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Hello, /a/
Not an anime fan but started watching this lately and I gotta say, I like it more than the version I grew up watching.
How is Super, btw? I heard it's garbage.
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A few years back I made a comment on a TFS abridged episode. This was back when they claimed that the show was non profit at the start of every single episode. I told them that they should tear down that disclaimer because they were obviously profiteering with their gaming channel and their t-shirts. I got like a hundred negative replies from TFS fanboys and surprisingly I got a hate fueled reply from I think it was Kaiserneko (the gay one). It was odd because TFS never freaking replies to youtube comments since they get a million of them. I must have pressed a button. Anyway after I said this they stopped claiming that their show was non-profit.
>How is Super?

you literally answered your own question
nice copypasta

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Exactly how soft does it look like?

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She has godly genes. All the fat ends up on her butt
It's soft, not fat!

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Get in anon
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sorry i dont trust anyone who drives a VW
Yea alright
Get out

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Regardless of if Hollywood or Japan made it, all live action adaptations of anime are shit. Name me one great live action anime ada-

Also, Rumored US release date of the Tokyo Ghoul movie is next month.


also to all the AXfags, how was the movie?
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Cromartie High School
Rurouni Kenshin you crossboarding faggot piece of shit

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Change the ending of an anime with only one decision
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>"Asuka, I'll fuck you if you finish the job your elders started"
>"Roger that, Kaji"
>Not third Impact, because SEELE is dead.
>I'm very upset and I need fuck someone to blow off steam. Now, fucking the King's daughter would be stupid, so instead I'll bone the delicious brown /fit/ chick that has been begging for my dick for years
There, crisis averted
I mean, he still boned her later

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Touken Ranbu Thread
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I'm ready for more surprise
I hope the first team makes an appearance.
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Would be neat to finally see Genji bros animated.

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>equal with Shanks while Shanks still had two arms
>lost interest in Shanks as a rival when he lost his arm
>has not yet been injured in any battle in the entire series
>easily outmatches Luffy's speed with gear 2
>could stand against Luffy's haki during Marineford
>Japan loves their sword fighters
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>Gets snipped from a distance
Guns > Swords neckbeard
Which part of anime do you not understand?
>there is no guns in wanpi-

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Is it legal for a teacher to be THIS cute?
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Let me check this...
It's legal
No. But don't worry, I'll punish her real good.
In many principalities, yes

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Nobanaga Why.png
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In case you didn't know, Chrollo is on the boat and Kurapika is dying because the boat's too clean.

Also, fuck you black-star.
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>Chrollo is on the boat
It's not a boat, it's a ship.
Every ship is a boat, but not every boat is a ship.
In anime, it's always a boat.

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ITT: Post characters, who you wish to bear your children
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That table better be bolted to the floor.
I don't see any reinforcement

name a better movie - you cant
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Kimi no Na wa.
Kara no Kyoukai Movie 5
Angel's Egg
Sword of the Stranger
nice watched list

>Adult Swim is saving anime

How will Japan EVER recover?
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Brings back a show that didn't need to be brought back. Nice bait.
FLCL is shit

K-ON is shit too

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what is the most intense panic event in anime in your opinion?

for example: security breached, base invading, entire city got nuked, terrorist bombing...
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When a character starts to confess.
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Murata is streaming
Do-S returns
Next update is on 8/3 and is 47 pages
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Orochi, the monster of few words, speaking.
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The infinite combo just happened
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Death Gatling spots Garou
Looks like were getting into Webcomic territory now

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