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>MC is the strongest character in the show

How is this any better than SAO?
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It's not. People only like it because "muh skeleton MC"
>People only like it because "muh sexy Albedo waifu"
/a/ doesn't like this show, only other boards do, like /v/.

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is there a more derivative, uninspired anime in all of anime?
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Its alright, nobody here will judge you for having shit taste
One of my favorites. At least the first season. Heard the second was bad and I haven't seen the movie.
I love a good buzzword or two.

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Princess Principal.jpg
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does it get any better after episode 1? it's at like 5/10 for me. I kinda hoped it'd be a darker than black with cute girls, but I honestly don't care about any of them and they seem rather bland. I'm not sure if there's an interesting overarching plot either so I wonder if it's worth sticking with?
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How about you just fucking watch more instead of people spoon-feeding you their opinions.
>rating a show after 20 minutes
go ask mal

Why does everyone hate Snek?
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Old meme from other places as far as I'm concerned. Not even sure the sentiment is widely held in actuality.

She's a good character, one of the few in Mono with a robust arc, fully completed as of Nadekomonogatari. Clearly she's one of Nisio's favorites.
Because she's a bad person?

Bad people deserve to be hated so that good people can bring justice
She reminds us of ourselves, and she enjoys being insulted.
So hating her is the way to truly show our love.

Could you make your waifu laugh?
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I'm absolutely hilarious
Sure you are

Just finished my rewatch of FMP, Fumoffu and TSR. Are you hyped for S3 /a/?
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was it good/worth watching? been curious about it
It's from KyoAni's golden age. Of course it's good.
Worst girl wins

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>Ritsu is unable to satisfy Mugi's desires
>Mugi lashes out in sexual frustration and steals Mio's strawberry (metaphor for stealing virginity/popping a cherry)
What the fuck?
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A strawberry is not a cherry OP.
But they're both berries
This is clearly misinterpretation. How would you explain Mio's reaction? Would she cry? Given the slut she is, she would be very happy? And what about Yui? Did Nodoka take her virginity too? And she called Azusa saying Nodoka took her virginity? BTFO edgelord

What do you think of classic novels being given Light Novel treatment?
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If they were treated the same my family would say I still don't read real books
I don't have ADHD

I feel like we need more movies than series.
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like we get a shit ton of series each season. anime world needs double the movies they produce.
And what exactly should studios adapt? More complete failures like KnK that simply doing fit into 90 minutes of film?
Okay. Are you going start, or is someone else going to do it?

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Will you let her live with you?
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Only if I had best chorogon with me to make sure the house was kept tidy.
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I'd even make sure to feed her well
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She won't destroy my place like most other dragons, right?

Do girl friends really check out each others' vaginas?

Also check out the manga she's reading.
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Wow it's monster musume.
Joke's on you chump, the English name of the series is "A Centaur's Life." "Centaur's Worries" is the translation of the title.
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Screenshot (1).png
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The great debate: horsepussy vs cowpussy

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tenchi 1.jpg
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Look at this fucker. He farms carrots.
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Tenchi got WAY too fucking convoluted in the final season. Like who the fuck was an alien and who wasnt.

They even made it seem like his dad may have been either an alien or half alien
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Ryoko 190.jpg
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Best Waifu.
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Had the best character theme.

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Who would win?
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Asuka is a histrionic whore and Rei is an emotionless toilet seat. Those girls in the background are better.
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Asuka, those fine titties would act a as a life preserver too in case of emergency.
The drunk cake.

>tfw you'll never have best girl call you baka chikin
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Is there no way to watch this show?
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Oh well, it seems kind of shitty anyways.

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