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Any tips on hiding extra chins and staying /fa/?
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Eat less
Don't just accept being fat, it's not socially acceptable.
Hit the gym and turn those pounds into muscle.

What do you like to do? I like to get drunk with some friends in my house or go to a restaurant with the same squad, also play rugby on weekends or buy a book for the weak, what about you? Also what would you like to do but you can't.
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Hang out one on one or close to it with a friend for hours and hours on end.

Sit and home and chill out reading, researching, creating, daydreaming.

Go on long bike rides to places I'm not familiar with.

Intense dance parties.
Do drugs by myself
Do drugs with friends, go to music stores with said friends and chill while looking around. Just hanging out with people you're literally as comfortable with as people can be seems rather /fa/ if you ask me

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/sp/ here.

Can I get an expert opinion on this?
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why do you watch niggers niggering?
are you a cuck or somethin?

Is Sean Kelly /fa/?

his ig: killseankelly

dumping some of his fits.
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gtfo sean kelly i kno ur the one posting this shit

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Where can I acquire a wig like this?

Or rather, where can I have one personally made?

(I'm being completely serious)
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They are pricey, why not make it?
Current Discount code: coiffure

She may take commissions, idk but her readymade wigs run ~300USD
I have no idea why you want this OP but i support this 100% kek
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I can get behind this

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ITT: Effay wallpapers
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1MB, 1080x1920px

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Planning to get some timberlands however most of my pants are slim/skinny. Would wearing them look weird with my outfit?
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Considering you felt the need to ask such a question, yes you'll probably look weird. However, the pants won't be the problem..
Then what's the problem
Your lack of confidence.

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Hey /fa/

What backpacks do you wear?
Pic related just died on me, I need something to replace it.

>inb4 messenger bags - i need equal load on my back
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I have this Givenchy one. It's cool but I wouldn't say it's worth the money
I also have that same bag.
It's pretty great
next step up financially (for the same style of bag) is Drifter or Topo Designs
their bags are american made with sturdier fabric and comfier shoulder straps =)

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What do you think of these boots?
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redundant ornaments, it just looks bad
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what about these?
Go kill yourself

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Post your Rooms or (if you are a poorfag like me) post pictures of good looking rooms.

Also feel free to ask and answer any interior design related advice.
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I'm installing a shelf in my room later this week so I can clear up some space on my bookshelf. Wanna put a pot plan or two on this thing as well - suggestions? Pls no succulents
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> drip filter coffee
> stupid shit on the walls
> ikea pos table
> uncomfy wooden chair
> imac

Nothing about this is good.

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Is techwear dead?
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it was never really alive anywhere except online. Ive never seen a techwear fit in the real world
It's getting way overdone with all of the straps, masks and shit, almost cosplay, but the silhouettes are cool. Shoes are the best part.
Society hasn't evolved to the point where techwear would be cool

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How would you dress this human being.
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Can't he dress himself?
>shave everything but stubble
>lose the Dreamworks face
>earthtones tshirt and chinos
>white loafers

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What happened to /lunarcore/ generals?
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>be me
>shitposting on effay
>make up a random garbage whatever "core"
>mfw these dogs eat it up
>m-muh lunarcore
it's dead son
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summer happened.
palladiums happened.
poor people happened.

pic is g star raw research by aitor throup, released later this month. good pieces in there.

check UEG too

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Is smoking weed /fa/?
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No, but it isn't un-effay if you shut the fuck up about it
in the privacy of your own home, yeah
In the paranoid privacy of your room, even then no, because it stink up your surrounding.

Weed is cancer. That smell triggers me and makes me wanna puke. The only acceptable THC is edible.

Stoners are pitiful losers.

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Are skinny jeans on men still effay?
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It will always be, only fatties will disagree.

skinny yes leggings no
Depends on the aesthetic. Ugly majority of the time, to me at least.

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