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Well fuck this series in general
>Too much shit left ambiguous and unanswered at the end
>Carillons created originally to fight the armies of the Visitors
>Bullshit plot hole of the ONE carillon, Kinslayer, that can only kill humans used to reveal plot twist.
>Cop out "I'll sacrifice myself for the one I love" ending that accomplished fucking nothing and left the ending empty.


nice rendition of Scarborough Fair though
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I liked it
I liked it too, that's why I'm mad. I hate when series end off on ambiguous notes, especially since they have like, a whole 2 and a half volumes of materials from the LNs that havent been covered
OP first LN advertisement? Watch more anime anon.

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RAWS are out!

>No new chapter for next two weeks. (One due magazine being off, other due Okamoto taking break AGAIN).
>Vol.1 was released, probably scanned in few days.
>Vol.1 contains special chapter and some stuff.
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>goes full dere after getting fucked
This series is so retarded I love it
>Okamoto taking break AGAIN
Fuck him
>from now on, I'll fight to protect you girls.
>I love you, Kouta.
>I'm a piece of meat born to have sex with Kouta.
>I'll stay by Kouta so that I'm ready whenever he wants to do it.
>we're on a break next issue.

Too bad I don't have time to translate the whole chapter right now.

How many children would you love to have with Chitanda?
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Zero, I hate that cunt.
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None, since Mayaka is best girl

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What kind of maids are the best?
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Always battlemaids
5 for she is pure.
If I was a millionaire I would have a Military Maid with me 24/7 and She'd be my waifu, a waifu I could never truly tame.

Who in their right mind would actually marry a clock?
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a cute clock mind you
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Masochists, of course.
You always know how long you have been banging or what time it is at night

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Fate Extella Zero.jpg
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So yeah we all know that Last Encore is going to be hot garbage but how could they make it better?
Outside of making it into this that is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7jWmXCDgy0
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>Gae Bolg is introduced in the story as an attack that reverses causality and can instantly kill someone by piercing the heart
>An attack that can't be dodged because it already happened
>Saber dodges it
>It can't be blocked because the effect of the heart being pierced already exists
>Archer blocks it with rho aias

It's hard to take as story seriously when it breaks its own rules half the time. And don't give me that crap about sabers luck stat somehow overcoming the curse, cause the stats aren't explained at all in any way so it's all just conjecture at best.

>Archer vs Lancer
>Shirou describes the fight as being so fast as to be a blur, something he can't even comprehend
>A few weeks later he's going toe to toe against Gilgamesh the king of heroes, who's at least as strong if not stronger than the other two servants

Even with UBW which is a counter to gate of Babylon it doesn't explain how shirou suddenly has the superhuman reflexes/quick thinking to react so quickly, especially since he was only training for a few weeks at most.

>A fucking random ass human with some enchantments beat Saber

>Tsubame Gaishi is beaten by stairs

>Gilgamesh dies like a fucking bitch in HF after all the demonstration that he's one of the strongest servants in the war

Fate is really stupid if you actually stop to think about it. It was a fun read but anyone who tells you it is even remotely logical in its own context is retarded. Doesn't help literally every spin-off of it has been shit
Hakunon instead of Hakuno would be a big improvement.
What difference does it make

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Are these the three most important shonen manga of the last twenty years? In my opinion, yes.
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Get Magi the fuck out, Magi is trash
Naruto is the most important manga since Dragon Ball
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>but no Dragon Ball or One Piece

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Name a bigger trainwreck than Mirai Nikki.

Protip: You can't.
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I unironically love this anime tough
Akame Ga Kill
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Mayoiga, Samurai Flamenco, that other work from the same author were the MC fucked his sister and there was jazz music, something something Death Flags.

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Persona gets animation project on 2018.


How bad will it be?
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It'll be good as long as best grill Yusuke wins the Joker bowl
pissona is terrible
If it's anything like the OVA, very bad. They should have gotten IG to animate this.

Also we won't get to see Yusuke or Makoto win the MCBowl, so what's the point.

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ITT: Characters there's no porn of
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No such thing, and you're wrong
You mean hentai, there are plenty that there's not.
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Choose your best light novel animation.
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Rakudai > Isekai Shokudou > KonoSuba > Overlord > the rest
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>no DEEN
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There's only one right answer.

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absolutely all of them
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Find a flaw
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Nobody wrote a song for her.
this thread
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pet, bap, belly rub
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Bap them all.
Pet Kanna
Rail Gabriel's asshole
Kill Umaru
Hug nug
Fug Kanna
Bap smelly

Public apology to /a/.
I'm sorry for calling some of you faggots for enjoying this.
After taking some time to watch the first season I realized that it's good, and that I was the one who was actually being the faggot.
I'm sorry /a/.
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Don't worry my friend; K-On teaches us to forgive. The second season is even better.
Thanks for being understanding. I promise that I'll be more open minded when it comes to any series that on the surface semms to be outside of my comfort zone.

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