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A thread for cute handmade pieces.
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Last thread reached image cap and fell to archives. Goodnight sweet prince thread.

This thread is for ouji and aristocrat discussion.

Look up buttcape's "Ouji Overview" before asking any questions here.

Google "elegant gothic aristocrat" before asking any questions here.

Read the whole thread before asking any questions here.

Post coords, questions, tips, inspo, etc. OC and selfposts encouraged! Picspam discouraged, we've seen most of it by now.

QUESTION: Considering boystyle garments are mostly pure black sweat traps, how do you coord for outdoor summer meets?
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I'm trying to start up an aristocrat wardrobe but I have no idea what I should invest in first. Any suggestions? I figured I could get away with a well tailored dress pant and a locally purchases button up for now. Should I get a vest or a jacket as my big ticket item?
that's not a bad idea. for aristo i would try to get a jacket or coat first, then a blouse. these tend to have the littlest in common with normalfag fashion.
casual summery bump

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Have we found THE Rose Quartz wig, gulls?
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put it on someone who isn't ugly and we'll be golden.
I like the wig a lot, but I think the makeup is lacking. I feel like Rose needs big, dramatic lashes and pink lips to be Rose. Blush would be good too. Her appearance and personality is large and dramatic and stunning, makeup included.
I really don't like all the little tendril-y curls. Having some smaller curls in the back/on the top might be fine, but I think it looks really gross when pushed to the front. Especially since Rose Quartz typically only has two big ol' sausage curls over her shoulders like that.

old thread >>8663168
rerelease thread so this one isn't clogged with HL >>8666442
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Re posting due to old thread dying quickly after posted.
I got my LolitaDesu lucky pack order in today. I'm a bit mixed on it, these are the first lolita items I've ever had. I'm a bit mixed because of the amount of items-I ordered the extra large size which is over 300 dollars and says "contains 5-11 items" I received 7- three of those being headbows and one being a low quality off brand tote bag. I'm pretty happy with the items themselves, especially the blouse I got.
Overall I got three headbows, one blouse, one skirt, one JSK, and a bag thing. I also ordered some OTKs for 10 dollars. Sorry for potato picture.
thansk for the mini review and pic, anon! do you remember what your parameters were?
I mostly just asked for navy blue items that weren't OTT sweet, I mainly asked for larger second hand items.

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Last one autosaged. It got good. Any other comms harboring any spiteful, angry feelings they'd like to get out?
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Are there any gulls in the Louisville/Lexington area? If so, are you part of the Kentucky Lolita Society? Just curious.
Can anyone in the Ohio comm tell me how that Harry Potter meet went? I couldn't go but I saw the pics and holy shit there were so many people.
It was super crowded, the hostesses said they weren't expecting so many people to come. A lot of people showed up late and the movie didn't get stared until about 5:30-6 because people were still arriving and eating. I had a lot of fun, but there were way too many people in such a small building.

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Picking up from the last UK thread, particularly about Tabitha Lyons’ Patreon, speaking as somebody who used to be friends with her. I’m not going to get too personal with Tabs but I think people deserve to hear some home truths about her.

There was a lot of discussion in that thread about Tabs’ business nous and also, once again, her qualifications for judging cosplay comps. As far as judging’s concerned, some of the commenters are spot-on. She doesn’t make her own costumes from start to end and is open about that nowadays (she used to be more elusive about it but she’s more honest now). She does know what a good costume looks like though and it’s undeniable that she’s got a massive presence on Facebook, Twitter, Twitch etc. She’s got a lot of experience judging now, so for con organisers, she ticks all the boxes. She’ll pull in the punters and make them money and that’s all that counts ultimately.

As for the Patreon thing, I’ve no doubt that Tabs will get a fair bit of support, it’s not going to be a total bust. You can criticise her milestones etc. but she’ll work that out over time. She’s new to this thing, probably only going on what Andrew Dobell has to tell her. In fact, I bet her Patreon account was his idea in the first place.
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Only Tabitha care about Tabitha.
Opening poster here again.

What people need to understand is that Tabs is all about the cold, hard cash nowadays. Didn’t used to be the case, she used to have an active deviantART account and interact much more with her fans but the Artyfakes and Tabitha Lyons brands have gained momentum since then, and I think Tabs is now where she’s wanted to be for the past 3 years. Any pretence of her being an artist has been left in the dust. Tabitha Lyons has a big group of friends in cosplay circles and no enemies of note but otherwise, she’s only interested in people who can make her money. I’ve heard a lot about people meeting her at cons and she’s really nice to them but has no interest in talking to them afterwards unless they throw a few Likes her way. She never used to charge for con appearances but she does now. The sad thing is that Tabs used to have a big bunch of friends in our neck of the woods in Norwich but she’s brushed them all aside now in the name of business. Hell, she even ditched her boyfriend Chris because he got himself a full-time job and couldn’t use his own business to promote her.

Tabs isn’t a bad person by any stretch, in fact she’s very insecure, and I don’t hold her success against her. She has, however, developed into a canny and astute businesswoman and that’s all she cares about nowadays. Good luck to her and all that, and it’s pointless moaning about her, she’s not going away from judging comps.
Thanks for your insight anon, what you've said makes alot of sense, I've never really got from her that she cosplays for fun or as a hobbie.

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Just a quick question about what's going on. I'm late to the party and want to know, why it's a thing now. Why is putting darker make up on racist all of a sudden?
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Why the fuck are people killing legitimate threads with all this bullshit lately?
For starters it never looks good. The white girls "Vivienne make up test" is some of the worst makeup I've ever seen, regardless of how you feel about her doing it politically. She didn't make herself look anything like Vivienne, she just globbed dark makeup on.

When you try to change your race with your makeup, one of two things happens:

1) Like the girl above, you think [black character's look] is nothing but their skin tone. You don't have do anything like contorting or duplicating their eye makeup or lip tone, cause black people are just a skin tone. Heck, don't even duplicate the exact tone, just be dark.

2) So let's say you go all out and start changing your whole face. You get a nose prosthetic and give the illusion of a new cheek and jaw structure. You get the color just right and look like a black person. Well you've now put on a bunch of features that people are getting mocked, harassed, assaulted and murdered over. And if you want to stop that treatment, all you have to do is shower.

Photographers in fashion have been known to paint their white models instead of getting black ones because they get to have contrast without having to have "ugly" black features in their shoot.

When people argue that this kind of cosplay is okay, they generally say stuff like "stop complaining you dumb n*****s" which directly translates to "we want to look like you (temporarily, for fun) without having to respect you."

Not included in the people I'm criticizing: Cosplayers who get a tan or put on some bronzer. There's nothing wrong with going out in the natural darkest shade your skin can get, and people who get up in arms about it are stupid.
its always been racist

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>New episode means more lazy Peridots who don't want to make the limbs
>Any solid Sardonyx cosplays yet?
>What SU cosplay plans do you guys have?
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continuing peridot dump from instagram
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Who is up for the Holy Lantern Bloodbath v2.0
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i am so tired of hearing about this print shut up
So was I. Then i saw the pink special set. I dont even do pink but my body and bank account are ready.

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>helpful phrases
>travel tips
>places to go
>any other sort of advice
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also "kureditto kaado de katte mo ii desuka?" (can i pay with a credit card) is vital.
Yes, also keep in mind: "karada de haratte mo ii desu ka?" (Can I pay with cheque). If they agree, follow the clerk into the back; that's where they keep the cheque scammers.

>can I pay with my body?


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Took photo from the last thread, which is now in auto sage hell.
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Steven Pooniverse
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>you can buy this for just $70 plus shipping
I threw up in my mouth a little.

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What are some of the worst stories that you have for conventions? Figured I'd start one since I just had one today

>crowd into an elevator at hotel
>door closes
>guy next to me says "I'm going to let you all know now that I have a knife and none of you are leaving alive"
>heart skipped a few beats as I jump back in terror
>obviously he was joking otherwise I wouldn't be alive

I mean fuck he wasn't even cosplaying and he generally looked a bit creepy too.
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>Everyone in the elevator takes him down
>Restrain him until police arrive
>Problem solved

Oh the horror!
Nobody wants to be the one person that gets stabbed.
>it's on like donkey kong
>bust out my own knife
>let's do this
I work in a warehouse so I always have a knife out of habit. It's a practical tool to have too.

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It's time for a fap thread
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Can't seem to find the last one posted.

(pic slightly related. Because wtf are the brows)
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Old thread has saged.

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Both of those choices look like shit and are way too expensive for how shitty they look. If you want your Homura wig to look good, you're going to have to do a little work on it.

For a similar price and a better wig all around



Just trim the bangs and cut the u-shape into the back. Don't be lazy with this.

you know nothing if you say Ayanamisatoru carries shitty wigs. They are better than Arda when it comes to wigs. Soft and non-shiny and no need to have a huge head for them.

I would say to just get a straight wig in the correct color for it though, and cut it yourself. It's not a hard style to cut, and in the end it would look better.
Does anyone know where I can find a nice Yuno wig? 90% of the Yuno wigs I see people wearing looks like its trying to fly off their head. I've been thinking about buying this wig from Uniqso but I'm not sure of the quality of their wigs.

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