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Top tier Villains thread, no bullshit Grey Morals over fear terror and being an asshole for pure enjoyment and the fuck of it.
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This man right here lied to Ichigos face over and over again
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As you can see, Dokuro-chan has a nice body.
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her head is about a 132, a measurement most anime girls share
I like oppai lolis

>inb4 not oppai loli

Sakura's classmates call him a lolicon when he brought her to their classroom.

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Who's the better troll/character?
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I wonder what Ichgo's next power up is going to be.
Aizen got lazy and dumb after the Hougyoku powerup. Kinda ruined his character.

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KMB thread?
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Or what, you perpetual butt monkey?
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You know what, you little bitch.

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Are fat girls cute?
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She is.

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""Pride" vs. "Love""

Simply being near Escanor is enough to feel the heat that would make the armor melt.
Once Escanor confirms the direction of a nearby lake with Ban,
he blows Estarossa off there.
He hits the bottom of the lake with the sunball and the lake and it explodes there.
The lake entirely evaporates.
When Estarossa recovers from the damage,
Estarossa: "Shall we settle this right now?"
Escanor: "…I agree solely to your comment."
Estarossa envelops Escanor's sunball in the darkness and repels it with Full Counter.

…or it would look like he did but there's still over 1 hour to noon.
"My attack doesn't work on you? Who decided it?"
Estarossa's pectorals get cut up in one horizontal stroke.
"You enveloped my sun? Who decided it?"
Pridecanor plunges his hand in the darkness and takes out the sun even bigger than before it got enveloped.
[TN: The Japanese for Pridecanor, which I chose to use, is 我カノール. It may not be a 1:1 translation here.]
"The one who decides it is me."
Zeldris is trying to be of assistance but doesn't make it in time!
End texts: "A merciless attack that even reduces love to cinders!!!"
"Escanor's almighty attack that burns Estarossa to nothing!!! The duel of titans ends here!!!!"
To be continued in chapter 186 / Defensive battle at Liones.

Praise the Sun!
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Charity BTFO.
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I'm sure Estarossa is going to survive, but damn, nothing can stop Escanor.

Now I wonder why they let the demons run one month instead of using Escanor every morning.

Why won't you told me that even Shoujo could be this good /a/?
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it isn't
generic as fuck besides gimmick
mostly shitty characters
annoying first half and slightly better second half
felt that there was no conflict at all despite what it seemed to want to push
>future self sends detailed instructions on what to do
>present self proceeds to spew spaghetti out of her pockets
>doesn't bother reading entire letter all in one go

ven with this plot device it's still a cliched shoujo at the end of the day.
So she decides to send this letter to the past even though she's married and has a child?

A or B?
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Rush b сука блять.

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>OP by Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
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>OP by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure
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>Anything involving Nightmare
What the fuck

Fear and Loathing's OPs are terrible

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ITT series where the dub is more popular even though sub is better than dub
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All of them?
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>even though sub is better than dub

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What does /a/ think of Genocyber?
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did he die???
he got better
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Are these people retarded?
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>not using cyrillic numbers
Joseph shouldn't put up with this shit

Ok that settles it. Doga Kobo is THE best studio in the industry.
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Even P.A. Works is cuter studio.
Yeah if you like moeshit.
Kill yourself.

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Esdese-sama is rather sexy.
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When a woman like that begs me to do her, I'd lose my morals I think.
Only saving grace out of that series.
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It's a remarkable trend; blue haired girls are always tied for best.

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Do you like innocent heroine's more than lewd ones?
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There is no such thing as innocent anon
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Orihime sucks, though
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Not really.

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