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if you don't post smug in this thread you're wife is gonna cosplay a dinosaur and pee on the computer
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Would you visit Tokyo Towah with this girl?
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>implying I wouldn't visit any place with any girl that isn't my mother
Sure, it at least wouldn't be boring.

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Daddy issues
Because just like Gohan: They are faggots compared to their old man.
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I'm the only gotenfag on /a/

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What the fuck was his problem?
Was he autistic?

At first it definitely seemed like he was, but then in the last three episodes or so it looked like he was on drugs. Was he just that mad because of being cucked by a human?
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Why did he kill his qt3.14 elffu? Why did he stop giving a fuck about everything, even his own home planet? I say, shit villain. So much wasted potential. Although his uniform is fabulous.
He had so much potential but turned out to be just a bitter cuck. Especially the last couple episodes turned him into utter shit just for the sake of the romance subplot.

That's why I only rate this series 6.5/10
The last episodes were bullshit.
Is it the same in the original? I only watched the remake.

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But you wanted a EVA vidya though
Nobody wants MMOs.
No one.
Literally nobody with a functioning brain wants an MMO.
it has potential, but not this, pls no

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What moment in anime made you the angriest?
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Why the fuck did they make her so cute in the anime? She looked like a cuck in the manga.
It's been 15 years and I'm still mad.
I got really angry in Gurren Lagann when the people demanded punishment for freeing them

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One Page Thread. Post one page from a manga for whatever reason. Feel free to give sauce or not, but please don't intentionally obfuscate what it is making it impossible to search for. Spread the love for good series, or the suffering for things on infinite hiatus, and feel free to post stuff from porn but remember this is a blue board, so keep it classy.
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>starting with hentai
Kill yourself
The website I was on wouldn't let me save any images so I just screenshotted it.
Berserk in case some one doesn't recognize Puck.

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Moshi Moshi?
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I'm the king of games.
sup nigga
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I want to get into Berserk again because of people talking about it and I want to start over because it's been 9 years since I last read anything; but I think it would be interesting to experience the golden age arc in a new medium so I kinda want to fully watch the od TV show.

From what I've seen it doesn't look as bad as people say. There are some moments of proper animation and even when there aren't it seems to make up for it well enough with competent direction. The backgrounds look nice, the colors are appealing, the drawings are often good and the Umakoshi character designs are charming even though they're different from the manga.

I've not seen it talked about much lately; what do you guys think of it now, after the CG stuff gave it a new perspective?
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Its a legitimately great watch if you can get over the somewhat-cheap animation and the inconclusive ending.

As an adaptation however, it's somewhat rushed at times, and as a result leaves some scenes feeling not as fleshed out as they could have been. However, the soundtrack and visuals do a lot in adding to the overall atmosphere.
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The thing is, I already read the original and liked it; I just want to experience it in a new medium.

I know it didn't adapt stuff like Guts being assraped or "DON'T YOU POP A BONER OVER MY HEAD" but I've already experienced those scenes so whatever.
As for budget-saving Ashita no Joe season 1 is on my 3x3 so what the fuck ever. As long as the moments that ARE more fully animated are done so in a skillful way as opposed to wasting frames on garbage (see for example the fluid yet horrible traced-over-CG dance scene in Symphogear S1) I'm fine with it. And I've seen enough clips to know that the scenes with fuller animation are done well in Berserk TV (even Umakoshi himself did some work on it)

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Chapter 227
Tsurezure Scans Edition


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About time nerds.

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She's looking at you anon. Quick - say something nice!
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You look like you're having trouble, would you like me to tie a noose?

Would Galko be the best wife?
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She'd be remorselessly unfaithful.
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She would be the perfect wife and mother of her husband's children. But there is no way such a great gal would date and marry Anon.
quints confirm

post >_< or >.<
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Wait. No. Stop.
Fuck this show.
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Yes, you better stop right there.
I was only kidding when I said Witch Craft Works was bad, but Hamatora
really is bad. It doesn't know what it wants to be given how it shifts
to moderately serious shit, deaths all over the place, and then typical
humor episode by episode. All of the characters are mediocre or just
plain bad. Not even the action can save it. Fuck, not even tits can save
it. Do fujos or /fit/ liked it?
Too late anon, I actually finished it. I hate it.

Is Goku vs Freeza the most climatic fight out of all shounen anime?
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Char and Amuro.
Kenshiro vs Raoh
Jotaro vs Dio
Ushio & Tora vs Hakumen no Mono

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