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What's the most revealing cosplay you've done? Did you get cat-called or taken pictures of? What's your opinion on revealing cosplays? Pictures are nice too if you want.
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The most revealing i have ever done was Shuichi Shindou's concert outfit with the yellow jacket, crop top and short shorts. I didn't get cat called in that, but I was cat called in other, far less revealing outfits. Though I am male, so cat calling occurs far less frequently for me.
obvious fap bait thread is obvious
Yes, so we should stick to revealing male costumes, so that we remain on topic and not supply him with halfnaked pictures of us.

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What is the easiest of all cosplay?

it is so easy to do you can do it without spending even a single penny
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slave leia closet cosplay
Anything that is a literal closet cosplay.
A titan.

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Since the new NieR trailer was shown today lets have a thread for Drakengard
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I thought Cavia studios was dead
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Tyrann Kaine.jpg
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Anon this thread almost brought a tear to my eye. Hate to be that person that's already planning cosplay on a game that isn't even out yet, but here I am. I'm too stoked to wait honestly.

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Didn't see one up, it's time again to complain about whatever you want as long as it's /cgl/ related. I'll start.

>people shitting on others who buy their costume
I'll never understand why people can get so upset about what others are doing in their free time, and make claims about how this means they're not as big as a fan as them.
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I feel the same, as long as someone isn't saying that they made it, then its all fine and good.
Cosplayers who think they need to get on a soap box on their FB pages about ever 'cosplay issue'. I understand that these pages are their own and therefore they can post whatever they want and I dont need to follow them. However, I followed you originally because I wanted to see costumes updates not read your very enlightened ideas of "racism is bad you gais!" Even if I agree with their obvious message they just seem like they are talking down at everyone from their high horse.

Or when they try to take issues that do not involve them and insert themselves anyways. An action that usually backfires and then they are suddenly the victim because they stuck their nose into something they shouldnt have and there was repercussions.

I think a lot of cosplayers would avoid drama if they would only shut up and post costume stuff. Maybe I just need to go back to cosplay sites where people only really post their work not their feelings. But good sites like that seem to be really limited.
Some people just don't like/are naturally bad at making shit, or a combo or the two. Doesn't mean they're lazy. Actually sourcing a good commissioner/costume can take a fuckton of time and money. Not wanting to get ripped apart for a shit homemade costume is also understandable. People need to get off their high horse.

Excluding competitions and shit though.

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Lolita reaction images/gifs! other j-fashion related ones like decora are ok
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how is there so many "well known" cosplay photographers but most of them are complete shit?

no strobes
no diffusers
one (kit) EF lens
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Because most well-known photogs get that way through networking and persistence and not through photo quality. This is true of the photo industry as a whole too, 90% of being a pro has nothing to do with actually taking pictures.

Also, there's such a thing as overkill when it comes to lighting at cons. I used to schlep remotes and softboxes around and eventually backed off to a single on-camera speedlight with a lightsphere or whatever it's called, and 90% of the time it was as much as I needed to make successful photos.
A lot of the East Coast cosplay photographers are fucked without all their strobes and shit. Try talking to some of them in person and you'd be amazed at how many of them think white balance and blown highlights are nothing important.
you dont need strobes or fancy lighting to take good cosplay photos. check out Beethy sometimes

Comikaze is less than a week away. Anyone going? Are you done with your cosplays? Any meetups you're hosting or attending?
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> got marriot room
> going as Green Lantern Guy Gardner
> expecting to party and chill
I'm going as Gwen Stacy (The Night Gwen Stacy Died, because for once I don't feel like sewing right up until I leave for the con) but only on Saturday. I'm bummed the Marvel shoot will be on Sunday.
I'll be around Saturday night, but not planning on attending the con at the moment. If any gulls want to say hi and hang out for a bit, let me know.

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/b/, i'm 22 and have only been o two conventions in my life, so i'm absolute shit at figuring out good conventions to go to. can y'all help me out?
i live in fort collins colorado so basically i'm looking for any conventions in colorado, but i'd consider leaving the state for a particularly good con.
also it needs to be in 2016, and if you're going to suggest one that i have to travel out of state for try to suggest one that happens near the end of the year.

also since i don't really know what images to put here, i'd also like some pictures of costumes made out of cards. pokemon, magic, yugioh. i'd like to make a decent card outfit for like a friday or a sunday.
i don't mind if the costume looks like shit, i want to build up a folder of a lot of different ones so i have plenty to look at. literally post any costume or costume piece made of trading cards.
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i just realized i put /b/ ou of habit
god dammit
As for photos of trading card costumes, I'll take "What is Google" for $400.
i already said, i have a folder built up but i didn't have any other sort of images for the thread so i just threw up something i wanted to do to see if anyone had pictures i haven't found.

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Anyone else missing out on the cosplay fun?

I'm totally broke, jobless, in college. I live in New Zealand and don't have any friends. So I never get to cosplay or even try to.

I'm really envious of you guys for having such cool costumes, and friends you can share the fun with. I just don't know if I'll ever get the chance to do the same :/
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whore yourself out for costume money.
Perhaps once you finish college you'll have been smart enough to get into a field that'll get you the money you want for cosplay.
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>tfw went to grad school instead of getting a job
>tfw I'll have dickloads of money just in time to be "that 26 year old guy at the con"


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Post some of your favorite Pastel gothic/Creepy Cute coords and outfits! Happy Halloween~
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Can we make this a gurokawa menhera thread as well? Maybe creepy cute general fashion?
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I'm ok with this

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It's been awhile since we had one.
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cosplayer kids

show me some good stuff.
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>show me some good stuff
ew no
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Flat coordinates thread. Can also be on a mannequin.

For some reason, I'm a huge sucker for these.
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2011.04.29 AATP 2.jpg
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Dumping what I have, sorry if you've seen these before/recently
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ITT: Cosplays you're tired of seeing.
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Harley Quinn
ITT: Threads you're tired of seeing.
Umbrella mercenaries

None of them are different.

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Couldn't fine old one so please post here!
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That looks really pretty?
everything except those eyebrows.

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