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Shiburin is happy
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A customer finally paid instead of running off in disgust?
I want to be her boyfriend.
I deserve to look exactly like Rin

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Are there any harem anime/manga where all the girls are black haired aka the best hair color?
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It's hilarious how much this series has moved onto to better girls than the ones they started out with
Amagami is close
I want to FUCK Benkei.

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stop leading him on bitch
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What a shit show.
Reminder she was raped.
Show was too short. Really really wish it was a VN.

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So is Selim a normal child now?
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They kind of hinted that it's likely he will have fundamental problems as he gets older.
So it's possible that he still has the abilities of Pride?
Im taking a wild guess that he's going to be the main villain in the new chapters.

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Hifumi chan...

does she like girls?
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girls must like girls. it's basic knowledge.
most girls are so... yeah
Hifumi will take anyone willing to have her. Unfortunately this means she will be alone forever, because nobody would ever want to date Hifumi.

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I just finished NGNL, and saw the cliff hanger finish, and I was looking for a season 2 right? Turns out THERE'S NO SEASON 2. There's the NGNL Zero movie coming out, but it's practically a different plot line from what I'm hearing. Does anyone know if there'll be a season 2?
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I really hope so anon. I loved this anime but I haven't heard anything.
they really set this show up to be 26 episodes or even 52, but they just fucking ended it so abruptly. i'm kinda mad because i really liked the atmosphere and the premise
Welcome to the fucking club
Fingers crossed that Madhouse rakes enough money from the movie they consider a S2

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Is Kumiko sexual?
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I am Kumiko
I love Kumiko
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What's you're dream match?
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Jesus Yamato getting his shit pushed in by G-Self
No Gundams just hand guns.

Who wins?
Amuro vs Setsuna with full upgrades

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Which is the season that /a/ waits and it never gonna happen?
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Why did you post an image of your recycle bin contents?
Fuckin shimoneta dude.
you need to edit that pic
Ha ha ha it never happened right?
perhaps cut the next line? but it aired already

And missing: Hidamari Sketch - Matsuri da!

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what do you think will happen if they touched each other?
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simple op, they are both guys , when two guy touch each other it provokes an erection in both guys, so that will make an impulse to msturbate, when you masturbate you FEEL good and you continue until you EJACULATE semen from the tip of your penis, so now that the act has ended we can actually say they made a handjob to each other and thats what we call a
it would be extremely painful

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What was One Piece not as successful as Naruto in the west?
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mostly 4kids
Pirates are overdone in the west, while the whole water walking ninja shit wasn't.

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whatcha lookin' at.jpg
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Spoilers not so soon
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Endgame right here, sisters.
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Reiner is so handsome.
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Marry and reproduce.
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You can't tell me what to do.
Abe is that you?

Thanks OP, I had completely forgotten to watch S2.

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How can such a critically acclaimed anime be paced so fucking slow? I'm 40 episodes in and I'm trying not to fall asleep.
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Then drop it.
Is the manga better?

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Boku no Hero Academia posted a new high TV rating last week of 4.5% (Episode 30)
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wasn't this last week?
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>you now remember /a/ shitposting how BnHA flopped during the first season

Eat shit moefags.
ITT: How to make people hate a series and its fandom

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