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Hi, I am the mayor's replace. She is feel unwell so I am replace her to day. Do not be alarm.

Now for some of cyberponk investigate and philosophy.

Oh no! I am feel unwell too now becuase of self-doubt of cyburg buddy!
I am need replace soon too...
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Dunt worry mayor's replace.
I am mayor's replace's replace, and I am feel just foine!
And look, I also bring Batoo's replace! Now we make excite science fiction adventure for America.

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on what device do you read manga, anon?
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do you buy your manga?
Laptop/PC/Kobo/Phone. Our goddess RSS thing is so handy.
I usually buy manga if I really like it.

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What's this little fluffball called?
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Isn't that Deunan from Appleseed manga?
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All these spoilers in Re:Zero threads.
How the fuck is everyone reading Re:Zero. Tell me where to get it NOW!
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Nice try reddit. We know what happened thr last time.
They read the WN. Sometimes anons who read the wn give us spoilers in night threads.

For whatever reason, nobody has compiled the spoilers into one list yet.

Also a lot of people give false flags and bullshit so yeah.
Cmon be nice. It's my cake day after all.

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Cool story sis, but blondes are superior
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BEAT ME UP, Ume-sama.

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Does this guy always have a rod stuck up his ass or something? He's always angry.
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It's to contrast Sugita, who is hardly ever serious and makes weird references.
I'd stick my rod up Ragna's ass.
He's just a traumatized wreck. He seemed pretty easygoing as a kid.

Anyone here into Nanatsu no Taizai?
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There are some people following it on /a/, but we don't actively discuss. We do have a dump and discussion for every new chapter, though only on the day it's released.
yes, and the weekly threads are nice to boot
Ok thanks, i'll check it out

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Does anyone buy anime on dvd/blu ray? Also rate my taste.
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>bought every shit show
I do mostly for the "It looks nice to have something physical" I just watch it online now
>Blade & Soul
>Mardock Scramble
>Elfen Lied
>Blade Dance
>Ergo Proxy
>Dog & Scissors
>Mirai Nikki
>Dai fucking Shogun
>what is the buyfag thread
Fuck off and kill yourself /10.

So as this boring manga is coming to an end
Who is /a/'s favorite Quincy?

Mine is As Nodt
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If your answer is anything other than Askin, you have a shit taste.
I want to drink some coffee with Askin.
Mask De Masquline. Whose power is as long as he is over with SOMEBODY he is immortal.
So his power is the power of friendship?

Is it even possible to write a shittier character than this? Literally not a single redeeming quality about this bitch.
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but she looks cute

muh dick is disagreeing
>tfw you will never be le sad piano man

Fuck this gay earth desu.
Also ye she was a shit character.
>Also ye she was a shit character.

was she really a shitty character?

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Um...your hair is blue, not black.
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For you
For you
You should clearly check your eyesight, anon, it is as black as her heart.

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ITT: Forgotten characters
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New draw you Waifu in paint thread.

Old thread >>144473640
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It ain't a paint drawing if you don't use your mouse.
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I took part in the last thread, i don't feel right reposting. I'm not a savage, i have just one faithful waifu.

>come home
>see this

what do?
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trash where all the dead memes go.
>tumblr gif
Lurk for 2 years before posting.
Fucking football

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See this on your bed, what do?
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Sit besides her and start faping to my rukia's folder
Lie down with my head by her feet.
fuck her for several hours. probably also lick her feet for a while too.

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