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Why is he so perfect
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Is this a good show if I want to see the feMC get bullied?
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Most definitely
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utterly disgusting.png
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DiaLovers a shit.

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expectant mash.jpg
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This will be your dog for the night, /a/. Please treat her kindly. She like candy, head rubs, and going for walkies.
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How can we go for walkies if she doesn't have feet
Can't it be the other way around? Like I wear a leash and be her doggy?
Does she get along with other animals?

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Would you clean your sensei's ears?
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>tfw I will never have silky smooth thighs to please my onee/ss/an
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>mfw recognized the artist just from the thumbnail

Do they actually clean the inside of the ear when doing this, or is it just the outside? Sticking things in the ear, especially in that position seems incredibly dangerous.

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>finish watching show
>immediately look up r34 of all the female characters

Please tell me I'm not the only one /a/
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I do the opposite
>read a doujin from some anime and fap to it several times
>inmediately look for the anime of it and then watch it

Not all, but some.

If I felt a strong connection with the characters or story, I don't do it though. Feels wrong.
I can't fap unless they're all true to character though.

Is Dragonball Super still shitty, or did they get their shit together? I stopped watching after Golden Frieza because the animation was just so horrendously bad.
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The Universe 6 arc is kinda meh, but the current one with Future Trunks arc has been pretty good.
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>Best protagonist
>Superior waifu
>Actually great villain
>a lot new significant character developments
>Animation improved to decent to sometimes actually great (see image)
Latest arc make it worth of watch. Although some people will still shitting.
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Re Zero.jpg
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Does this have the worst fanbase of 2016? The anime in itself is pretty good for now imo (nothing excellent, but good), but jesus fuck the fanbase.

They absolutely LOVE to boast how this is the SUPERIOR anime/light novel. "oh but it's so sadistic" "oh but the suffering" "oh but the complex characters", when the characters are not particularly complex and most of the suffering is very much standard. It's like they've been watching shit for most of their lives and when something decent comes along they treat it like the new fucking Mona Lisa.

Whenever you even dare question the fact that it may not be THAT groundbreaking or good, they viciously attack you accusing of liking Shonen and "perfect characters with no flaws".

Read Berserk if you like Re:Zero, you fucks.
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another shitty bait thread

/a/ is really butthurt about popular anime
> Every criticism of popular things or disagreement with my own opinion is shit bait.
>Read Berserk if you like Re:Zero
Why do Berserk fags pretend liking anything other than Berserk is an insult towards them? Does Berserk have the worst fanbase of all years?

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>Watch Hyouka episode 1
>fall asleep
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I gave it three episodes. But halfway through episode 2, I was falling asleep.
Must such to suffer from ADD.

>Must such
This is triggering my ADD.

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Why is this shitty edgelord series so popular? Is it just because the girls' character designs are kind of okay?
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Because girls like EDGE and mystery or something.
Mystery series where members of the cast can die.

Also it is anime as fuck.
Oh is it cool to hate now? I need to be sure I'm on /a/'s side.

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Christianity was a lie. Walk me through the conversion process to the one true lesbian goddess.
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You shouldn't mess with her property!
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Unlike YHWH she's deredere!

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ballroom e youkoso.jpg
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It should be illegal for mangas to go on hiatus. Discuss.
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Togashi would be a Yakuza boss specializing in hiatus

When will I get my anime with cute Roman Emperors doing cute things?
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Sekko Boys
>tfw, you'll never get an anime about Romans that's similar to Legend Of The Galactic Heroes in terms of quality.

Why even live?
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That hardly counts.


This is what aired 10 years ago. What did you watch back then?

For me it was pic related
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ZnT like everyone else.
What, so you watched literally one show that season? And it was shit that wasn't even being subbed? Why did you bother learning Japanese at that point if you barely watched anime?
Holy cap this is a throwback. Never finished this, was the ending any good?

Did Miyazaki direct this episode? That was an absolute thing of beauty. I have no complaints or ways to make this a better work than it was
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Here it is.png
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Fuck off, you only make bait threads like these on the days the episodes aired.
Not him, but that episode is easily the best episode of the year

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Are half elves pure
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>half elves
File: 1469447105632.png (146KB, 500x598px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>it's a crusader image dump thread
Yeah, they're pure alright. Pure shit

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I NEED gifs of her dancing

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