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Exactly, that's because my Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon's allows me to *choose* which magic, trap, or monster effect cards can be used against him.

What did he mean by this?
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He meant that the rules of the game are completely arbitrary and the author was making shit up as he went.
I like how the the sorcerer of black magic was the best card in that 4 card promo and not the one where you sacrifice a 3 fusion monster
He means that the monster has an effect that can be activated to negate other card effects that target the monster. Effects that don't target, or effects that expressly say they can't be negated are immune.

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Anyone else reading this? I wish it was getting scanlated regularly. Being Nex is suffering :_;.
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I dont think there is a point making these threads when there is no new chapter.

To answer your question, there are quite a few anons reading this, but with the current release """"""""schedule""""""""" I fear we wont be getting any discussions going.
Is there anyone else who's suffered so much for doing everything right?
A lot of /a/ reads this, and most people like it. There's a chapter like once every fucking 6 months which kills discussion though. Nex did nothing wrong

Who was fucking everyone in the Eclipse?
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Avenger for Caren, Shirou (effectively) for the rest.
Better question, what the fuck was Lancer doing while everybody, even fucking Gil, where fighting in the last night?
He was too busy being dead.

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why is rape so popular in japan?
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did they do it?
>main girl
>actually used goods
don't know but the old man is saying that it's useless to shout for help from her mother because she's shopping now

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Sadly, K-On! was the peak of Kyoani...
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It wasn't even the peak of Yamada.
its the peak of everything
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Holy Mother of God...

I'm convinced Miura is actually trying to get people to stop reading this...like he's contractually obligated to keep going until every single reading just gives up.
I'm giving Berserk one more issue to get the story back on track and then I'm done...
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sweet blog fellow /v/edditbro, but there's a berserk thread in the catalog already
what was the starting point for garbage tier baits like this?
He's probably just tired of drawing it all.

And honestly, there's been too much buildup for any sort of conclusion to be engrossing.

Alright to Guts has to kill his son, alright so Guts kills Griffith, alright so guts kills Casca, alright so Guts becomes Skull Knight 2.0, alright so Guts's anger is the moral of the story.

See what I mean?

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Yukino with a braid. Best Yukino
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nice feet
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Twintails Yukino is the bestest.
Is this the cake teacher?

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Did you guys talk about this ?

What do you think ? I'm pretty happy. I think it won't be our Nihei's blame but could be fun.
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Fuck off.
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I't gonna be meh-ok-better-than-nothing.

I think we can all agree that my wife Usami-chan is best girl of the season
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>dick craving hetslut
>best anything

Oh I'm laffin'.
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Not even close.
>not even the best girl in the anime

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The face of a female is her most important asset.
She can have the hottest body, but if her face is a cratered pizza, she's nothing more than a one dark night stand.
If her face is great, some bodily imperfections are no issue, you will look at her face the most and enjoy it.
This is perfect logic, you can't argue against it.
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Reply to my post.
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You could not defeat my perfect logic...
Thanks I needed that.

/a/ can we talk about how wonderful [spoilers]hips[/spoilers] are?
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No, but can talk about you fucking up basic html.
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What was song 23/24 /a/?
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Darude sandstorm
Bohemian Rhapsody.

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>know jack shit about shogi
>still enjoy manga about it immensly

What subjects has manga magic made you care about?
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Akagi made me buy a mahjong set.

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Who was in the wrong here?
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Griffith did everything wrong. Not only that, he made it worse

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He's back!
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hey Shanks
think he will 1v1 Sarena?
Shanks is fighting the jobbers, what do you think? he will 1 shot all of them probably.

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