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I know I'm fucking late to the party but was too busy with work.
Holy shit, this was absolutely glorious. And finally not a shitty bittersweet end. I regret that I only got to watch it now when it's pulled from almost all cinemas. This is something that deserves to be enjoyed on a big screen with glorious sound.
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>the most important development in the movie, pivotal to the entire narrative, condensed and summarized in a three minute montage
>"conveniently" forgetting important details constantly
>nothing but awkward monologues during the beginning and the ending
This movie was frustrating as all hell.
>big screen with glorious sound.
i prefer by far my 50" screen and sound system at home to avoid hearing people during the movie. i always wait for BDs.

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'Sup, fags.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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CG anime.
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Walking: The Anime

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Be careful when eating fish.
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But he did it once.
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I don't like it.

Bleach thread

Is Bleach worth watching? Never seen it before. I've heard some bad things, but are at least some of the seasons worth watching? If so, at what point do people normally stop watching?
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watch until the end of the karakura town arc while skipping the filler, skip fullbring arc (maybe watch the end fight) then read the manga
How many seasons until karakura Town arc? How do I identify and skip filler?
I ll be honest with you Anon, the first arcs until the end of Soul Society arc is worth it. But you should read it, not watch the anime. It has a poetic feel to it sometimes too. A very chill read. After that you will stay just to see the powerup asspulls. So decide at your own choice.

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What was Bert thinking about here?
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Thinking about how much of a beta cuck he is.
>Fuck, that kid looks like a pig.
>What is this boy doing with two girls?

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Matou Sakura is the sweetest girl.
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I upgraded her. You can thank me later.
That's not Meltlilith
I love all of them.

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It is time to settle this once and for all, the following poll will decide who is best girl

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Any girl can't defeat Ms Smith
How is Suu going to win the fight against the mystery slime?
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The Headless Thicc Knight is best.

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>this is how girls run
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>Irohashitter so desperate he made another thread
Anyone else getting real tired of this running in place background shit
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>this is how manly men walk

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Is Fate a well written series?

>Geronimo: Tell me, king of inventors. What do you think of your country?
>Edison: Oho, well. It is one of the things I treasure most, a true world of opportunity! It makes "You can do anything you wish if you set your mind to it." become true. It is built off of hopes and dreams--
>Geronimo: Or the suffering of my people?
>Edison: I--
>Geronimo: ...I don't hold grudges, do not worry. I believe in forgiveness for all. However, I also value the truth greatly. It is true that the people who yearned for the New World were that of large hopes and dreams, but the way they attained it...they lost their way.
>Edison: ...
>Geronimo: They have a name for your kind-- "White Devil". Though I suppose you yourself would be more of a furry devil. White, representing purity, righteousness, thus they believed everything they did was for the best. They gave no second thought to all the people they trampled over on their path to a new world for themselves. Whether it was my tribe, or brothers from across the sea-- they were all mere tools for the white man. King of inventors...America, as you put it, and everything it stands for-- represents every sin of mankind. I just wanted to get all of this off my chest before you go around having pride for your people and country.
>Edison: I...I don't know what to say. You have my most sincere apologies for what my people did to you. Y-You're right...America may not be quite as glorious as I remember.
>Geronimo: That may be true.
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Eddiso would tell him it is natural for the strong to take over the weak. Fucking jap thinking they are fucking worth something FUCKING JAPANSE PEOPLE

Anyone who enjoys the Fate series at this point has a brain with large portions of it removed.

Fuck this cash grabbing garbage peddling shitty series. We're at the point now where this shit is as bad as touhou, ship girls, and 4 paneled comic strips.
It's a fake pasta.

I'm gar for Rider.
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>being this new

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> these three didn't have a threesome(foursome with Bat in the shadow) in the university.
Why is Nisio such a pussy? What a fucking waste.
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Anal sex with Sodachi.
Anal sex with Arararagi.
She is pure. There are no doujins with her.

A tank would be something like 100x more efficient than a walking robot.
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>He basically lives for /m/
>They were already a thing when he shows up
Why would he bother in the first place?
The mechs in this world are agile as fuck and with most battles fought in uneven and monster infested ground. You need the bipedal monstrosities to fight monsters also.

And lastly >>160810281
what he said.
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Because they are impractical they show the dedication one has to overcome the impossible.

The impracticality is exactly what ignites the heart.

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Kyoani is for ___
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saving anime
patricians only

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