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What was her end game, /a/?
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Killing us with diabete
She lives to serve like all good servants do

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RIP Hori Edition
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>RIP Hori
What happened?
Steven Universe


btw where's to download Puzzle and Dragon Cross RAW ? There's new Watabe KA in the OP.
Hey, that lack inbetweens but doesn't look that bad.

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What's the deal with Kumagawa's screws?
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They just work.
what's the deal with Naze's knife then?
for decoration

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Is there any instance of an artist getting worse as the manga goes on? Often we see a very positive progress and polishment, but how about the opposite?
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The art peaked at Diamond Is Unbreakable.
Stop with the shit cherrypicked images. Korean scans with filters all over them don't count, she looks fine in the volume version.

The real problem is with Miura's switch to digital, he's getting lazy enough to copy-paste the same fucking stance Azan is in for about 4 chapters now.
Araki's art peaked at SBR you idiot


What is the single greatest english anime OP? Personally I'd say Kaiba's but the other 4 are brilliant too.
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English OPs are the best. I'd pick Lain for the best one.
Oh shit, forgot about how good Gankutsuou's OP was

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i got some illust from Qualidea code Light novel
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OK 1st Volume = 4 Episodes

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>A Rank Instinct

>can fucking hang and react to motherfucking Sasaki Kojiro's attacks

>gets punched up and grabbed by a human on magic drugs

>fatefags will defend this
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You need to try harder OP.
It's just flavor text. It doesn't contribute to anything.
Shh, don't tell that to the powerlevel fags

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OP can't keep getting away with this.
That's enough... too far.

Post you're waifu, /a/!
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Good taste OP
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I love my emperor!

Casko a cute!

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Have we reached the limit of Japanese story telling? The magnum opus of anime?
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Seeing how TTGL is still the best anime ever made, we reached the limit long ago.
yeah they've clearly stated they have no idea what should they destroy next.
anime is over.
why does everyone like this anime? it's shit

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So, after all these years i decided to watch Eva and give it a fair chance, actually sitting through it and i realize how blinded I was in not actually giving it a fair chance sooner.

After watching pic related I thought "Man this scene in rebuild must be amazing with the higher budget" so i say 'what the hell why not' and queue it up on youtube and... Wait. The fuck is this? The fuck is this naruto 4-tailed kyuubi level shit what the fuck is this slow walk to the angel shit what the fuck happened?! WHERE DID IT ALL GO SO WRONG!?

I realize only now; true suffering
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Either Hideaki Anno doesn't understand what made Eva good (unlikely) or he's phoning in the rebuilds.
thank you for not making another
>hurr durr EVA is shit I know so much about anime Anno is such a hack
now this is shitposting

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The girls from Kill la Kill encompass every anime girl personality in history. I can't tell which one I like the most.
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>I can't tell which one I like the most.
If anyone wants some KLK smut featuring all the girls on one guy, here you go:

Satsuki is hot but I doubt that she would be interested in anyone.

Mako is housewife material.

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Why is this allowed?
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Because he's better off that way.
>no Ashley/Satoko fanservice in the entire of XY saga to awaken Serena's awkward feelings about Ash in drag
>no May in ORAS gear to come back like how previous sagas bring back girls to promote whatever remake was the hot shit
>with how they are pushing shipping on Serena, not capitalizing on an amusing jealous BTFO with a returning Pokegirl like Misty, May, Dawn, etc.

jesus christ, director
Back then it was a generic physical comedy gag. Now, it's die cis scum.

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ITT godly mangaka who deserve a Darwin award for their phenomenal writing
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Chimera Ant Arc is truly the pinnacle saga that all anime, not just shonen arcs strive to be. Not only is the story telling prodigious, the pacing and character development is top notch. The level of depth that Togashi created is on another level. The exquisite and subtle use of narration at only times of importance delivers an amazing story telling experience.Of the various themes present in this work, his theme of ethics and value theory incorporated with various interactions between the characters appeal to logos, ethos and pathos, and this amalgamation of techniques once again prove his acuity and status as the smartest and wisest writer ever. His profound messages regarding anthropology and the juxtaposition of insects and animals with introspection as a species delivers an amazing tale of tragedy and loss. The fact that he delves into the more psychological aspects of human nature,morality, structuralism, existentialism, meta cognition and phenomenology show that he is the Shakespeare of writing and that he truly understands philosophy, proving that this epic is the most intelligent tale ever crafted. Togashi demonstrates his ken of the human race as a hole through the Chimera Ant Arc, his magnum opus.
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Inb4 Kubo.

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/a/ who is the worst girl that won in the end?
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The right girl won.
Fuck off and kill yourself.
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>blonde dead
>best girl didn't win
I hate it.

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