are acceptable or unacceptable for piercings, and rate other people's tastes. Green for acceptable, red for unacceptable, and blank for negotiable or undecided.
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Acceptable Piercings.png
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I really dislike dimple studs and nose rings.
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Never have I ever had to THIS this hard.

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what do you guys think about this?
also if not this one can you suggest what to buy for this winter?
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so any other opinions if not these one?
Vans mte.
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Recommend fa AND practical winter boots.

Hard mode: no ubiquitous tired ass duck boots

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crying pepe.jpg
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Is 27 too old to be effay?
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Yes. You'll look ridiculous in CDG Play and the latest memes.
You can be fashionable and handsome like a normal person though.
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It's too old to dress like a teenager if that's what you're asking.

memes aside, someone your age would be better off on r/mfa

you won't find any valuable advice on /fa/ eitherway.
Dressing like a fuccboi? Yes, but you should outgrow by the end of your teens and it isn't in any way "effay" either

As mentioned above, avoid meme clothing and you'll be fine

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What's /fa/ stance on 100 € polos ? Are they worth the price ?
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I'd personally rather spend that on a nice merino long sleeve polo than a branded one.
Just buy Ralph Lauren Polos, they fit very good and Bitches love it, especially when you are fit.
They cost 85€

What are /fa/ thoughts on pierced nipples? I kind of want to get mine pierced but I don't want people seeing me as trashy or a daddy issues girl.
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then why would you really want one?

>inb4 muh aesthetics
My ex gf has pierced nipples, she also has multiple mental disorders. Pierced nipples are p hot though.
It gives off a really beautiful and delicate look to me, plus there's something about the intimacy of showing them only to certain people, and of course I'd like to try the feel of them during sex.

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are you jealous that my girl friend is a model and you aren't?
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How does /fa/ afford their clothing?
I work in retail, slow money.
I'm trying to get ideas
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>poorfag who works in retail
Shit is real, and hungry's how I feel
I rob and steal because that money got that whip appeal
Since you ask such a question I think best solutions for you would be either start dealing drugs or prostitute your body to men

Why are all models 188cm ? Why can't they show how their clothes look on normal human beings ? I'm talking about the mainstream clothing lines. I'd like to know what your shit looks like on a 175cm human thank you
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Same reason you dont see the clothes on overweight people, they simply don't cater to that demographic.
Designers are gay men and select either the twinks they want to fuck or women that look like the twinks they want to fuck.

All the other explanations are bogus.
>dove's real beauty campaign
because idiots look at the models and then think if they buy the thing they'll look like them
its scientologicically proven everything looks better on good looking people so why on earth would you put it on an uggo with shit proportions
anecdotal rick owens penis model dude doesnt count

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What kinda coat is this? Like the name of it.
Will it keep me warm in frigid temperatures?
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Only really good for midsummer in the middle-east.
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that's not a trench coat
it's called a sherpa

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Posts effay bands and your favorite song

>pic related

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Whitney again.

faggot music. wtf is that faggot ass voice
File: 2016_Whitney_PR_120216.jpg (212KB, 956x634px)Image search: [Google]
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Forgot pic

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What did you "eat" today /fa/ggot?
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a pomegranate and half an avocado
scotch fillet and salad
no lunch or dinner
>that filename

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FullSizeRender 44.jpg
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Do I need braces or I'm ok without them? Are my teeth straight?
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Your teeth are straight, but seek whitening products immediately.
Will they fuck my enamel up?
no dont be a pussi

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