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If DB, DBZ and DBGT never have aired in the past. Would anybody be watching DBSUPER now?
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I understand what it is that you are trying to say but your phrasing is awkward so I must call you retarded.
You are fucking retarded.
The answer to your question OP is yes. Because people will watch anything. If you meant to ask "would it be popular?" then maybe not as much since no one likes Toei's lazy attempt and outsourcing that they do nowadays. But there's still fighting so there's that.
I know DBS is shit compared to 90's anime.

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I saw that the last English scans for this were a year ago and I liked it a lot. So here's my best try at the Korean scans though my Korean is kinda shit (only took the course because someone told me it's easy - they lied languages are never easy). It's only 16 chapters after all, and 4 of them are already done. I was going to typeset as well but I forgot I don't have photoshop on this computer.

Also does anyone know up to what chapter of the manga the anime went up to? And the LN?

Page 0
Chapter 5 Don't leave us

Right side text/Haruhiro's thoughts: This was a punishment.

Left side text/H thoughts: A punishment for not understanding
what it really meant to live within Grimgar.
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Page 1
H: Manato...?

Manato: S--


H: Hey... Hey! Don't talk!

Yume: ...Wh--


What... should we--

H thoughts: What exactly...
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Page 2
H thoughts: Think.

There's got to be something.

H: It's--
It's going to be OK.
It's going to be OK so...

H thoughts: A way to save Manato.
There HAS to be a way.
Right, Manato...?

H: Please get up...?

M: --hiro.
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Bump. Thank you based /a/non.

What was the point of this show?
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cute boys doing cute things
Why do you think it has a point or has to have one? It's just a simple comedy show about high school boys.
Nichibros was fun. So much fun.

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What did she mean by this?
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that she wants to give him private lessons , but she is too tsundere to explicitly say it
you understand nothing at all
Id like to know as well i suppose

I want Shaft to come back to pre-2013 when it still cared about quality.
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You mean when they all still lived in cardboard boxes and wasted the little budget they got on opiates? When Shinbo, Oonuma, and Oishi were prancing around like lunatics in a drug hazed frenzy?
Pre-2012 or pre-2011 would be closer to the truth, although I'm not sure if "quality" is the thing I miss.

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This is your studio for today.
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ghost in the shell stand alone complex season 3
If you fuck up LotGH I swear to God.

Who do you think the best couple in anime is?
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Your mom × Me
OP's mom x Me
my seiyuufu x me

Re means King


Does that mean Subaru will be come the Zero King?
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Bleach already out early?
Subaru will quit before that
>Double watermark

You should be ridiculed.

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So I think we can all agree that Koko is the ideal girlfriend, right?
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I want to pee on her.
too clingy imo
One of the cutest character designs in recent memory

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What are your thoughts?
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Shinji and Asuka

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Has there been any news on whether anyone is subbing the wedding special? I need my dose of Char and Laura.
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Any download links for it? This is like the first time I've heard of it. Then again, there doesn't seem much activity in IS that it slipped from my radar.
It seems inappropriate to get married in your underwear.
Stupid rigid Christian beliefs

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This is the face of a girl that prevailed over sluts, cowtits, traps and beta faggotry.
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Good for her too bad Madarame is a shit prize m8
Sue won the Madaramebowl?

Well, atleast he has good taste.
Didn't Madarame just wuss out?

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is anime really as predictable as they say
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Lets have a Minamoto-kun thread.
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Obligatory MC will never fuck the aunt post.

Enjoy your dead thread, OP.
I'm thankful that a new group has picked up the series and started translating it for my useless ass.

I sure hope they get on with it though. Been waiting months now.
How do you feel about the fact that Terumi is about to be charged with rape? Unless Japan doesn't have laws against sex with drunk women?

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So I just completed watching Patlabor 2 movie and I was wondering if there are any other not so stylized anime movies out there.
Satoshi Kun's work comes to mind, I have seen pretty much everything from him.
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You sound like you don't belong here.

Watch 'Wings of Honneamise.'
Also, from the top of my head I can think of Jin-Roh, Memories and The Wings of Honneamise. Any other good 90s high budget anime movies out there?
Fuck off, recommendation threads go to /wsr/ and you shouldn't be posting on /a/ without lurking at least a year beforehand, anyway.

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