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I've been seeing a lot of people claiming Goku should dump Chi-Chi for Caulifla because they both like fighting and they are described as universal counterparts. Never mind that Chi-Chi stayed faithful to Goku despite him caring more about his hobbies than his friends and family even after he was dead for 7 years, and bared his children pretty much on her own (especially Goten) for the most parts... she yells, screams, makes Gohan do homework, and doesn't want Gohan getting dragged into his father's fighting business to his shit wrecked... it means nothing in the end and apparently she is a terrible person that should be crucified for it. Doesn't help Super itself is pretty much writing Goku x Chi-Chi out of existence whatnot with extreme flanderization for both characters.

There's also how Chi-Chi "ruined" Gohan and Goten... even though Goten is no more useless than present Trunks. Meanwhile, Caulifla did come off as aloof to Goku at first but grew to admire him for his strength and is willing to be under his wing.

Now what do y'all think?
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Goku should be with Vados.
Caulifla probably can't cook so nah. Goku/Caulifla/Uub will be the new main trio though and /a/ will be assravagedly in tears about it.
Yeah, except Caulifla will get erased.

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Yes yes, the 2D porn starlet is eating the meat. Next.
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does this please the hime

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Fighting this thing in Dark Souls 3 was fun
Kill yourself

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Name a cuter seiyuu than Rie Takahashi!

Best voice, cute girl!
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Nice fashion.
The cutest fashion
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Endgame right here, sisters.

Nina's seiyuu is one of Anna's voice in Frozen.
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So cheerios is gonna pull a hans
>pull a hans
does that mean he'll try and rob Nakatomi plazza?
No. Nina and Chris will run away and live happily ever after.

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What do you think she's good at the most?
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Pleasing old men for money.

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>actually 20-40 year old, possibly over
>stuck in a 15-16 year old fit yet curvy body
Is there anything better?
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Yes, a 20-40 year old body but a 15-16 year old personality.
Nope. A 20-40 year old with a 11-13 year old body.
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Vegeta from dragon ball z , still refers himself as the saiyan prince tho his father has passed away a long time , has it been explain why does he reffer himself as prince , i looked everywere online , but couldnt find a thing do you guys any info on it , or just a wild guess ?
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He was never crowned king.
does that mean he will stay a prince for ever ?
>How come vegeta is a "prince"?
her father was the king

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Lewd youkai
Anime soon

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How is the homosexual character less gay than the heterosexual one?
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is this koi uso? shit show. Dropped it 4 minutes in. I can answer your question: shit writing

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i personally feel they fucked up with the ending bit today, in the manga it's an intense, epic moment but they made it all bright and not that intimidating
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panel 1
I still prefer this episode over the manga
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panel 2

>Helping a 12 year old commit suicide
This is just dumb
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You don't know?
It can't be helped.
What she's trying to do is possible and without his help she'd just die

I gotta be honest with you niggas - if my main girl Satone ain't in this movie, my ass ain't goin' nowhere near dat theater
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Why would you want her there?
She's beautiful, sexy, cute, and fun. Best Chuuni by far.
Shinka>your shit chunni waifu

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I have this theory. There is a Lovecraft story called "The port of Innsmouth" where a private investigator is sent to a town to check out strange happenings and discovers that the locals have been breeding with these fish people in exchange for gold so they can create an army of half breed fish people. What if all those tentacle monsters are trying to do the same thing? They’re all trying to create half human squid girl-esque offspring in order to take over and destroy the land dwellers.
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I'm watching a show where the main character is implied, through symbology, to represent Lucifer, the Morningstar

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>Read Toki Gaiden recently
>Volumes 1-4: This isn't that great desu
>Volumes 5-6: The tears just won't stop

There is still nothing in the world more unjust than Toki's fate.

Also the artwork in Toki Gaiden is really good and very detailed and yet somehow still worse than Tetsuo Hara's stuff that he pumped out on a weekly basis.

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