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Who are we watching next season?

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Why are they taking so long to announce Juuni Taisen for next season? We all know it will be shown then. But Fall is looking great anyways.
Mahoutsukai no Yome
Kino no Tabi
Shokugeki no Souma

Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni
Yoru wa Mijikashi Arukeyo Otome

Kubikiri Cycle
Another seaosn with nothing but solshit and CGIcrap

Testing something DON'T reply!
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Too late bitch
I want to marry Lala
Every time you reply, Lala gets raped.

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Ask the proud new owner of a full Samurai Flamenco Blu Ray set anything.

Wondering if I should learn how to rip BDs because I'm pretty sure there's no 1080p torrents of this show out there.
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Can you post any interesting art that comes with the BD covers? I love that artist.
Pls do rip them.
I jelly.
Yeah, I'll do that. It'll take me a bit. There's 11 cases and each case came with a few cards.


I'm willing to rip them but I don't really want to spend a ton of time learning how to rip if it's super hard. I haven't even looked into it yet, so the jury's out.

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I've been recently watching this. Why did they skip so much material between season 2 and 3?
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Because Wakaki took advice from Hata and skip everything that is good about the series.
Are you new to anime? Why are you only watching it now?
Then there would be 2-3 more seasons, i dont think tgey have the money for that... i think

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Does /a/ have a domfu?
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Femdom is shit and your shit for liking it.
Can we knock off the -fu shit?

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ironically i enjoy this series, much better than i expected.
season 2 when ?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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How can natural elements even compete?
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Desuno is cute.
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No dump?

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I started rewatching Kaiji recently and I think I finally am enough of a man to get to the manga. Are there any particular scanlations I should read, to avoid a Band of the Hawk situation?

Also, any other series I should read? I plan on reading Ten and Akagi afterwards, in that order, since the latter was recently finished
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Polite bump
Don't know about scanlations I believe FKMTkrazy scanned everything related to Kaiji (maybe I'm wrong)
Other than that you should check out his other major works:Buraiden Gai, Tobaku Haouden Zero and strongest man Kurosawa. There is also gin to kin but it isn't fully translated.
Read strongest man Kurosawa.

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Thanks for confirming that bnha is going to be generic as hell .

Isn't anyone capable of writing a proper non generic shonen plot story other than togashi (HxH)?

At leaaaast a proper vengeance story where the guy with grudge spend more time taking revenge alone than crying and regretting how he became "EVIL" .
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Maes hughes never forget
Remind me how roy trying to kill the envy(who started a genocid) is bad and how he had to apologize like a kid to his assistant!
>crying and regretting how he became "EVIL"
Congratulations! You missed the entire point of the show!
BnH shows the audience that there are true heroes, those who give help and sacrifice themselves without being asked or paid for it (like Midoriya and Todoroki in this arc), and those who just happened to have good quirks and use them to get earn money and fame (like Mt. Lady).
IIda wasn't crying about becoming "evil", but because he wasn't being a hero at all.

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In the (unlikely) event that this does well enough, would we finally get S2?
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Stranger things have happened but I wouldn't get excited
Unlikely. To start with, instead of doing a continuation of the original in a natural way, they wanted to revamp most of the cast, replace the titular ship and do a lot of other bullshit. Good thing that never came to fruition (in this reality that is).

Not to mention that the original manga ended with 5 volumes, which is sad since the author made a really interesting setting with taoism included in it.
hope not

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How do we improve the isekai genre?
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You answered it right there, make aqua the main love interest instead of Emilia in Rezero and make Emilia the goddess instead of Aqua in Konosuba.
well aqua does cuter without her stupid meme hair
She also looks cuter when her medium sized tits are not sagging to the floor.

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Wise thread
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nature of festa.png
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that's not nice
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Why are wide threads so dead recently? They were big even 2-3 years ago

will the voice actors be the same?
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is that Hotaru's mom?
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Paizuri Invitation.png
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It's your'e mom

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I don't play mobage shit, how did Ishtar end up in Rin's body?

She looks pretty wholesome in that cute hoodie.

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does /a/ prefer streams or torrents?
i'm a streamfag myself but im looking forward to torrenting anime bundles
any site recommendations?

pic unrelated: she's #1 on my moe list
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I think we should have a Zero Hajimeru no Sho thread instead.
This bait is too obvious.
If you're not baiting streaming is a terrible choice with incredibly compressed video files.

The best torrent website is AB by miles, but since it's private choose between nyaa.pantsu.cat or nyaa.si

Also this thread will be deleted in two minutes.

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