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>Not cooking for your raifu/waifu
Explain yourselves, /a/.
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Fucking autists, man
I can cook instant noodles.
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>Instant Noodles
Shamfur. Have you tried looking up recipes and following them? They're basically an instructions book if you have the tools
If it helps me through working at hardware stores and inspiring me to wake up at 4am and lift, I'd gladly accept it

Is she a good person?
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No, she acts like a bitch and only that counts. It doesn't matter how she feels like when she doesn't display it.

She's sexy, so it's alright.
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She's mean and I love it.

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Why is this allowed
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is that the office cake i think it is?
It's not made in the western world.

Will anime ever be the same?

It's not very often a masterpiece comes along and makes waves in the anime industry.
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Indeed, Re:Zero is setting new standards for overrating anime.
It's selling relatively well but nothing special.
It's certainly setting standards for bait threads

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He hasn't eaten Center yet.
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I hope for some back story at least.

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I miss rello. Though getting these chapters translated was nice still.
What a kumagawa ripoff
oh, another chapter got translated?

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But we do know it.
John Smith.
He's God though, isn't that enough?
his name is nagisa

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Hating on either of these two protagonists means you have no comprehension of literary enjoyment beyond the basic urge of inserting yourself in the position of the protagonist for the purpose of wish fulfillment.
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>re:zero and eva int he same thread

You're just asking for trouble aren't you
Shinji actually has believable reasons for being an annoying faggot. All you retards can come up with in defense of Toyota is "Y-YOU'D ACT THE SAME WAY IN HIS SITUATION" and "HE'S INSANE YOU JUST DON'T GET IT".
Shinji and Subaru are both characters which exists as statements of human frailty, rather than cogs of plot progression, so it's only natural.

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ITT: Characters that defy the concept of self insert
>inb4 obligatory Kamille's post
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Fuck off normalfag. I self insert as Subaru.
>that defy the concept of self insert
i.e. he's a self insert but he suffers a lot so it's okay if he's a NEET transported to a fantasy world, gifted with magic powers and has a harem of cute girls that all love him unconditionally despite his lack of any redeeming qualities.

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Over 1000 chapters in and we get 3 new recruits? Their designs seem too elaborate to be just random shitters.
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>takamura retires after his eyes is definitely fucked up
>aoki and kimura will probably both retire soon
>3 new members
Oh ok, so it's like this.

Did HNI jump the shark?
It screams fodder though.

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where do you get your anime and manga from /a/?
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you mean buying? I download my anime from nyaa and I use google for my manga. if I really like the series ill buy some manga from rightstuffanime.
no i more wondering where the fuck i can get all these manga scans everyone on /a/ gets instantaneously

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Sue won the Madaramebowl.

Also Nidaime ends next month, Sandaime when Shimoku needs money.
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>Sue won the Madaramebowl.
>Best girl won best boy
Oh shit. It's time I pick this up again.
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>best boy
>it ends next month

At last this shit is over, for now at least.

Onii-chan, me ready for you.
Give me dikku!
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Umaru thread?
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Ok family, lets settle this: which was better, Saiyan Saga or Namek Saga?
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Get cancer

is Netflix saving anime from idolshit and CGDCTshit anime?

Recently with Blame: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cO0JsSYTFzQ [Embed]

The original anime made by Production "Perfect Bone"
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All I see is mainstream shit
Love Live is the best thing on TV you cuck.
They need to sort out their subtitle timing.

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