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Old one is in autosage.
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Has anybody seen an apron with a back like this in real life? The top strip is really throwing me off, and I'm not sure how to interpret it because of the simplistic style of the games and it looks so stupid as just a plain strip across.
Can anyone help my find the panties on the right?

The closest I've got was "open side panties" on ebay, but they don't have the bottom part, over the legs

(thanks to who sent me to this thread)
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Reposting, since the last thread ended pretty quick after my post.

Does anyone know where the pic related Kikuchi Makoto outfit (from [email protected]) is from? I know I've seen that dress before somewhere, but I can't seem to find it.

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Let's post qt cosplayers. Qt men are welcome too.
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self post? Vendetta? nothing is cute about her really but that store bought Jinx cosplay is nice.
>Disgusting glasses
>Mouth and face is warped for no reason
>Skin isn't pale enough
Don't even make me start on the hair

Made me respond gj op
looks good to me

Does /cgl/ have any stories about how actors feel about cons ?
Pic related seems to dislike the experience and to be almost annoyed by fans.
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David Hewlett fuckin' LOVES it. He was one of the nicest guys I've ever met, period, let alone actor.

>He's also good friends with everyone he worked with on Stargate: Atlantis except Momoa. Figures.

Actors who love their jobs/acting are usually the ones who also love being around fans.
I have a feeling it would depend on their fanbase. There's always those poor people who have the worst fanbases and probably don't enjoy how their fans act or the weird shit they do.

I can imagine that's a partial reason why Moot never really went to cons, lel. But I don't know much about his reasons.
Yes, I've been meaning to share this story on here and keep forgetting!

>selling at my booth
>fucking BRUCE CAMPBELL comes walking up
>likes my shop name, says my stuff looks good
>his handlers are chasing behind him
>"Mr. Campbell, sir, please get back to your booth"
>Bruce laughs, won't go back
>sees and Arrow cosplayer
>"Get a load of this guy. Sir, you look great."
>Arrow cosplayer is sweating, stuttering telling Bruce how much he loves him
>handlers still trying to get him back to his booth
>Bruce wants a selfie
>handlers trying not to be assholes but pictures with Bruce are supposed to cost money
>Bruce don't give a fuck, thinks all this fussing over him is dumb
>takes selfie with Arrow guy
>sees the MichelinMan and runs after him
>handler chase him down

I thought Bruce Campbell would be a cocky asshole but he thinks the fans at cons are the coolest people and he's there to see them and not the other way around

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Why do people take part in cosplaying to Walmart/Whole Foods?
>Have you ever done it?
>What are your thoughts on it?
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>>8661191 cringe
That's usually done by prepubescent cringelords who have nothing better to do

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new Larp thread, standard procedure
previous one
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does it werk?

I'd like to go fairy hunting some times.
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I am sad, larpfolks. I think someone took one of my clogs at the last educational demo we did.

I will be strong though, and give an update on my ACL/BotN kit, as funded by ya'll. I actually got someone to take photos of me in the Cock and Swallow colors and they should send them soon!

*CnS surcote is fit and done
* shield needs the birds and mottos added, the paint sealed, and to be strapped
*just got my new mace!
*new gauntlet fingers ready to be mounted to gaunts
Yup. You can see the plate and springs

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Tell me about con love, /cgl/. I want to live vicariously through your stories.
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A myth. An urban legend. A meme.
I met my boyfriend of a year and a half at a con. I really love him but it's a little embarrassing when people ask how we met

Most the boys I've met at cons aren't dating material so be careful though.
The closest I got to con love was when a girl invited me into her hotel room and we made out. Since I was being beta as fuck, we talked a lot and at some point, one of her friends returned to the room and after a bit of talking, I discovered they were both in High School. After that, I made some awkward excuses then sheepishly left. One of the most shameful moments of my life.. since they also thought I was in HS.

How did she even get a hotel room? I thought you had to be at least 18 to even book a room; I remember when I went to a con when I was 15 or so and I had to hobo it up with a group of friends. But yeah, after that, I decided cons were for making friends only. I wasn't that much older than her(I just turned 19, she was either a Sophomore or Junior in HS)

Asians, not even once. You can't tell who's a 25 year old who looks 15 and who is a 15 year old who looks 25.

Don't date at cons dudes, just find true love elsewhere then bring your gf to cons. It may be rude to ask a lady her age, but you could fuck up pretty badly.

Are there any companies or seamstresses who offer chemise a la reine dresses? I've searched for years and years but all I can find are people who are making their own and don't do commissions.

also historical fashion (+costume) general
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I know I've seen historical dress commissions on cosplay.com before, or at least open commissions from people who have made historical dresses. You may have some luck there.
What is the 'average' prices to be expected for undergarments and reproduction clothing and things? ex. chemise, stays etc. Because on all the sites I've seen them sold on, a chemise is like $200 and stays are $400-600.
>pic related 1868 evening dress to contriboot thread a bit
File: 29_1.gif (71KB, 267x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is sort of historical-fashion related, a little lolita-related - There was a Japanese (maybe Korean?) brand that did semi-lolita, semi-natural-kei vibe that I LOVED called Moon Berry, but I can't find anything about them online anymore? Pic related is my favorite complete outfit by them. I really dig the prairie-Anne-of-Green-Gables vibe goin on. I know it's a long shot, but anyone know this brand or what happened to them? I adore this style and would love to find and wear it more often...

What Texas conventions do you plan to attend for 2015-2016. Which have you enjoyed most and why? Which conventions are you avoiding going forward? What are your Texas convention cosplay plans?
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>which to avoid

Onicon. How is it even still going?
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gundam it.jpg
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Planning to go to Anime Matsuri, Probably won't do a hotel there because I live about 40ish minutes away from the convention center, haven't thought much about other cons yet. Plans are to start working on my Gundam soon. Pep files are so confusing when not numbered..
>going to anime matsuri

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Are there any US colleges that have a high number of lolitas, or just weabs in general?
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My college shuts down anything that isn't the norm, that's for sure. It's usually like that at schools with higher numbers in Greek life. Been here for three years and haven't met anyone with similar interests besides a few girls wearing cat ears with SNK backpacks.
Why don't you pick a school that's good for whatever you're trying to major in instead of a place to sperg out with other weeaboos?
>> 8651648

Any art school ever. I'm a freshman in art school currently and almost everyone I've met is into anime or at least video games like Smash and Zelda.

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Let's get a hair removal thread going.

Discuss shaving, threading, tweezing, waxing, bleaching, and more.
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I got an italy towel and now I exfoliate my legs really well before shaving . it's worked wonders for irritation and ingrowns
Would you mind linking which one you bought?
How to do I get really nice eyebrows? I pluck a bit underneath, but mine never look as smooth arched as other girls. Should I be trimming them? I feel like the hairs themselves are quite long.

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Post pics of the absolute BEST cosplay you've ever seen/did! :)
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She nailed it with this one!
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th (1).jpg
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What's going on with her cleavage? Looks like it's melting plastic. And the wig looks message

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Old thread at reply limit >>8611677
What you buying/waiting on gulls?
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I've ordered the first two and am hoping their measurements are accurate(length wise), and am putting off buying the others so I don't get ali-regret if they all turn out crap. I really want to dress like a victorian children's book character this summer though.
I love it when people post their wishlists and big orders, let's get some ITT!

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NZ Thread! Auckland Armageddon isn't that far off now, and Overload was last week. What u thinking about?
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What do people think about the new Cosplay comp rules for Auckland? I can see a massive drop in entries with forms being due in three weeks before. Also I don't really understand the need to have judging the day before if they're capping the number of entries allowed? I think like doing one or the other would have been enough, doing both feels like overkill.
It sounded like the Wellington contest was very stressful behind the scenes so they have really doubled down for Auckland.
>What u thinking about?
Reika and WCS

There's an entire thread dedicated to SU, lets have one for other Western toons. I'd love to see some characters or character designs that aren't often cosplayed. Pic related, I've never seen another person do Lazy Susan from GF.
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Bumping with this, I think they did a pretty good job on Mabel's watermelon sweater outfit. The only thing is the stripes on the sweater are a bit too thick.
Stop bumping so quickly. This is a slow board.
Fair enough. Question though, why is it that SU is so popular to cosplay shit from, but all the other Western cartoons barely get any attention from cosplayers? Did all the Homestucks just grow up and miss painting themselves so they switched to the newest Flavor of the Month?

This is a thread for all you men out there who keep asking questions about getting started in lolita fashion.

Survey to get things started:

>How did you discover lolita?
>Why do you want to wear it?
>What kind of research have you already done?
>What aspect of lolita are you most confused or worried about?
>What's your height and shoulder/bust/waist measurements?
>What is your general hygeine/beauty routine like?
>How do you normally dress?
>What lolita substyle(s) most interest you?
>What is your planned budget for lolita?
>Post your favorite lolita picture and say something about it.

Intermediate/advanced male lolitas can answer the survey too.
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Bump because this thread has a lot of potential.

General tips if you care to pass:

1. Unless you can really do hair well, get a GOOD wig. The wig shouldn't be shiny and you will look more convincing if it's natural looking.

2. Learn how to do natural makeup. Drag makeup will highlight all your masculine features.

3. Groom your eyebrows. Don't make the arch too high or too filled in.

4. Cover your stubble. (Many suggest first use a pinkish concealer to conteract against the bluish shadow, set with setting powder. Then use your skin colored foundation on top and set with powder again.)

5. Put subtle blush (not too dark!) on top of your cheekbones to look cute. Dark blush under cheekbones will make your cheekbones stand out too much.
File: 8-3.jpg (331KB, 500x747px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>How did you discover lolita?
visual kei -> visual kei related websites -> doll dressup sites -> /cgl/ when looking for convention stories.

>Why do you want to wear it?
i love the look. i wanted to wear it as a teenager, but i was broke. then i butched up because i did not want to have people make assumptions about my sexuality. now i am becoming more confident, and feel like it is almost time to finally wear lolita.

>What kind of research have you already done?
all kinds. i have followed lolita for over a decade. i know maybe as much as anyone can know without ever wearing it. i am less familiar with print names or famous lolitas, due to lack of interest.

>What aspect of lolita are you most confused or worried about?
1. makeup and coording. this is something i will need feedback on, so when i am ready, i will be coming to help threads for specific advice.
2. i am still insecure. currently i am over-aware of SJW and anti-SJW stuff, and of creeper/sissy fears. i am more afraid of judgement in the lolita world than i am of judgement from outside it, which is the opposite of what i feared before. no matter what, i feel like if i wear lolita, i will be a walking target for various projections.

>What's your height and shoulder/bust/waist measurements?
height: 168cm
shoulders: 40cm across
bust: around 82cm
waist: 78-80 cm

>What is your general hygeine/beauty routine like?
korean skincare inspired. clean shaven, lazy haircut, not good at hair styling. i sometimes try primer, foundation, eyeliner, and eyeshadow.

>How do you normally dress?
business casual, goth, and i have worn ouji and aristocrat.

>What lolita substyle(s) most interest you?
gothic and guro.

>What is your planned budget for lolita?
$0, i am still building my boystyle wardrobe.

>Post your favorite lolita picture and say something about it.
i enjoy theatric, othetworldly gothic looks. i would be more at ease in an OTT gothic coord (that i could obscure my features with) than a regular one.
thanks for the tips.

>2. Learn how to do natural makeup. Drag makeup will highlight all your masculine features.
i guess i should be focusing on natural makeup more, even though my interest is in gothic. i will try to wear more natural looking makeup in casual settings to git gud.

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