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Episode 6

Another good episode. At this rate Aoyama Kun could very well become the best Anime of the season. Next week, fight between best girls to see who has the biggest boobs to win the Aoyamabowl.
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>tfw dropped this shitty show last week but still watch the OP at least once a week to A O Y A M A with the girls
I thought this episode was pretty good as well. I didn't have high hopes for an Ozaki episode but was pleasantly surprised.

>implying girls would like this loner
Will we ever see the best girl again?

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>20 years later and this is still the peak of anime
Wew lad
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no it isn't
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Wrong pic
>and this is still the peak of anime
It peaked again in 2013

How did Saber survive against Lancer's Gae Bolg's activation?
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Read the vn secondary. They explain there
some people just dont like VNs anon
sabers +luck made here evade it

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Man, this arc has had a lot of neat stuff in it. Even if not much action.
Well I always just figured he was going to turn evil. Not kill himself.
Whoa, seriously?

Dropped this years ago. Maybe I should pick it back up.

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What do you guys think of Black Butler?
I just finished the first season of the anime and I did like some of the elements of it like the victorian era gothic England atmosphere and the musics but I have mixed opinion on Ciel, though his character is wrapped up nicely in the end, and the more comical parts plus the yaoi bait shit like Pluto can become annoying.
Should I watch the OVA or jump straight to season 2? I know the anime isn't faithful to the manga past a certain point but I'm really interested in the show to begin with out of a sort of nostalgia I have for it since it aired when I was a teen.
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i personally thought it was mediocre but i finished it which is more than i can say for a lot of anime.
also if i remember right a lot of black butler fans really just say to skip season 2. i only know because some chick i knew in college was a huge Black Butler fag though
>i personally thought it was mediocre but i finished it which is more than i can say for a lot of anime.
That's about my opinion, too. Like I said there's a sense of nostalgia for it but there wasn't enough substance to back it up entirely though I guess the core revenge story was interesting enough for me to finish it.

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Yuri worship thread
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I actually hope you die painfully.
Un-loli'ing the bunnies is taboo.
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They never were.

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Is Ange the greatest anime heroine ever written?
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Hell no!
reasonably sure i could list fifty better than her.

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Why are the scans so shitty for this manga?
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Back in my days, people used to scanlate on Paint, and we liked it.
Does the resolution really need to be the size of a thumbnail?
Old ass scans, scanners weren't that good, small filesizes so they wouldn't take forever to download with slow connections, access to types was harder so people used their OS's default fonts, etc.

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Beerus makes some interesting faces.
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Vegeta stumbled through the desolate wasteland that had once been the tournament arena. His right arm was broken; blood pouring down from his shoulder. His face was scarred and so swollen he had trouble seeing where he was going. "What happened?", he thought to himself, his mind trying to remember the last 5 minutes, as if it had been trying to erase them from memory. He remembered fighting Cabba, who had put up a good fight, but was beaten eventually. Feeling cocky off his victory, he decided to attack a weird looking universe full of rainbow colored freaks. Spotting a woman with green hair, he charged at her, with the full might of SS2. After that it was a haze. Vegeta stopped walking and coughed up some blood, realizing that his ribs were broken, puncturing his lungs making it hard to breathe. "This can't be", he whispers, "Super Saiyans were supposed to be invincible...", as he wonders why he didn't go Blue when he had the chance. Suddenly, he hears a familiar voice echoing behind him, causing his back to tingle with fear. He sees a blue monster approaching him, and he tries to run, but trips over his legs and falls to the ground. As it gets closer and comes into focus, he remembers what happened. His SSJ2 form did nothing. All his attacks where ignored, and he went SSB out of anger. The girl turned into this beast in response, reducing him to this sorry state. Without anywhere else to turn Vegeta starts to crawl away from her, tears dripping from his eyes making a puddle under him. "This can't be be", says Vegeta, as RiBrianne stands over him. He's about to call for Goku, but right as he opens his mouth, she's on him, her backside brushing his face, like a soft pillow. "Ahhh", says RiBrianne, "It's been a while since I used this technique!". Vegeta knows what's coming and braces himself, saying goodbye to Trunks and Bulma. He closes his eyes. Across the arena, a loud BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP is heard.
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Shhh, Kale is sleeping.
best girl coming through

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What will they be doing 10 years from now?
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Yui will be a very successful AV actress while Yukinon becomes a heroin addict.
Dunno but some of us will still be waiting for vol 12.
They'll be pleasuring old men for money.

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This is easily anime of the decade.
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That's still OP
Badminton anime when?

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Public apology to /a/.
I'm sorry for calling some of you faggots for enjoying this.
After taking some time to watch the first episode I realized that it's good, and that I was the one who was actually being the faggot.
I'm sorry /a/.
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Summer tiiime and the livin' is easy
I love Emilia.

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so he enjoys the cock or what?
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A little bit of feminine mannerism was able to make him blush. Yeah, he's probably gay.
He's just that much a chad he can sense females, even in a dude's body.

I feel dirty using that word.
I'd fuck Mitsuha!Taki too

Why is there so much fujo bait in my high school romance anime?
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>tfw no chadbro
I keep on confusing this one with the other gay Anime this season
Have you ever had friends?

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Why did Giorno beams not appear in Part 6?
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too powerful for his own good, nothing in part 6 can fight GER.

pucci will never have the chance to pull made in heaven
But he is a son of Dio, he had to appear like the other bastards
That would be boring. He's overplayed.

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