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Would Rosa have grown up to be a kinder and more emotionally stable person if she hadn't been abused by her father and siblings, felt responsible for Beatrice II's death when she was about 13 years old, and abandoned by her husband and left as a single mother? Or was Rosa 100 percent nature and zero percent nurture - someone that would have been a completely horrible person no matter what?
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All she needed was dick. I wish I coulda swooped in there for some of that sweet rosy puss. She would of chilled the fuck out plus I would of been rich as all hell.
I wond tap that if given the chance. All she ever need was a dick to calm her down.
I always wondered why she had trouble keeping a boyfriend. She's hot, charming, and heir to a huge inheritance. What drove the men away from her?

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Does anyone remember this show? I used to love it back when it aired but I'm fairly sure it wouldn't hold up for a rewatch 10 years later
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I remember and I rewatched it last year. It's worth it for the second half of the show
I loved the design of their StarRacer.
It holds up.

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Farnese-sama, what is the punishment for heretics?
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i liked the new anime

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New chapter in a few minutes
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Why do people call these "forced drama"? At least in most instances the drama had pretty legit reasons to happen.
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Someone post the SZS image.
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'Forced drama' is such a shit critisism. ALL fictional drama is 'forced' drama. Some people need to have a cop-out reason to dislike something popular instead of just saying it's not their bag, baby.
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I think people mean "unnatural" when they call it forced.
Take NagiAsu for example. The majority of the drama is caused by people being at the right place in the right time to overhear something or step in to talk to somebody to fuel shipping drama. Its really unnatural and frustrating.

Plastic Memories, on the other hand, is more natural because it lets the situations speak for themselves rather than going out of the show's way to manufacture. Isla's deactivation was decided in the beginning of the show and all the anxiety and sadness just naturally unfolds from that.

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Any opinions on this abortion?
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It's like every capeshit cliche ever concentrated in a single series. You'll never need to watch another capeshit again after this.
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I actually fell asleep halfway through the second episode.
Skyshow as a song is great. Show itself is slow, but I kinda like it.

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Are we ever going to see her again?
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too bad Ragdoll was ragdolled by nomu dick
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Reminder that Hori doesn't know what to do with Ochako anymore, and she has yet to do anything meaningful this arc

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Does /a/ like anime fanfic? The fact that I enjoy DBS despite all of its obvious flaws makes me feel like I do enjoy fanfic, but I'm not sure if this makes me a pleb or not. Should I explore this road or beat the bad taste out of myself?
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Fanfic rec thread?
If you want to feel free too but I was asking about overall quality outside of hentai

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Sumire-16 sai, Sakamoto desu ga, Assassination Classroom, GTO, Golden Boy.
Does this sub-genre have a name, and can you think of any other anime/manga that fit in it?
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comedy is not a sub genre and you are fucking retarded
What I mean is stories that center around a cast of mostly archetypes, and then the weirdo main character comes in and basically improves everyones lives massively then usually leaves at the end.
Doesn't have to be in a school, Oyaji is another example where he just improves the lives of his family members that have never seen him before.

Thoughts on Tsunade's body of work?
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OL Tsunade.png
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always loved her since release.
Tsunade is a miracle of universe.

do reifags hate asuka because they're emotionally incompetent and have a poor ability to empathize with others?
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Doesn't that describe Asuka?
poor quints, scripting reifag. Asuka needed someone to care for her. She's had a difficult life. Reifags are so shallow most of them just call her a bitch and think that's the depth of her character.

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Hopes and expectations?
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I hope that the ending is good enough to make up for being a sequel of an anime with one of the best endings of all time, but I don't think it will be able to. All we can do now is be thankful that Taniguchi and Okouchi will be taking care of R3.
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Lelouch and CC banter and fucking

More based LOYALTY

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Is Envy a boy or a girl?
>no tits
>muscular, compact body

I wonder
Looks like they could have some budding mounds at times and they have a girly voice

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The Reflection.jpg
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Are you enjoying the sky show?
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Dropped it 5 minutes in. It was like watching a slideshow.
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Yes, first spisode had a weird and slow pacing but this show had the only first episode this season that made me fucking curious about wtf was happening making me want more and ep 2 delivered
I'm only watching it to hear Sky Show and Stan Lee's previews, not even joking.

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Only top tier waifus allowed in here
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>misusing waifu
fuck off
>top tier waifu
>literally rejected by the universe itself

The dead shoul stay dead, faggot.
Good taste

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