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Is Roofcore the future?
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nah boilercore
Ive always wondered if roof was actually trying to be fashionable or if his fits just happened to work in a kind of ironic way.
is he alive?

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Post yer inspo
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Well, /fa/?
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the little girl from stranger things
its simple and everyone knows it
be an hero
this IS that girl

i-isn't it?

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Post your costume
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So cute would date
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im grass
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spook suit.jpg
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I'm gonna spook around

Is it possible to be effay AND masculine? I want to attract girls but also be effay, it seems like /fa/ tends to bend towards androgyny.
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Yes, it is possible. In fact, the most effay people are masculine.
Your question is essentially a yes or no question, pointless to make a thread out of it.
Of course you can.
effay = androgynous hipster weeaboo

Fashionable and masculine yes, effay and masculine, no.

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Basically I live in the U.S and bump around to grime. Hardly anyone knows what it is...
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thank you for making a thread that has nothing to do with fashion and everything to do with your need for attention for discovering a genre that most people in the u.s. heard and summarily dismissed and shite three years ago.

go back to /mu/, or actually, just go back to middle school, where a topic like this belongs.
Didn't read.
this is the only /fa/ grime tune
also should be noted, american grime is possibly the least /fa/ thing

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Post some hoodies for the fall weather. Also I'm looking for a light pink hoodie. The non streetwear way to long kind. Thanks!
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something close.jpg
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> trying to /fa/ when I'm a leaf that doesn't live in Toronto or Vancouver

What the fuck do I do
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edmonton Haven closed so you're gonna have to go mailorder
Taylor Lautner god-tier y/n?
manlet tier

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What do you guys carry and why?

Also rate thread. Lets give eachother advice on how we can improve our setups
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>carrying a gun

I love these threads. This place is a joke
What makes you say that? It's long standing Constitutional law that the police are under no obligation to protect the public at large and even if they were, the reactionary nature of law enforcement means that they'll almost always arrive after the crime has occurred.

Do you knock wearing a seatbelt? having smoke detectors? Knowing CPR and the Heimlich maneuver? Carrying a gun isn't much different-it's a piece of equipment to improve ones odds of making it through an encounter with a criminal with minimal risk of harm to the victim.
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>muh 2nd amendement
You do realize that it's teh current year and not the 18th century, when Murrica didn't have a federal army.
Also, teh Constitution is not written in stone, it's changeable. The word Amendment itself signifies that it added and changed.
Interesting fact, the 13th Amendment of your Constitution makes slavery legal as punishment for crime. And USA while being 5% of world population houses 25% of entire world prison population.

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Do any of you sow? Is it hard to learn?
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it seems like some people never figure it out and those who do have a lot of practice
my sister is a seagull, and she learned how to sew by doing it. she's 10 years in right now and is quite good...took a lot of work though
No it's not hard to learn
Just learn how to thread, change the needle etc.
Press the setting you want (find out which by googling or look at the seems of your clothes)
Run the fabric through the machine
Its not hard. I learned how to take in my jeans back when I thirfted and dressed like a punk. I started by using my hands then I proceeded to use the machine once my grandma saw I wasn't fucking around anymore. Got to the point where I was able to sow zippers on the inside of my pants to allow my foot in for maximum tightness lol.

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What would be a modern equivalent of this
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You could literally just put any one of these outfits on and it would be perfectly modern enough for practically any western country.
Also its from a series called peaky blinderss highly recommend it

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>He doesn't know how to dance

Dancing well is one of the most effay things ever
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i would refer you to this video

Okay, how do I learn to dance well?

The congoid in the gif does not know how to dance.

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Is this palewave?
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Nigga look gay as hell with those contacts

poop eyes pls
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Post your dyed/bleached hair or inspo.
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I have long as fuck hair and I want to dye it black

is this too edgy and/or homosexual or can it be made to work

>goth rock
>dark/new/minimal/cold wave
Can we make this a general? Last thread >>11907158
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