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Who wore it better, fa?
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the one with the tattoo
Beard man did
the guy wiith the grey t

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Since when do they sell vans at Walmart
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Fake and gay
lmao broke americans pay 40$ for their vans, in scandinavia 120$ lmaooo

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What's the verdict on this, /fa/?
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The nasal equivalent of having close cropped brightly dyed hair
''I am an filthy animal and deserve to be treated like one.''
are you a cow?

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Is he effay?
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>clicked a link to this guy
>expecting to cringe any second now
>actually enjoy his shit unironically
>I now prefer watching a skinny neet in an oversized suit eat pizza to netflix
love his hair
I can see him wondering Fallout wasteland doing reviews on every radioactive piece of pre-war junk food as well as local fast-food like that Iguana Bob bits.

what core is this? and do I into it?
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Last Thread: >>11903520

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

Model Diet Manual:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"
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thinspo progress.png
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So do caffeine pills work

Too much of a pussy to go full ECA stack
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SLP has released their collection for this season. The men's collection was made by Hedi's team, apparently, and not Vaccarello. What does /fa/ think?
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rocky horror picture show shit. AKA literally drag halloween inspired shit. "retro-punk" in full swing
Looks like a H&M x SLP collab.

The shark and dino are so embarrassing. Shit looks like something someone the Big Bang Theory would wear in 2010
That second part is quite a bold claim, don't you think?

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I'm a ~gril~ and I love it when guys give into feminine trends like kakens, nosepiercings, TNA sweaters (only spotted this once), and nailpolish. Please do these things, they're so hot.
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k we won't so that we don't automatically alienate so many fucking girls and please literally only you

also you're probably not even worth impressing anyway
Low est bitch detected
I'm a female and feminine men sexually repulse me

they may make good friends though

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Why are these the best tights ever?
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because they're on her
weeb shit
they're aight

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Essential Down Jackets?
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That's the only one you'll ever need
wow wtc??

it's supreme you pleb

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which hat would be best for a fit tall white male going to the coast

threw my ralph lauren cap in the bin since every cunt started wearing them
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you mean your polo ralph lauren cap your poorfag
definitely not one of them
why not

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Yo fat what's the best way to whiten teeth other than bleach and semen?
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Overly white teeth are just as bad as yellow teeth.
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misaki kamiigusa.jpg
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if you're worried about your teeth being unhealthy then think of it much like urine, you don't want clear urine, you want a lemonade-ish tint, in the same way whiteness isn't a sign of healthy teeth, slightly yellow teeth are the healthiest and hardest

that being said this is /fa/ and i assume it's for aesthetics, in which case brushing twice a day as opposed to once will is the only way i can think of that'll make them whiter, it won't make them white though, just a little whiter, everything else is just super bad for your teeth, do at your own discretion

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anyone else starting to find fashion too much effort and just want to go /rafcore/?
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im with you bro
the uniform of creatives--raf's all-purpose all-black outfits, steve jobs's dad jeans and sweater, mark cuckerburg's grey hoodie--exists so that these folks have less to think about during their day and so that they can focus all of their energy on their projects.

are you heading a multinational corporation? are you a genius who is constantly busy? at the very least, do you work like three jobs and are out of the house for 17 hours 7 days a week?

if you answered yes to any of these, a personal uniform might be the practical solution for you. if you answered "no" to each question, you have the time and energy to put together an outfit.
for me it's more of a thing of extra time. See, the time I spent browsing fashion forums or blogs, shopping online, looking up inspiration, finding inspo and putting together and outfit takes maybe 5 hours out of my week. I think about what I could accomplish with an extra 5 hours if I adopted a uniform

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I'm starting a trend.
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wow you tried really hard at that meme didnt ya
kek'd against my will

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>tfw you'll never get to go to a comfy Ivy League college
>tfw you'll never get to join an exclusive fraternity and make life long bonds with your brothers
>tfw you'll never have a deep sense of school pride
>tfw you'll never get to experience autumn in a New England town with your effay qt gf

Life is suffering
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this is the most normie shit ever
yeah living in a third world country sucks
high school and college suck until you make enough money to move to a first world country and even then it sucks since you're shitskinned and nobody likes you
I bet op votes.

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