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where should i go for fashion advice if 4chan shuts down?
preferably a place with frequent c/n threads
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She was just kidding you tard. But go on
those are the only other good chans
>not including musikchan
listen m8. everyone will hate me for saying this, but maybe you could go to reddit. not ALL of it is cancer, and there are subs dedicated to fashion and shit.

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What about streetwear that /fa/ doesn't like about it? Is it the people that associate themselves with streetwear? Is it the brands?
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/fa/ stands for Fashion. When someone thinks of fashion, avant garde fashion pops up in their mind -- not H&M/Uniqlo fits that you see on WAYWT threads.
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Because street wear is actually wearable for teenagers and young adults. Most people on /fa/ are just the typical autists that are found on the other boards. The difference is that these autists want to put money into looking like morons.
Streetwear is based around obnoxiously large, visible, or cache branding, which has, since Helmut Lang in the mid '90's, become the antithesis of designer fashion. Heavy branding is now seen as a mark of poor people buying into a name rather than the design or quality of construction. Labels like Supreme rely on the box logo to sell products to consumers who become walking adverts just to try and show off how much disposable income they have. It's all very silly.

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>all these ann d's but nobody to succ your d
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All this Rick but i'm still on my Owens
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didnt come here for this feel

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Buddhism is the most fa religion
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animism is
What about Zoroastrianism? *tips fedora*
Man look at that chest. Imagine how much benching it took?
Now what about suicide bombers? How can they spend all those hours in gym and then just end it all?

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ill start: adidas futurecraft mfg
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Flyknit type shoes look fuckboyish/mfa tier. And i don't care if they are Yeezy. Especially if they are Yeezy
roshe ones are the only flyknits i can stomach

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does the down vest look good here?
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yo dude are you wearing a sherpa?
f no
it's too long

Can i get some aesthetic jackets here? Pic semirelated, i don't have any really nice pics myself
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Souvenir jacket not bomber

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dickies pants..jpg
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Ok /fa/, this is something I'm getting pissed about.

So as you know, dickies look very nice rolled up
>call it /skatecore/ or whatever. (Pic related)

So I have tried the dickies classic 874 and dickies 873 slim fit (which is usually recommended).

I cannot goddamn roll any form of dickies up and have them look nice like pic related. I mean, maybe its me, but everytime I try they always look blocky and shitty. HOW THE FUCK DO I GET PIC RELATED?
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You might have a wider cut pant leg.
The angle of the photo you provided is flattering and staged to look good.
You might not be tall enough to wear dickies.
>>11908809 Explain with a pic of yourself

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Are Skechers fa?
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only if you wear them ironically
No, you punk ass white boy. This guy in the pic is vaguely attractive a model and is black. You're a gangly, pasty, little fag trying to play dress up. It won't work for you. Fuck off.

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lightning necklace.png
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What's the most /fa/ necklace for men?
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Simple cross.
funny that you ask, I've been considering a wooden crucifix on a leather lace for a while now.

Go for a halfmoon or a fat bald dude or a swastika depending on your beliefs.
my problem is I'm not religious. i like the idea of a cross but I would feel kinda weird wearing it

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are artificially manufactured fibers effay?
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My body is ready.
are slutty renditions effay?

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how does /fa/ feel about supreme? I feel like reception is mixed, from hate to love. It's funny seeing t shirts re-sell on grailed for acouple hundred bucks.
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Decent brand
Lots of shitty underage fans ruining it
Never worth resale, dumb kids want to looks like rappers.
their older editorials even going back a few years ago are so fucking sick
Falls victim to Stone Island Syndrome: The people who wear it are ruining the image of the brand.

I think most of it is overhyped bullshit that people buy just because of the logo, but whatever floats your boat.

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I was at a concert last night (lil yachty). Tons of underage basic white girls were there and they all were wearing white adidas shoes. It looks like white Adidas +black leggings + Flanel wrapped around the waist + dad hats are going to be the look for a little while.

I don't frequent /fa/ often but I figured that you all would know best. What is the go to brand for streetwear now?
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Picture mildly related.
streetwear is not fashion
Whatever dude, keep rockin your columbine X robert smith originals while I fuck your bitch in a pair of sketchers.

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Ima part of the Americana heritage workwear scene, I'll admit it
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What brands do you wear usually?
Looks really good dude, nice
Looks comfy, OP.

Who is the most effay artist and why is it Jason Seife?
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you spelt elias bender ronnenfelt wrong
File: Antony-Micallef-Self-1a.jpg (1MB, 1315x1587px)Image search: [Google]
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I vote Antony Micallef
you're joking right?
>take somebody else's carpet
>paint it like a human copying machine
>anyone finding that impressive or admirable except easily impressionable fuckboys with no taste

he dresses like a tool

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