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This is the state of the fandom in Japan right now.

Will it change?
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Will Cruschfags ever get a bone?

> Rem equating herself to Zero

Truly, she is the cuckiest cuck to ever cuck

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I like this show's OP

>Opening of Psycho Pass
>Opening of Tokyo Ghoul

You knew it was going to be good based on their past work
The OST is great too.

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amaama to inazuma.jpg
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Find a flaw

Protip; you can't
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green peppers
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2fluffy4me. Dad needs to brush her fucking hair.

She will look cute when she grows up.

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These are illegal in Britain.
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They're legal but only if you rape and scream alohakbar before :3
the brexit won't change much things
16 isn't illegal, though. You're making shit up

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Dandy and his loli.jpg
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So, are you feeling dandy today ?
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Well fuck you too /a/
I swear, how she never atleast return in S2 is beyond me.
this is weird,I always see this episode posted but never came across it when watching the series

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Dump Ch. 09
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Hey everyone, would you believe this is the god of the universe?
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That's OVER-UBER-UNDER-MEGA-SUPER-GOD of the Multiverse Infinity x Infinity to you.
I hear he farms carrots.
could tenchi beat demonbane?

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Pick one to save, the rest will suffer
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Nishimiya from A Silent Voice. She deserves all the.hand holding
Nishimiya is such a safe pick, she's the closest on this list to already being normal.
I don't care about saving them. I just like her the best. So I'll save her either way. The rest can get fucked.

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nice ant sized meme pic

Counterpoint: Seto no Hanayome

Short anime sponsored by a zipper company


English dub


Is sponsored content the future of anime?
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bump for you, OP.
What in the fuck

Umbrella girl is best girl
Jesus Christ, that dub is horrible.

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Do you accept Yohane-sama as your demon queen?
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Yohane is my demon queen and Hanamaru is my angel queen.
I only accept Dia as my queen.
That costume is the corniest thing ever.

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What the fuck? Is "Zeta Gundam is good" just an elaborate troll? I finally finished forcing myself to watch this shit and it is worse than 0079 in every way.

>worse story
>worse characters
>worse music
>worse mobile suits
>autistic writing

It also ruins every returning character from 0079, mostly ruining Char and Amuro.

Overall, Zeta Gundam is a complete clusterfuck and I can't imagine ZZ could be any worse than it. I can't really explain in detail why Zeta is shit because I am still in complete shock that people consider this better than 0079 or good at all. The only worse mecha show I have seen is maybe MOSPEADA.
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Its the only Gundam series I enjoyed. What a waste of time watching all of that shit was.
Your enjoyment of Zeta is always the inverse of your enjoyment of ZZ
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stupid sexy kamile.jpg
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I loved Zeta
Hated double Zeta

it's true, the cycle does not end.
>worst characters
Kamille is the best MC

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Why is she still here? Just to suffer?
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Why are you still here? Just to make us suffer?
Fuck off to one of the 20 other Re:Zero threads

Why can't we have an MMORPG anime that ISN'T about people getting stuck in the game?

Why can't we have a slice of life MMO anime that has see the behavior of high school kids in the class room and in game?

>the class president who's also the raid leader
>the two delinquent students that run a guild infamous for their pk antics
>the shy nerdy shota who's flirting with a girl online who is actually his christmas cake homeroom teacher
>tsundere chick who starts as a strong contender for MC's heart but slowly fades away as she turns into a loot whore

Hell, it could just be 4 girls playing an MMO together and that'd probably be fun, like sabagebu.
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Because this is your first season here and you need to lurk more.
what makes you think that I haven't been here since 2006?
why cant we have a fantasy anime with large monsters being hunted that isn't like a shitty game with shitty abilities and shallow characters?

every single "game" anime I have seen so far has been fucking terrible

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Why is she so perfect?
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I will marry Casca. I will be Casca's husband.
>Wanting to marry a potato
Before or after being rapebroken.

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