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I am so sick of seeing all of these edgelord anime about killing and raping girls for no reason. I dont understand its appeal and everyone wont shut up about it. Why is it so hard for every to just love cute girls and enjoy moe? Every always pretending moe is killing the industry when in reality it's just shitty light novels that are getting adapted.
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Where are the Subscribe and Like! buttons?
>Why is it so hard for every to just love cute girls
Raping is a form of love, though.
Season 3 when? Season 2 aired in Fall 2011, almost two whole years ago. I want answers.

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What is /a/ opinion of the manga?
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Takahashi's original manga is, by far, the best yugioh series, better than any of the anime sequels, manga sequels, or its own adaption.
i've been meaning to check it out. I flicked through a copy of one in the library when i was back in high school and i remember being pretty entertained by that bit where Joey and some bully start whaling on each other with knives in their mouths.

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Has there been a thread yet? New chapter came out recently.
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Is that the manga where the MC has homicidal tendencies towards his childhood friend?
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>looks at thumbnail
>"huh, 90% sure it's gonna be edgy"
>clicks on it
>I love you, so I kill you
wow i almost forgot that this one even existed

Why is DFC always the best girl in a show full of titty monsters?
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To make them distinctive and add to their value in a harem full of generic cowtits.
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Because flat is justice.

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Why does Japan love sexualizing children in anime so much?
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Because it's wrong
Because japan is a country of pedophile ntripponese cuck and rapes hit be tamales
For the emperor
Why don't you?

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He did NOTHING,absolutely NOTHING wrong
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You're supposed to say that ironically, anon.

Don't actually say it if the person actually did nothing wrong.
He invented the Edo Tensei. Without it the world would objectively be a better place. Obito's plan would have failed at step 1.

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>you were born just in time to be part of the wave of gyaru animu and mango
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More sluts? Good. Anime should be purged of purityfags. About damn time.
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I welcome this era.
>born just in time for the vanilla pure gyaru age

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Why didn't she wait for him?
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Satoru's mother changed hospitals without telling her. She just left her a note telling her to live her life and forget about Satoru.

This is canon.
Cause Airi is best girl faggot.
Why would someone want to fuck something less than perfection.
Because she's a shit

Would you die for this prince?
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Only to protect his smile.
No, but he can die for me.

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You're enjoiyng yourself at the club.
Then you spot this girl flirting with your waifu.
What do?
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smile quietly to myself and muse over the decision to break up tonight was a good one after all.
Think to myself "Wow, shes pretty, its a shame I feel no desire to fuck or even fap to her though."
I'd beat the shit out of her

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New Dogakobo show is "Gabriel Dropout". Looks like it's about a NEET angel or something.
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Director: Masahiko Oota (Himouto! Umaru-chan)
Series Composition: Takashi Aoshima (Love Lab)
Character Design: Katsuhiro Kumagai (Joshiraku)
Another NEET anime? Who exactly is the target audience for NEET anime?
>Genres: Comedy, School, Shounen, Supernatural


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Why do you /a/nons hate himouto so much? I understand it's Moe which most of you hate any way, but why is it thst much worse than other meaningless Moe SOLs featuring kawaii girls?
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the characters are fucking obnoxious, main girl is especially insufferable
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I don't hate her.
I haven't slept well in the last few weeks because I didn't post "sleep tight hammers" when I saw the pic. Fucking bitch cursed me.

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Muh dick
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I recognize that fish.
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Light rays and shit.
No thanks. I will stick to ninkoi.

D-did it go in?

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How did he do it?
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His wife is mildly retarded
He's the one Alicia married.
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Is the daughter a lesbian?

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>All Might will never be your dad
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He wouldn't be the best dad before his injury - always out there saving people with no time for you, or maybe he would even follow his sensei's example and sent your ass to a foster home for protection
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>you will never have a dad
His parenting skills are probably as shitty as Ging's

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