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has this been any good?
I'm interested in both gambling and psychological trickery and I want the /a/ take on it
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I'd give it a pass, it's not the best thing ever but it's not bad either
Read the manga.

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I made a post about backlogs a few days ago and came to the conclusion of trying to finish an entire 11-13 episode anime at least once a day. I will start with anime I've started and am around 25-50% minimum in terms of completion. Is this realistically feasible?
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Don't make your hobby into a job to the point it is prioritized over productive activities.
I already watch porn for more than 12 hours a day so cutting that out completely should optimize my time.
that seems inefficient unless it is literally your job to do so. That reply is for both (?) of you.

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What is Hifumi looking at?
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My dick
I would say she's trying to check dubs, but she's looking the wrong way.

...but check these.
Your dick.

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So when Kureto kissed his aide to give his demon more greed to fend off the possession, why didn't he give it more greed by having sex with his aide?

You can tell from her blush that she was totally expecting it.
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That's very interesting.
Die, monster! You don't belong in this world!
He didn't need that much greed. Also, new chapter is out.

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What does /a/ think of Yugioh?
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nerd shit
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Reminder that Kaiba is beautiful
I'd have to go back in time. Remember when the manga wasn't about cards and Yugi went around gambling and putting them in an eternal hell?

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>no re zero episode today
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>no re:zero episode ever again
this show still on air?????
Depends on when the LN finishes the fourth arc.

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Hakumei to Mikochi anime adaptation confirmed.
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>tiny people

After a childhood of The Little this looks like good news.
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Is it The Borrowers: Woodland Edition or more like Fairilu?
Is this the Binchou-tan of our generation?

>the most exciting anime of next year
>the best looking visuals and animation in anime history
>realistic character designs with incredible amount of details
>classy, elegant yet historical accurate XX century setting with mature protags
>beautiful dramatic plot based on over-the-top writing novel with some literature awards
>excellent story that left every person watched it in tears even after the first episode, also the longest line to prescreen event among all AnimeExpo panels
Why doesn't /a/ talk about this Kyoani masterpiece more?
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It still can't fix your ugly face tho
Because you're shilling it too hard. that thing reads like you were fapping while writing it.
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Violet Evergarden.jpg
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I'm looking forward to it. Though I'm not going to overhype it in my mind since I've stupidly done that in the past and have been severely let down with certain shows.

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What was in the cup?
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Probably semen, Shinji is a cumdrinker

Can somebody summarize why people here love Hunter x Hunter?
I watched it and I thought it was very mediocre. Throughout the show I found myself struggling to care for any of the plotlines, mainly due to the 2 main characters (Gon and Kilua) being dull and unlikeable. And it has the single worst character design in the history of everything, just look at that fucking smirk on that cunt Gon's face? I want to rip his fucking head off.
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>why people here love Hunter x Hunter?

It used to be loved, then asspull of the century happened and HxHfags started to realize how much of a hack Togashi is

AT the same time HxH haters jumped the ship and created a meme out of said asspull
Sometimes its funny, sometimes its cool, and sometimes its sad. Thats why i like it, no other reason.
still arguably the best shonen

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image (2).png
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Oh god it looks awful
Post a link you twit.

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Binbougami ga!.jpg
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I'm 3 eps in. Does this get good or should I just drop it now?
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it's always good, you're a fag
1 way, 2 way, 3 way, 4 way Go Way!

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BGHS viewing thread.
>It's a bodyswitch episode
Maybe Hayamin gets her chance to not sound like a dead fish this time?
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Bodyswapping will never get old.
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Should be starting in a moment
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I'd usually expect 10 more minutes of such a scene

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> it's another "perfect and hot girl falls into subhuman spineless trash faggot MC" anime
Come fucking on
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Uhm they're both japanese one can't be subhuman when they're the same race. It's either both of them or neither of them

Check the insults you use before

What is pandering to the main audience? This has always been a thing get over it or stop watching the anime.
Not even close
They are both shit.

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What the fuck is her problem
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Nothing. She's perfect in every way.
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Urara mostly.
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