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Some manly hairstyles that don't involve shaved lines or whatever that some of the urban youth do? Something mature looking that doesn't say "I'm 12 years old SWAGSWAGSWAG".

Dark hair and thin/tall, have a largish nose (not gonzo but you get the idea) so some of these wafty looking styles would only serve to make me look like a fucking p-51.

Pic unrelated.
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That's what I usually do, but I don't know how to get the right look. It just goes flat.

I'm a pleb and don't know shit about hair products, etc.

Blow-dry your hair on low temperature while combing a small amount of product through it. Then touch up with a little pomade if necessary. Some guys just can't pull off this look though, on some people it appears greasy.

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So today i was going to get my septum pierced. I had the money in my pocket and food in my stomach.

But when i got to the piercing shop i just couldnt walk in, i stood outside for 30 minutes before going back home. The only other piercings i have are my two lobes and a nipple that had since fallen out and healed. What can i do? I'm planning to go back tomorrow if i can pluck up the nerve. I'm not normally like this and i know i want it done, i have done for 3 years. Any help or suggestions?
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im beta as fuck: the post
You know you don't need piercings to be a gayboi, right? I mean they probably just make you less pretty.
you clearly DONT know that you want it done, which is why you didnt get it done.

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post your mullet inspo
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best one
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File: billkelliher3.jpg (121KB, 333x500px)Image search: [Google]
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Haha :)
Thank u :^)

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>tfw your 10 year old female students in the 3rd world shithole u instruct english in as a 29 year old ESL teacher are almost as tall as you

anyone else know this feel??
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No, because I'm not a midget
An Afro is not a custome
Shut up, nigger

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2016-10-31 11.04.56.jpg
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I like wearing those small business promotional t-shirts to the gym.
The ones with local plumbing, gardening, moving services etc. like pic.
Yah I know they're usually free, but I'm willing to pay if I find some I like.
Any websites the sell those?
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Shitty Brand.jpg
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Best bet is your local thriftstore. A few brands do spin-offs but they are easily 100+
File: 2016-10-31 11.42.03.jpg (428KB, 2148x1982px)Image search: [Google]
2016-10-31 11.42.03.jpg
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Tried thrift stores, most are used.
I buy button downs, jackets and so on from there, but used t-shirts are kinda sketchy and yucky.
Just copped pic yesterday.
File: 2016-10-31 14.19.26.jpg (145KB, 1192x1448px)Image search: [Google]
2016-10-31 14.19.26.jpg
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Bumping with another example

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I hear /fa/ hates palladiums. why is that? i wanted a pair for the past years and now that i got them. i find out that people hate them so now im self conscious about wearing them.
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i dont know ive missed the whole palladium meme
One of my buds owns a pair. He says they're comfy as fuck but didn't last too long before having them repaired.
I like them, I wear them, I own two pairs.

They are comfy as fuck.
Fuck the /fa/ haters and their memefashion

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Anybody here work as a sales associate at a luxury store?

Currently a senior in HS and will hopefully be going to uni in NYC next year. Eventually I'd like to work at a place like DSM as a side job, but obviously I need to built up experience first (only ever had food industry jobs unfortunately). Curious as to what the paths people took to those positions / if they'd recommend. Thanks /fa/!
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>tfw want to work at one of these stores
>have no experience
Start at shit tier retail, move to banana republic/jcrew, move to nordstrom, move to the store of your choice
It's hard to get a job in London but in trying Tbh. What stores would you want to work in if you could.

what do you do if a middle aged or elderly woman asks to read your shirt?
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Fuck you nigga, suwoop
>inb4 cringe
i used to wear this hoodie ironically
and old ladies used to come up to me and tell me how nice it was to see young Christians out and proud
i think thats a pretty dope hoodie

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Cop or not?
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There's already a cop or not thread, faggot. Delete this.

i never understood cop or not questions
we dont have ANY information about you at all whatsoever and all thats there to work with is a single picture in one angle

if youre so unsure that you have to ask no
it shows you dont trust your judgement
People on the verge of dropping some cash on something they think they might only be infatuated with want a second opinion and a generic one at that.
posting your life story might get comments like 'fat piece of shit' and nobody wants to post themselves.

I agree I don't understand either but I don't understand anything at all ever.

who sells a nice relatively plain baseball cap?
dont really care about price but nothing absurd.

>flatbilling faggots pls go
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ebbets field
zephyr blanks are my go to. really nice fit and they don't get all linty
>he doesnt grow his own crops, produce his own silk, and make his own clothing out of scratch


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Hey /fa/, what is this style of jacket called?
What are some good brands/where to cop.
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damn, how does cara even compete with her
it's a coach jacket and kys lurk more
with that material? i don't think so

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Are these autism shoes, faggot friend is making me regret buying them. I plan wearing them casual with grey pants most of the time
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Yes they are, but they are a popular adidas shoe so girls and sneakerheads will compliment you
wearing them as you described would be horrible but with the right outfit these are fine
do they resell well?

I'd cop to make a quick buck if I could.

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Hey /fa

I'm looking for a backpack/dufflebag that allows for the following:

A) Gym clothing (including shoes)

B) Holds a laptop securely

C) Accessories (notebook, tablet, chargers, etc...)

D) Is water-proof

E) Doesn't look like absolutely shit

F) Isn't crazy fucking expensive

Any recommendations? I can't find any good ones on Amazon...
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>falling for the waterproof backpack meme
a-e are easy to find
f is impossible
you're gonna pay 400+ if you want everything on that list, man
What kind of bags would you recommend, price not being a factor?

Alcowave inspo thread
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I wonder if this guy has ever been ice skating
real alcoholics don't think about what to dress in, they just put on their clothes and drink.
File: 1460028727728.jpg (107KB, 470x892px)Image search: [Google]
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Remember: alcowave is all about posture and limb æsthetics
shut up you fucking moron

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