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anime art .jpg
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What is your favorite art style?
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The good one

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Dr Jekyll's bride

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This is a japanese skank, say something to her.
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Chii-chan will beat you up.
nice vagina bones
Shizuku pleases men for dancing!

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ITT: post your favorite anime/manga prostitute.
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He might not have volunteered for it, but gambino DID pimp him out
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shit, forgot pic

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ogp (1).jpg
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What's the general consensus on this shit? Especially interested in opinions on the ending,I haven't been this mad since Erased.
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I mean... It... tried,

A swing and a miss if you ask me, I feel like I got baited to ship the main guys just to get nutpunched

The ending and not having the two mains get together is one of the very few good things about it.

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Does anyone remember this?
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the whole anime is a representation of why you don't let lesbians who are on a period alone for a long time
I remember christmas
It's fucking shit anyway.

>there are people right now who just don't make a harem of girls
I mean, it's not like they exist, so why one when you can have more than one?
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Mizore Shirayuki.jpg
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More than one waifu will destroy your laifu.
he says as his waifu is literally a part of a fucking harem
>implying that matter
>implying it's still applicable this days

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I finally finished this show, and my final thoughts on it are that I don't think the show is bad, but it's hugely overrated. I think it only deserves something like 7-8/10 max for a score.

I actually prefer the original show to this one, though I do know that Brotherhood is the "true" one since it follows the manga. But I think the original had way better and deeper characters and developed them really well throughout the show, while as Brotherhood had a lot more characters but they were all a bit more shallow and they don't get developed as much. It sometimes feels that brotherhood just assumes you've already seen the original show.

Another thing that bothered me was that Brotherhood really overused the "humorous" scenes with the caricature animations, even during serious scenes which kind of ruin the moment. I don't remember if there was a single full episode without even one of these scenes.

Lastly, even though I did like the ending of Brotherhood and don't think it's bad, it was very predictable and I knew it was coming right from the start of the show. I think the ending of the original series was a lot better, and it definitely wasn't something you would've guessed right from the beginning of the show.

Overall, it's not a bad show, it's a pretty good show, but way overrated. It's not the best anime ever how people always praise it to be, and I can't understand how it is on 2nd place on MAL's ratings
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It's popular because it has a widespread appeal and it's good so it gets rated higher than most of the other popular shit like SAO or FT so that's why it's rated so highly on that shitty site.

It's ending makes people feel good because Ed and Winry fuck and everyone lives happily ever after. Pair that with people dismissing the original adaptation because "it doesn't follow the manga" and you have the major reason why people like it over FMA 03.
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Alphonse a best
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Pretty much what I thought as well. It was definitely made with a wider appeal unlike the original show. And it's true that people almost always prefer a happy conclusive ending, rather than a one that leaves you with questions.

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Why did they put MaleMC though.
The FemMC is way better and scored high on the popularity poll. Legit they would get more money if they had put FemMC in the anime. Like Fatefags are gonna buy shit and watch the anime either way, so if they made it like I said they would get money from Yurifags too. Bet it's gonna be a 7/10.
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FemMC is literally just a genderbent MC.
Because neck yourself /u/-tards, dick reigns supreme.
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See this? Yes, they literally say that they want Extra to be the next FSN. Male MC and Red Saber are successors of Shirou and Saber.

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Why is Aqua the comfier waifu? Megumin's cute and all, but it's comforting that the first girl in a series actually has good chemistry with the protagonist. That, and she looks soft.
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Aqua is a beautiful retard
Aqua and Kazuma suit each other very well, they're both kind of scummy to the same degree. They're like a horrid married couple no one likes but get on with each other like a house of fire.
I wanna steal Aquas booze bottle and hit her over the head with it, and every time she heals herself I hit her again.

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>2013:Endymion no Kiseki is preatty neat.
>2014:They're just taking a break from all the hard work.
>2015: I-it's just a break right guys? No way it will die with all this success!
>2016: G-guys?
It's never happening is it?
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Someone retired.
You could've just post in the current thread >>160492619 instead of creating a new one, but oh well.

>It's never happening
It's happening, though. Look at all the new stuff we get.
It's happening next year though

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Why doesn't any romance/harem anime have NTR elements?
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Because it doesn't sell.
What are you talking about? Pretty much every goddamn shoujo romance is full of NTR.
Go back to /hgg2d/

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What is my name /a/?
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Has S2 been confirmed yet?

I want more super hero parodies and jokes, is that too much to ask? Why are the nips such fags?
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S2 was confirmed ages ago.
it was confirmed but it's not coming out anytime soon, the manga doesn't have much to adapt anon

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Onii-chan is going on a business trip for 10 days and asked you to take care of Umaru.

What would you do with her while he's away?
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Lock her up in a cage like the rodent she is.
Play geimu, drink cOla
Disinfect her then put a bullet between her eyes.

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