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Is Asuka talking about Western Germany or Eastern Germany?

Is she talking about Hamburg or Ansbach, Berlin or Ulm?
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She meant North America, USA to be exact. It was a typo.
bet Germany didn't have much restrictions after the second impact
She was talking about what happened after the refugees were allowed in.

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Just what kind of phase did Ainz-sama go through when he made this guy?
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he was browsing /pol/
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also it was a chuuni thread, people are already pairing him with the chuuni girl. but thats for LN readers.

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Why is Zestiria anime looking so good? Nothing this season can even compete.

Is this money, or did UFO get so good with hybrid animation?
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Literally played this piece of shit game few months back, have no reason to watch anime as well

Well, everyone is saying how it's better than the game.
The anime is awful.

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ITT: glorious "best hair" girl
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Any sexhair, fluff and long oujou hair.
Good taste OP.
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Will there ever be another season of Hai-furi?
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I hope so, we really need more epic anime like this
Only if no hamsters this time.
The evil yankee pigu must be destroyed!

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What does /a/ think of this taste?
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There's some good stuff in there, but over all it could be a lot better. Having Ponyo as your top Ghibli movie is just confusing.
Digi pls go
Kill yourself, retard.

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How do people like this shit?
>Sister and brother become close after look at each other as trash.
>Sister leaves without telling brother or friends
>Brother is fucking A-OK with this shit
>Sisters friends spread legs wide open 3 times
>"But Im gay"
>Flies all the way to America which takes 3 minutes.
>Just to play erogay and cry
Season 2
>Faggot gets stepped on
>Over and Over and Over
What does he do?

Convince me to actually continue the second season. I literally dropped after 13 minutes of season 2. The mc is such a fucking pussy that it makes me want to jump in and fuck his sister in front of his cumdumpster face
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Another thread?
there was a thread prior to this one?
>The mc is such a fucking pussy
Got to make it easy for the majority of weebs to self insert.

Stop wasting your time with that shit and watch some good shows.

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>12 year old NTR

What in the unholy fuck is wrong with shoujo writers?
What has sinned these hambeasts?
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Women really like cheating, it's like opium to them.
Fuck Hanabi. I wish this series would be more about Yui.
I see you have never cheating on a woman before. Trust me the It's fun for both genders.

Why is she the best?
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Because she's a winner.
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Lets see
>big tiddies
Thats already enough for most cases, though she did have plenty of competition in her show, the girls were all great

What do you think of my wife?
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She's a little young dont you think
Old hag
I bet I could beat her up.

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Dead and forgotten as soon as it was over, just like I predicted
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Rin 2.jpg
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Rin's tits will live on for a few more months.
>calling what happens to 95% of all shows a `prediction'
anon, pls
Nice quints. Also, thanks for verifying that it was nothing special, and just part of the 95% of shit out there. You're a great pal!

Was Luluco AOTS of Spring 2016?

I can't think of anything else that came close.
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meme show of the season
Yes if only because everything else found a way to shoot itself in the foot
That was mayoiga

What do girls taste like?
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That's a lot of fluid. This only happens in animu right?
Like a miserable pile of secrets.

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>Now this

What's with Yukarin voicing bitches in recent years?
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I wanna suck those toes.
I wanna suck your dick
this angle
she stepping on my benis

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where have you've been?
Yes we all know modern animation is pure garbage
makes me sad tbqh.

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