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What went so wrong?
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She ate to much candy
japan basically insulted you guys claiming that you have no right to complain because nobody on this board buys BDs
They realized having such god-tier designs for a fucking snack anime is just too much lost potential so they downgraded.

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What makes Chris so perfectly perfect?
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drunk loli sex
I told you times and times and times again that Chris is NOT for sex. Apologize right now.
you must be new...everything is for sex

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Why are foreheads the best?
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shovel face
Because there are four of them.
There is more space to cum

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who else here is /fappin/ to AHO girl?

dat long lean look, god damn
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I would aho that girl.
Would she suck a dick for a banana?
Boob prez > Aho

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How is this allowed?
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Why not?
He's just butt hurt she doesn't have a dick
Why does she sit like that?

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Please tell me she's going to win? I don't think I could take it if she choose one of the other girls.
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/sp/ > /sci/ > /lit/
>3rd thread lamenting /sp/ BTFO'd in a single day
Are you /sp/fags masochistic or something?
I'm fine with any other girl winning except /sp/. She deserves to lose.

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Erik/a/ deserves some motherfucking love for she is the best character that exist. Now show her the love she deserves, fool!
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Used goods
I wish Erika-sama used me.
She's smart, cute, fun to be with and an actual girl with an actual pussy.

I think we can all agree that Eriri is the cutest Saekano.
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sure if you take away all the other girls.
>first week sales: 10,254
>people said it wouldn't beat Eromanga Sensei

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ITT: real niggas
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he's neither real or a nigger
how hard was Rossiu fucking his little sister while he was dying in space?
I wish I was dead ... oi

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Kagura's manga design was so cute.
The manga was actually pretty good, then the anime aired, it became popular, revived Yomi was shoehorned into the story because of the anime and it all ended in one of the worst trainwrecks I've ever read.
dead slut cucked by a boy

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Today I remind them
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Neither are even close to reaching Chifuyu's greatness.
Leave the poor Houki alone, she's not utter shit.
>Foreign cast
>German girl
>always best girl

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be creative
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MC gets hit by a bus..
In his fortress atop a long-dead volcano's caldera, the Dark Lord Hexentirre schemes to wrestle control of the surrounding territories. With his mastery of magic and swordplay, he aims for world domination.
Unfortunately for him, his challenger the Shadow King Vankov, also plots to take over the world. If it was only these two things would be settled very quickly, which is precisely why Lorwowith the Tyrant is waiting for opportunity to strike so he can slay them both and magnify his own landmass. Lorwowith is not the only one who has such a plan, as his co-conspirator Gelunpzor the Three-Faced plans to team up with him up until the point where he can betray him. As dire as things seem, a beacon of hope shines for the civillians of the world, as the Inquisitor Sindericus intends to maintain order and stop the forces of evil spreading through the land... by personally slaughtering every single person who ever disturbs the peace.

TL:DR it's a series about villainous rulers fighting, negotiating, backstabbing, and defeating each other. There are dozens of them. In this world, they are the politicians.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Stop it already.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.
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But he did it once.

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How often do you think Nene goes down to Okinawa?
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Was it rape?
Well, Okinawans are the niggers of Japan.

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