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more mature manga with twisting world psychology
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be more social guys
Mangaupdates has a ton of related tags, go wild and enjoy your
>Completely Scanlated? No
>Latest Release(s) ch25 (1234d ago)

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Discuss Boruto and post cute girls especially pic related
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Really hope the next few episodes isn't just Gaiden
>namida art
Now we need more art of her being fucked.
>post cute girls
>No Inojin

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Best release to get?
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ITT: Wallpapers, extra points for 2560x1440
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>Not 2560x1600
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3MB, 2560x1440px

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>people recommend subs over dubs
>this is what I get when I try subs
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Download a better encode, friendo.
>download subs
>get subs

What is the point of this thread?
I don't understand what the issue is here.

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I did it /a/. I fucking did it. I cornered the little critter.

What am I supposed to do now?
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kill yourself

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Has there ever been a more annoying character in any series, ever?
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Kaori was even more annoying.

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How is this legal?
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It isn't in half of the middle east.
Japan isn't a country controlled by soccer moms like America is
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In Third Stage, why did Itsuki bring up Takumi working at the gas station full-time, and Bunta say Takumi can take over the tofu business, only for Takumi to get a job with a delivery company?

Why did Takumi and Natsuki make amends only for Natuski to immediately disappear and never be seen again afterwards?

Who won the race at Akagi, Ryousuke or Takumi?

What should I watch now that I'm finished with Initial D?
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Because he's a stupid, wishy-washy kid.

Alternatively the writer is a hack.

The answer to all of your questions is the author has a cuckold fetish OP. Shit, his new work is even about how car culture is fucking dead in Japan and nothing can bring it back/Street Racing is fucking pointless and only old autistic shit-heads car about perfomance cars.
i am sure plenty of people told you to not get past first stage, you have only yourself to blame

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>Actually has proper motivation and goals
>Uses real techniques that aren't just "punching really really hard"
>Isn't a dumb cocklusting whore
>Would have killed Obito and ended the series just in time if not for Izanagi (aka Deus ex machina)
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she still accomplished nothing and died like a fodder
so no
Knowing how Kishi treats female characters, she did rather well.
Should've popped Naruto's cherry and became his cake wife

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How would you fix Naruto Shipp┼źden?
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go back in time so that the garbage fest that was the entirety of naruto was never written
Can anyone summarize shippuden in a few sentences for me? I wanna know what happens after the original series, but I don't wanna watch that filler ridden shit.
>muh sasuke
>muh hokage
>muh asspull after asspull
>much retconning
That's basically it.

>Mfw /lit/ has better threads than /a/
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/a/ isn't for discussion it's for blogging about what makes your dick hard and reposting memes.
Makishima is indeed too smart for br/a/inlets.
So many nice book references coming from his lines in the series.
Even /pol/ discussed Psycho Pass better than /a/. Most of /a/ just spouted memes like CAUSE I FEEL, etc., and when they formed actual opinions it's the most boring trite you've ever read on this board.

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I ship it.
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>"And he did nothing wrong yet"
Implying fighting for your rights is wrong
Back to tumblr faggot.

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Guts has a tiny dick.png
2MB, 1091x1600px
ITT: Characters with canon small dicks

I'll start
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Lmao put me in the screencap fpbp

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Which older titles have you gotten around to watching lately?

Recently rewatched Giant Robo + the Ginrei OVAs and shit's still as cool as ever.
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I loved GR but I just couldn't take that fucking twist seriously.
Watching dunbine, honestly its really bad, the setting is great and some of the concepts are interesting but the characters are so inconsistent even by tomino standards that everything goes to waste. Characters jump between loving eachother and hating eachother within the scene and in general its essentially strips them of personality.
Slowly going through Dirty Pair.
Some episodes are really good, but a couple of them felt really pointless, like the one about the dead scientists or whatever setting up a trap to kill Dirty Pair.
Pic related was a fantastic episode though.

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