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what was his fucking problem? how could he let his insecurities lead to the destruction of mankind?
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that is the exact opposite of what happened, did you even watch it
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Shinji is cute! Cute!
He was too much of a pussy to fuck Asuka.

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Was this rape?
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What is Illya doing to this girl?
>Type Moon
What do you think?
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Why does Artoria get blamed for all her knights fucking up and stabbing her in the back?

Iskander was literally murdered by his own troops because they got tired of his bullshit and his generals immediately carved up his kingdom after his death.
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What is management.
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It's Arturia newfag
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fuck you, that's why

This is the strongest man in the world.
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Should I say something nice to him?
If strength comes from your index finger's length i can believe that.
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No, this is.

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Still waiting for part 5 announcement.
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Part 1+2: 2012
Part 3: 2014
Part 4: 2016
Part 5: 2018
Part 6: 2020
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I'm not just a tree, but something so much more...

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Is she insane, clever, or both?
Also, is she really evil?
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yes, yes, and yes.
Nihilistic with a wicked sense of humor.
Insane: Not at first, but progressively more so as the series progressed.

Clever: Hard to tell if she's actually smart or just really good at looking like it. She's coasting on WWII knowledge and following rules.

Evil: Hell yeah.

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Shinobu Mustard Chapter 25 got translated by Mirrored Translations.

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Thanks lad

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-demoted from main character of her own manga
-only girl who doesn't get a bf by the end of the story
-doomed to work for minimum wage forever because Japan hasn't had an economy since the 80s

Has anyone suffered as much as poplar?
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She's a wage cuck by definition.
She's also a groundlet so that doesn't help either.
Wait what? I've been thinking of reading the mango after enjoying the anime but she gets cucked as the main heroine? Did Yamada win or what?
How will she ever recover?

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Anyone have this YuruYuri poster? I just bought it off Goods Republic. $32.86 but worth it for the Kyoko cuteness :)
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Why is Taiga so short? Taiga stands proudly at 4'7" but I guess that's fine because that's the average height of the board anyways.
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Lolis are supposed to be short and small.
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You can't blame pinoys for being short, it's a part of their heritage.
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She wants to know, too.

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free candy.png
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Is this character actually a pedophile?
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He didn't have any personality in the manga so I'm glad they gave him something but he's really a one trick pony.

He's got good tastes though.
W-what is that dog doing to that loli?

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Say hello to your new necromancer imouto.
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Don't you mean waifu? She did win. Then again, everyone won won via harem end situation. Although Eu is the head wife, basically.
>new season never
Fucking hell
>necromancer in plate armor
Literally why?

Why is taiga so shit?
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>doesn't like best girl
Better question, why is your thread so shit?
>ruins what could have been a good romance between Ryuuji and Minorin
Three strikes, she's out.

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Useless meat. Only good for attracting mates.
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>is good for something
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Are you guys watching the anime of the season, King of Fighters: Destiny?
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where did you get this? there's nothing on nyaa
They're actually releasing the episodes on Steam. The first episode is out and subbed.
oh you're right, gotta watch this now, thanks, i liked the old kof and sf animes

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