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Please explain this mystery.
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She hit herself in the cooch. What else?
Her penis hurts from fucking Guts in the ass all night.
Its a Re:Zero reference.

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>rem doesn't want to live with him
>wants Subaru to go chase after Emilia and work things out with her
>same time wants her to love him

Why is Rem dumb as fuck and blowing her only chance?
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>same time wants him to love her*
Is that image from an ep 19 preview?
we need less of your shit taste

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Anyone know if it will be a second season or something?

Also danmachi thread
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Is this a 5 thread now? noice.
I liked it more than SAO.

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When does Re:zero gets good?

I give it a try after all you fags say but I finished ep7 and nothing happens. Pic realted, me watching this show.

Is this like steins;gate where you must wait around 13 episodes for it to get good? THIS is the so called new hit series?

Or maybe it gets good now in ep8, who knows.
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It doesn't ever get good.
People told me it was interesting and it had a good lore. But all I see is average stuff from your average "living on a new world" anime.
I'm on episode 11, and I feel the same way mate. It's all been boring, generic shit up until now. I'm just watching, waiting for this show to meet the hype I've seen.
I liked all of Steins;Gate, but I do not like this show at all so far.

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Who would you rather fug and why?
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Galko is always prepared for any situation, so i would choose her. I don't want to have to take responsibility.

Not a fat pig slut who sucks off old men for Candy change
Hotaru would most likely think about candy and how getting fucked relates to it.

Galko it is.

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So, now that it's been 10 years can we all agree that Blood+ was at least sort of decent?
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I liked Blood c better unironically because i like gore and craziness
I always think back on Blood C fondly.

>Two twin sluts act like idiots when they got chased down and killed.
>It was actually just an act.
>They act like idiots again when they got killed for real.
The only good Blood is the original.

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Is Hotaru the only redeeming thing from this anime?
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Great character design stuck in a meh/10 show
>"Only redeeming thing"
>Something the show would be better without

That's not how that works anon.

MC = fag
Friend = annoying
Flat girl = stammering slut
Dad = junkie

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Chapter 228
Tsurezure Scans Edition


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I fucked chitoge while she was here.
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One more chapter fellas.
>Next chapter
It's not the final chapter?

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I want to fuck that belly button.
Me too.
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Who is Rem?
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she's bait
A miserable pile of secrets.
Best girl of the year, all years

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Choose one.
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thanks mr skeltal
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Yui of course.

Is Raita really going to release 16.0 at C90?
Why no preview pic yet?
Onee-san > Erika > Yui > Literally who > Indian loli > Cheating slut

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Is aother season going to happen?
I haven't heard anything new for quite some time.
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Where were you a few months ago? They straight up announced another season. Hell even Chris Patton sounded off on it.
He said before the Olympics so it might be quite a while off yet.
He = Gatoh

I'll start.
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Did she die or what? I've only played the first game.
she didn't
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What are some of the more sensical theories surrounding the rebuilds? Everyone knows the one about the story being somehow set in another timeline after the original series, but are there any other?
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The callbacks are actually just a metaphor for Eva being rehashed so many times, they don't have a literal in-universe explanation.
Rebuild theories don't work because the writers had no idea where they were going with anything.
I somehow doubt it, NGE is consistent and the writers were the same.

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Why can't more anime be like konosuba? MC that isn't annoying, qt waifus, fun personalities, dialogue and interactions, no bullshit romance.

Obviously it has its flaws, the art and animation quality is subpar at best, the music pretty forgettable, and the constant yelling can get tedious, but at least after almost every episode I can say I enjoyed it.

Looking at you Re: Zero, I wonder why I still watch that trainwreck after every episode
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>SAO clone #82349

Fuck off.
>MC is retard man's Kyon
>girls are shallow waifubait
>comedy is unfunny and repetitive
>generic LN fantasy

SAO was forced drama. Didn't even finish it. Konosuba is fun shenanigans.

>comedy is unfunny and repetitive
your opinion is wrong

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